Monday, 10 October 2011

Sons of War…Cambridge Gaming Club:

Sons of War...SoW's...get it? Ok, it's a WIP
“…Help me, help you…Help me, help you

The promotion begins..

We’ve taken the plunge.
We kick off in just over 2 weeks.
Wednesday, 26th October 2011, 6.0pm til 10.30pm.

Alongside long term gaming buddy Bringer of Death (aka Steve) we have taken it upon ourselves to re-forge the geek community in Cambridge.
This was torn asunder by the closure of the GW Battle Bunker and the subsequent refusal to reopen…since then basement and garage tabletops have seen more action than Paris Hilton…

Of course, there is the Inner Sanctum store in Cambridge, which offers a wide variety of non-GW games on a Thursday night, from Magic to WarmaHordes to Malifaux to whatever..
- It is only one night per week
- There is no GW games

So we need a place to game weekly, where you can:
- Get a game of whatever you like including 40k, Fantasy through to Puppet Wars or Warmachine
- GET A GAME! And not stand around waiting for a table…

We’ve secured a location, a great Cambridge location, just off the Hills Road brigde/Rustat Road to play.

The Sons of War: Cambridge has successfully been delivered… born into the flames of war (no pun intended, although if you are in the area and looking for a game…)

To start with, we will have…from our opening session:
- 7 full size (6’X4’) boards
- 2 skirmish game tables (1 x 4’X4’ and 1 x 3’x3’)
We think that this is pretty god damn good. You have access to this many tables in your local town? US dudes be quiet…9 fully terrained up boards….TO START WITH.
- Terrain for all boards to a minimum of 25% coverage for 40k to the hyper-dense requirements for games like Infinity…trees, hills, graveyards etc for Fantasy games, but primarily it is 40k based terrain.. still working on ideas for Aeronautica terrain..
- All game systems supported either through copies of rules and army lists through to support just from having the tabletop prepared for you!
- Remember, those 6’4’ can and will be split into smaller skirmish gaming tables if necessary, increasing our gaming capacity by about a third..
- Game arrangement, a free forum will be set up to chat about topics and club events, but primarily to get in touch with local dudes and arrange games in advance, so you know what system to bring along etc.

- Parking for 8-10 cars in the parking lot (car pool dudes, help the environment)
- Free parking down Rustat Road – I’ve never not been able to park..
- Multistorey carparking (can be Validated for discount from cinema) 3 minutes walk away, push your cost up but most likely – you’ll never use it!
- Push bike distance from town centre
- Walking distance from train station (and from town centre if energetic!)

- Wednesdays
- 6.0pm til 10.30pm

- 28th Scout Hut, bottom of Flamsteed Road, off Rustat Road, Cambridge
- See map on SoW tab at top of blog...

- This is for the community by the community, it is not a business, but business concepts apply..
- £3 per night
- Membership for upkeep of terrain, tables and Insurance for 6 months is £10 or for the full year is £15…discount for long term commitment.
- With membership, games night drops to just £2.50…
- For less than the price of a pint of beer you can get a whole evenings entertainment
- We’ll also have cold drinks, snacks available to buy, plus possibly tea and coffee once we get up and running.. there is a kitchen, but at this time I am not prepared to say anything about running hot food…although we all know gamers like their grub so….

I’ll be straight up…we need at least 15 people per evening to make this viable.. the more people come, regularly, then the cost will lower… and it will, because I want guys to come and play regularly and I know cost is an important part of that… BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TOO! You need to come in and invest your time..but don’t worry, you’ll have fun too!

WE are not in this to make money, as there is none to be made.
WE are doing this to make sure there is a community in Cambridge…
WE are Gaming Club Network Affiliated, CRB checked and Insured… or will be very soon (the GCN bit)

Like Russell Crowe in Gladiator says…
“…There was a dream that was Rome Proximo, this is not it, this is not it…”
(Gladiator, para-phrased  )

Well, there was a gaming community in Cambridge, it was 40-50 strong and descended into the bowels of Games Workshop, but it was broken, cast aside and GW decided it was unwanted…

This happened 18 months ago.

We’ve limped on ever since.

It’s time to grow once again brothers, to emerge into the light and to take what was once ours – the right to game…. to game loud and proud against a variety of skilled and socially awkward geeks!!

Take back your birthright…click on the tab at the top of the page and vote with your feet!
Because, once again to paraphrase and draw from Gladiator…No, Maximus….I am NOT entertained… the current state of the community is not good.

“…Help me, help you…Help me, help you”
(Jerry Mc’Fuckin’Guire)

Let people know.
Tell anyone and everyone around Cambridge or Suffolk or North Hertfordshire that you know..
If you run a Podcast, email and lets arrange a chat.
If you run a UK blog…chances are when you check out your google analytics, a lot of dudes from the UK read you…so let’s make people of East Anglia KNOW there is a new place to play….
Email me if you are interested.
BOLS, Warseer, Dakka Dakka, YTTH anyone! Help me spread the word.

Doing for the community is tough.
Give a brother a hand.

Since writing this, we also have firmed up a new member of our little committee, thank you to Tim for jumping on board and helping us with numbers, organisation and well as ICT skills, general intellect (to which Steven and I have very little lol) and common sense…


  1. BOLS, Warseer, Dakka Dakka, YTTH anyone! Help me spread the word.

    ... not 3++!... Pah!

  2. Hahaha! Shit sorry bro, not an intentional sleight

  3. awesome news. if i am ever in Cambs on a tuesday night (once a year? maybe...), i will be there for sure!

    did you ask in Games Workshop if they will put the word out. The Kensington one is happy to advertise or tell people about gaming clubs in the area (amazingly)

  4. Cheer mate, get your arse up here on a wednesday for a game...I expect Christmas beer and gaming...of course there is blog wars and brighton before aren't you off to Tolworth soon?

    I have not spoke to them yet, they are happy to advertise GCN clubs, so we are signing up with them...that way the manager should be cool with it..

  5. Tolworth next weekend, all on my own :( looking forward to it actually, even if i will have my ass handed to me due to the missions being odd and me not knowing wtf i am doing...

    for Blog wars i am going to take a totally off the wall list. something like Pasc with a load of Leman Russes and just see what happens. Brighton i am still undecided as to whether to go (Birthday that weekend) but i will be home the following week so expect to see me on tuesday and wednesday ;)

    as for coming down,

  6. I am up for random lists for blog wars...rhino rush ragnar blackmane list.. you fancy posting some tolworth thoughts up in advance??

  7. nah, not going with any aims or expectations to this one, just to have a bit of fun. using my usual list and seeing what happens. will try and get some modelling stuff up today or tomorrow though.

  8. Cool, as ever eager for genuine Atreides gold...