Sunday, 9 October 2011

WIP Infinity figures...Crazy Russians and surrender monkey French

Been working on my Inifinity figures this weekend... made some progress I am pleased with, some I am not so much... also made the move to throwing my stuff up on the Infinity forums...make a name for myself there or get laughed off by 'real' painters lol!

This is my second Tank Hunter from the Ariadna faction, he also has no arms..I am taking the bold approach of painting it seperately in an attempt to get all the detail done..

My tried and tested method is not to bother painting where I won't see!!! This is quick and easy, but I am trying for a better overall paint job than in my 40k armies and I think I am achieving it...
Although I was very disappointed earlier when I positioned his HMG and found half the chest detail was obscured.. :(

Overall, not so happy with this chap. He is a French Moblot, heavy infantry man, but I just couldn't get the chest piece right..

I am leaving it for now and will come back to it next week, since this pic was taken I have painted his arms and glued them into position, overall...happy enough for the tabletop, but not enamoured..

will do better..

Next and finally for now is another of the French Sectorial special forces, the Loup Garou...

He just has a wash over 3 thinned out base colour coats...

God I love Devlan Mud!

Began to play around with his visor a bit..

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make that visor reflective like a shiny glassy thing?

I like how Sorrowshard paints the face plates on his dark eldar.. but am not good enough to do that!

Easy hints and tips appreciated!!

Hope you have enjoyed this brief Sunday afternoon update. This is what Sundays are all about..chilling out, catching up on the shows, spending time with the fiance...and of course, painting..actually quite enjoying it..


  1. Dude they look great.
    Have you tried ardcoat the shiny varnish that gw does it works great on things like that visor

  2. Yeah paint the visor as best you can then use a gloss or satin varnish.

  3. I gloss varnish them to protect anyway, then matt coat..maybe just not matt coat the visor?

  4. You could paint 3-4 layers of gloss varnish on the visor and avoid to get the mat coat on that piece.
    Another way could be the use of a drop of clear resin on the visor, something similar to a water effect.

  5. Great idea Rob, cheers bro..I may try out the water effect...