Monday, 26 September 2011

Games Day Photo Dump - New Models, Rules and Golden Demon

Model 1 of 2 confimred for Bran Redmaw...
Yesterday was Games Day UK for those that were unaware. Myself, Bringer of Death and our mate AJ from Ireland met up and had a cracking time taking the piss out of the dressed up geeks (Larpers?) and lamenting over the lack of a 'big reveal'..whilst drooling at the new forge world stuff and promising ourselves that we'd put more effort into our own painting, inspired by the Armies on Parade and Golden Demon.

I read on BOLS that the general consensus for GD is "all style and no substance".. I have to agree with that. I really enjoyed bantering with staff and chatting to the FW designers and have to say that the FW effort was far superior in the quality of what we got out of it.
New rules, new models, hints at the future and inspiring painting..all in one tiny corner of the Birmingham NEC...with Warhams and 40K taking up the 2 massive halls and essentially giving out bugger all.

Congrats to FW for what they always deliver.
Poor show GW on no big reveal and...alot of video gaming too this year. Fuck that, this is tabletop wargames. Spess Mahreen can be played at home or online, lets have some more Specialist Gaming - no Aeronautica this year...PC's took up the space.. Mordheim? Necromunda? Inquisitor? Get it supported.

Onto the pics, beneath each you will find rules if I found out any and any info I got...

Cheeky Bran Redmaw rules... 210 points, Runic Armour, Frost Axe, WTN, Saga of the Hunter, Patient Killers (a single unit of Grey Hunters can Outflank or OBEL) as the Redmaw becomes a stronger, faster wolf lord stat line, more wounds AND is a super Wulfen, MOTW and Monstrous Creature. He becomes the Redmaw after you roll under/over his current wounds plus game turn at the start of his go.. I personally thought he looked cool.
Salamanders Dread Special rules info but cool as..

Shadow Spectre Phoneix LOrd...finally with an INvulnerable Save..5++ Holofield becoming 4++ over 12" away...can't remember any REALLY cool stuff. Was just overwhelmed a PL actually had an invul...

Chaos Contemptor...not just a conversion, will have rules as well... should be noted there were Space Wolf specific COntemptor builds with Sagas and shit but didnt get to see it..

Ork Helicopter...nuff said?

Very cool and hairy plague demon entered in Golden Demon...

Crazy cool...I have no idea what it is supposed to be other than very cool...

Simply bad ass!

To me, you are perfect. This tempest conversion was wicked. Drop Pod bits on the side, job done, but I really liked it.

Chatted to the painter of these beasts thanks to a mutual friend, 50+ hours work on 5 models. He was so nervous about placing and as we left, he was lined up to receive an award of some kind...3rd place upwards for best squad...Well done dude!

Cool LR huh?

Overall, a wicked day, but shame there was no necron stuff.. I could have done the whole lot in the first 2 hours and been ready for home if it wasn't a heck of a drive just to do a flying visit...

Thanks again FW for cool shit and GW please more stuff next year, tight arses.


  1. The Salamander Drednought Character has rules in the Badab War Part 2 book.

  2. Coolio, well at least he has a wicked model now too!!

  3. Elric the Silvercoat26 September 2011 at 21:17

    He had one before Games Day its the Salamander Ven Dreadnought on Forgeworld.

  4. Some fucker stole my exodite dragon prism idea.

    some cool stuff there. If I could paint like those dudes I'd never leave the game, but alas :/

  5. So get better! I'm going to work on mine...

  6. lol Bully, so melodramatic!

    the armies on parade are incredible, would have loved to see those. i am starting to plan my board for next year actually!

  7. The AoP were brilliant, some reall inspirational stuff.. I have a photo fo the winning Necron one, but its blurry as fuck.
    Had some great movement in it, was a living thing and really interacted with the board, this made it stand out alot...



  9. Was there the Sisters of Silence army there?

    I know a few armies I'd recognise went along but that SoS one is insanely good (count as grey knights, using sisters of battle/dark eldar).

    Ven I cant get that much better at painting, as I actually lack any artistic ability at all, I just don't have the eye for it and some techniques just "escape" me, despite being quite simple lol.