Monday, 18 July 2011

Sons back from Brighton

Thought I'd throw up a quick post about how we did as a team at Brighton, 5 of us survived the event, with some success and some disappointment.

First off we were all damn impressed with the quality of the games, not a single of my games was easy, in fact, 4 of 6 of mine were against guys that placed in the top 10 if I remember correctly - and I didn't even do well.

Unfortunately we had ALOT of sons vs sons match ups. Atreides and Killswitch both played each other, I played both Venerable and Bringer of Death.

So how did we get on?

For me I came something like 28th - 1 win 3 draws and 2 losses. I started off battering a Dark Eldar list and winning in 6 turns in two objectives. Next up I played the eventual tourney winner and managed to snatch a draw from the jaws of victory, highly fustrating. Followed up by a brutal draw in 5 turns against Venerable in our lovely Dawn of War Killpoints rematch. My forth game came up against what arguably is one of the largest nightmare match ups for me - Lash Chaos with tons and tons of plasma and AP2, followed up by some more horrible luck against a Coteaz list where I just couldn't catch a break. I finished the even with a draw against Bringer of Death in what was a fantastic game and had some brilliant moments, actually probably one of the best games I've played in, but I didn't enjoy it because the last 2 games had soured me.

Bringer of Death fared much the same as me, and edged me slightly on VP's - my 2 previous games had cost me.

Venerable followed up coming in 20th - winning once more rather than losing. He got unlucky, being denied a T7 in the final game which would have been a sure win against a deathwing list - but that was something that cost most of us at some stage I think.

Killswitch ... well drama follows this boy around and we love him for it. He was on table 1 for a few games I believe, but actually lost to *deleted*. Last game he was T1 and playing for the whole thing, against the BA player I'd drawn against in game 2. KS actually won the game, but a rules mix up saw them take the win and turn it into a draw post mortem. I think many felt that was a reasonable call in the grand scheme of things, but I think we could have done without the gentle snipes afterwards.The draw pushed him down to 5th - I think namely because of soft scores. Record was 4 wins 1 draw and 1 loss.

Atreides - well he came in 4th with a blinder. He had the same record, losing only to KS - and had an absolute boat load of VP's - enough to take out the guy that came 2nd if he had actually gotten his WYSIWYG scores.

Excellent job by both KS and Atreides represented us very very well.

For me it was a disappointment, 4 of my 5 final games I felt I really should have won. I am in a big dilemma. I really know fully the weakness of the army, and have a good idea of how to counter it, but I also feel like I want to move on from Deathwing, at least for the time being. I've written up another post explaining some of the weaknesses and how I feel you can get over them, and there's a few bits I want to add.

I am potentially going to Portsmouth in a couple of weeks - I might take GK's to that, or have one last hoorah for the Deathwing - I have a couple of theories, and there is that bite in the back of my mind that its worth testing out - and really the only time worth doing it is at tourneys, as locally this list just handles the armies I face way to handily.

We'll see. I am definitely working on some new stuff anyway - as I want some new painting projects.


  1. Hahahaha drama lama. Oh well I learnt my lesson. I was gutted but shit happens eh. Not upset with my result over all and pleased with my list. Changes will certainly be taking some meltas on my henchmen. I really need melta in the army as the lack of it is just so iritating. Psycannons just arn't reliable enough to take down a raider, and I'm not chasing one down with a Hammer :(

    Table one for 4 of my 6 games though, so not bad. Best game of the weekend had to be against Andy (Atriedes) simply because it was amusing to watch the lad cry as my rolls destroyed his army. Sorry mate, but that was pretty funny. It never happens to me so I had to swell in it ;) Great game and you never gave up, even with your two storm troopers appearing on the wrong side of the board.

    Ven, sort that list out, its too wierd I don't like it. A few changes would make it spot on ;)

    Steve, unlucky mate but only losing 1 game just shows you can do it, just concentrate perhaps on the objectives rather than the killing? Not sure if thats the reason for your draws, but always the best advice lol.

