Saturday, 29 October 2011

Blood Angel Tournament Lists 1750

Fast, Furious and FNP.. The three tenets of Blood Angel warfare. For a long time, this blog was dedicated to the Angels of Death. We've grown and changed, but the love for red marines is still there..

I struggle with "competitive" BA. I find I struggle to play them how I really like to play - a lot of shooting, strong troop pressure and some decent CC.

Which is funny, as these are all the areas BA excel.

There so many different builds that it can often be pretty tough to establish what is the best course of action.
There are builds that I have seen taken to tournaments that are pretty damn good.
There are builds tkaen to tournaments that I don't get.
These are the BA Deathstar armies.
How do they do so well?
Why are they not closed down with all the tools people should be bringing?
Because for all the blogosphere discusses how to close down deathstars,it doesn't always happen in the real world.. So can I try one or two out?
Maybe, let's have a look at a few armies and see what's what...

Option 1:  Tactical Squads?
Now, I know what you are thinking..why tacticals with BA, Ass squads do it cheaper.. however let's look

Libbie - Shield, Fear
3 x 10 Tac Squad - CombiMelta, Melta, ML, LC, Rhino
2 x Priest - 1 x Combi Plasma
2 x 2 MM Attack Bike
1 x 5 Sternguard - 3 x CombiPlasma, 2 x ML, Rhino
3 x 5 Devs - 4 x ML
The tac typically combat squad and push into the midfield with the plain Priest and the Attack Bikes. These peak out the corners of the rhino's and  attempt to pop transports at range, the Sternguard stay static for a turn and add their ML fire to the 3 combat squadded troops and the 3 Dev squads.. so first turn we have a 21 S8 shots blazing overhead, the following turn, the Sternguard push 18" to get into position of plasma support Turn 3. From there, the Melta action does it thing, the Lightning Claws and FC/FNP troops and Sternies are on clean up duty and we go from there.
The main issues here for me are the small number of scoring bodies, although it has to be said the 15 FNP troops in the back field can run late in the game to gain objectives
Still, I like it, but a bit meh...
Option 2: Mephiston...
Furioso – Blood Talons, Melta, Lucius Pattern Drop Pod
2 x 5 RAS - Flamer, Razor LasPlas
3 x 5 RAS – Razor LasPlas
3 x 5 Devs – 4 ML
3 x 1 MM Attack Bike Pretty simple. The 5 LasPlas troops push into the midfield first turn and light stuff up with their Lascannons, supported by the MM attack bikes. The 3 Devastators blast away overhead and pop transports.
Mephiston flies up out of sight and gets into the middle of the board, once in place, he can lash out as and when he needs..
The Lucius pattern pod I shamelessly have stolen from an army I saw at the last Warlords Tournament I went to.. I didn't play the guy, but remember thinking it would be a PITA to deal with. And I think it would be, dropping in and melta'ing something before charging it.. all the better if I could get stuck into a large mob of Boyz, IG blob, Genestealers or well, whatever really..
Then the next turn, Meph hits the lines and the plasma and las on the razors really kick in.
Still light on troops due to lack of FNP.

Option 3: Balanced
Umm...I just noticed this is actually just the loss of Mephiston for a Librarian, 2 Priests and another MM attack bike to make one unit a pair...'s not as good!

Option 4: Pred Spam
Libbie – Shield, Sword
Scout Squad – ML, Camo Cloaks
5 x 5 man RAS – LasPlas Razors
3 x Baal Pred – TL Ass Cannon
3 x AC/LC Predator
Like it for its mobility and 11 tanks, 11 lascannon, 3 Ass Cannons, 3 Autocannons and possibly 5 Plasmaguns per turn...however, I don't like the lack of CC...we do have the baby sitter objective unit here though too as well as 5 highly mobile troops..

Option 5: Super Friends (ala Goat Boy)

Jump Pack Priest, Lightning Claw
3 x 10 RAS 2 Meltaguns, Power Weapon
5 x Assault Termies - 2 x TH/SS, 3 x LC
Redeemer Land Raider - MM
Okay, so this one is ridiculous! All about flying forward and smushing face as angry marines. 8 um...vehicles you say...hmm...
See what I mean! I struggle with BA, lots of options, some good some bad...very difficult to find the right mix with BA as far as I am concerned.. For me, this is mainly down to the lack of decent long range shooting options in the Elite slots..
If there were decent options there, we could build some very scary shooting lists with BA.


  1. My personal favorite @2000p

    Furioso Bloodclaws +DropPod
    5 Assault termies 3 with TH/SS +Redeemer
    3*RAS +meltgun +2*Lasplas 1*assback
    Flame Baal
    Dakka Baal
    2*AutoLas Preds

  2. A couple of key points that I think the majority of people miss with ba is that: 1.while great FnP bubbles do in fact cost points, and provide bigger points to exepense returns on larger sized squads. 2. 15 extra points adds up when spread amongst a large vehicle number. 3. BA don't have fire support and CC in the same locked spots. With that being said here is my personal favorite.
    Librarian w/sanguine sword,shield of sanguinius.
    5 man assault squad with lasplas razor
    5 man assault squad with lasplas razor
    10 man Assault squad with double melta power sword infernus pistol
    10 man Assualt squad with double melta power sword infernus pistol
    5 man. Assault squad in Lasplas razor
    5 man. Assualt squad in lasplas razor
    3 Landspeeders with MM/HF
    3 dakka dreads
    2 sangpriest with lightning claw combi melta jumppack

  3. Thanks guys for your comments, both very useful.. @Anonymous2.. I must admint I prefer MM Attack Bikes to Speeders for BA, but they do bring certain benefits... I'll try and bring them back in..
    cheers dudes

  4. ok, my list is 2k, but i recently ran it in a store torni and it did very well.
    5man devi with 2 LC and 2 PC in a LRredeemer.
    5man devi with 2 LC and 2 PC in a LRredeemer.
    2x5man scouts with ML and cammo.
    6man AssTermies with TH ans SS in a LR crusaider.
    Sanguinary priest in termi arm.
    Lib in termi with SS with fear and rerolls.

    the priest and lib are with the termies in the LRC. the devis go in cover somewhere and shoot whatevers in the open, sometimes sacrificing the PC shots in order to pop enemy tanks. if not then pop troops with 2 instakills and 2 temps. the scouts can either infiltrate (if its safe) or jump into a LCR on first turn and drive away in what is now an A14 scoring unit (becasue the scouts are inside) as iv found out, with LC's moving 12" and having sensible targeting priorites (like kill there big guns before they shoot your LR's) 3 LR's are really difficult to play. my most recent oppo had 2 LR's and i managed to score kills on the both withing 2 turns and disrupted his single unit of devies enough to make them move (out of coherency)
    being a BA, my Vindi can drive off 12" and lay down a Lrg Blast each turn. 4 good tanks that can contest, 2 that can score, 2 that can clear hordes or any troop unit holding objectives allowing ur scouts to score them. and the impact unit of termies to hold up anything big and mean enough to scare you (Monsters and other killer units)