Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WIP Ariadna - Tank Hunter Kazak and Moblot

Some shots to see what you guys think of my new Infinity Ariadna force. I am trying to move away from the gritty 40k style, with realistic weathering etc.. and instead I am trying to embrace the anime inspired and highly stylised Infinity paint jobs I see around the place..always drawing most of the inspiration from the artwork to be honest.

From rear you can see his back pack detail, such that it is..
So here we have the Veteran Kazak (Russian) Tank Hunter. He is WIP of course, but I am working on smoother paint coats, heavily thinned and then layered highlights, no wet blends although I am applying the next layer pretty much straight away, the nature of the thinned coats however means they are drying almost instantly.

I have tried with this guy to paint the weapon seperately, something I know a lot of guys do anyway, but something that I have personally never really done - when that Launcher gets attached, we can't see the detail underneath anyway!!

As you can see, with his WIP Adhesive Launcher the grenade packs are covered up by the weapon.

As is some of the detail on his leg...

Could have saved myself 5 minutes. Lol

Moblot on left with just a couple of coats, next to the Kazak for comparison
But, I am almost done with this guy, I am not happy with the head and the way I have highlighted it, I know that from a real light source it'd be the top of his head bathed in light, but I wanted to just highlight where I wanted to.. I've starter work on the next guy as well, in order to maintain my momentum, which,as any of you that know me can attest, is tough - my love for painting has traditionally been low, primarily due to the mass produced nature of a 40k army, with 10 models in Infinity, I can really try some things out..

Anywa, please let me know any hints or tips, any areas where I have completely ballsed up or could improve...meanwhile, I've got a game or two of Infinity to play tonight with the recently landed Kabalite (hope for more articles from him in the near future)

Peace x


  1. Great painting, it reminds me to finish painting my Minuteman.

  2. gah i hate the models, i just cant help it. fantastic painting though, really impressive. if only you painted more!

  3. Thanks guys!
    Appreciate the words..hope to get better as time goes by and get some more practice in..
    @ Atreides, don't hate the game though man! Proxy and play! if you fancy it of course, it really is a great game...

    Did you ever get those Vik's painted for Malifaux?

  4. not yet, not even assembled. they are so bent and out of shape and hardly even fit on the bases, they are just sitting there staring at me...

  5. plus, i'd have no-one to play with anyway :(

  6. Looks fantastic, Venerable Brother! I really like the style of painting that you're trying out, it looks to me almost like a comic book. Awesome work!

  7. Cheers Papa! I try...hoping to perfect that comic book look by the end of the faction painting!