    Bully, unlucky mate, I saw some of your games and you certainly did deserve to win them, turn 5 just sucks ass.

    Whats ur Knights list looking like? Ill be going over mine, analyising its uses and writing a post about it eventually which may help people after using my knights for a while now.

    Did you book the hotel?


  2. KS... It's exactly the same thing as we were having an argument about the other week... knowing your list in and out and if not looking it up. Congrats on doing well otherwise.

    People don't believe me about the strong competition in Brighton. I think Jacob thought he was going to get 4 wins...

    I've just spoken to Pete and I'm going to try to hit the next one... dae yet to be announced (I know it though :P)

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  4. I've just heard Jacob did go 4-2... props to him! That's an awesome result and I eat my words!

  5. Venerable Brother18 July 2011 at 21:18

    @BroLo...HaHa, I saw him in action on the last game as he was on the table next to me...he had a fantastic final match up...perfect for his triple dragons....triple chaos LR list... It was great to see a proper Eldar list in action, mad props to him for making the journey!!

    @Killswitch, yeah I know its odd and not quite right, but I think I have a couple of ideas to make it really tick...

  6. Agreed. I apologised for the miss-interpretation and was adamant at knowing my rules that even my opponent said I looked convincing in that I was positive about them having frags. Was just so shocked and disappointed in myself for screwing up. Ah well, took the hit but still was pleased with the games, every game was great fun and tight. Looking forward to the doubles already.

  7. I could have won if only I could roll bloody better.
    It was a good weekend and all rely good games.
    I enjoyed are game bully and look forward to seeing your new ork army ; )

  8. Bring on the green skins Bull!!
    Alex, man shit happens, can't beat yourself up bro. Great results throughout weekend...

    Doubles seems ages away!!

  9. Nice to see you boys, and very good to meet you Bully!

    I am unconvinced by deathwing after two tournaments and 2 poor showings, a bad turn can mess you up BIG time and with my list at least it is VERY predictable so competent players are going to cause you issues.

    See some of you at Solent :) xx

  10. The list I am looking at is very similar to yours Alex.

    I totally agree with you about just the 2 strikers (for warp quake and "more solid" scorers) and beyond that I'll be looking at henchmen unit. I like the DCA as that anti-killy unit effort, so really it comes down to whether I am going to use BS3 melta guns w/ rhino's or your version with lasplas.

    Right now I think I might go with the lasplas as Ive tested the melta and its not all that reliable, I'd probably prefer a MM bunker over it. Purifiers can go after big stuff anyway.

    I am still gutted over my games tbh - I honestly think I only played wrong in 1 game (the lash game) where I should have been a c**t and just hidden behind the 2 LOS blocking terrain pieces after T1 and LOS'd his princes. Ahh well.

  11. I've had 3 tourneys and a boat load of games, and its consistent until it isn't lol - I am writing up a bit about its weaknesses which can cripple it.

    The main problem really is that while its great its deathwing, its also terrible its deathwing. They literally have to accomplish everything, and when your relying on 5 squads of 5 to do everything and make the tea, its just hard work at times.

  12. P.S was awesome to meet you as well Rupert - have to say I am damn tempted to use yours/riches technique to pump out my GK's quicker (opposed to blending) - striking (if not more so) and effective.

  13. haha Alex, you can enjoy it all you like :) i hade two games where i had the same thing happen but from the positive side, and another where i got royaly screwed in the rear end in the same way (but scraped a draw) so my luck was all over the damn place to be honest. am extremely pleased with 4th place though.

    wierd how i didnt play any of the players in the top three.

    i love my army, the storm troopers were absolute stars in all but one game (the one vs Alex, where they might have lost me it). the flexibility they lend the list, and the extra melta they bring to the table is amazing.

    also, demo charges are the best buy i ever made in this list. between the two meltavet squads, the charges killed: Mephiston, 2 attack bikes, 8 GK Termies and a Libby, 15 Helions, 5 interceptors and a squad of henchmen with Coteaz. not bad i'd say!