Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blog Wars Two!

So after the success of Blog Wars a couple of months back, From the Fang has been "hard" at work arranging the second one for early December.

The event was great fun last time, and I think the majority had a blast playing - I got a really good weekend of gaming in - both for Maelstrom and Warhammer World.

The special character rule is staying, which I think is very cool, and we might see some new structure for the scoring. Its still going to be a 1 day event on the 3rd of December, I'd love to have seen a two day'er, but alas.

With it so far away hopefully we can get even more people down for the day.

I've gotta have a bit of a think about what I'll take - since its December it might be the Deathwing again as they'll probably have been in retirement for a good while by then, maybe rocking out Ezekiel as well. Having just played a game with Grey Knights tonight I have a couple of thoughts after Atreides and I were messing around after the game which could be fun, or I'd love to think there will be something fun to play with Sisters.

It would give me a nice painting project for the next 6 months - something to work slowly on perfecting - as I'd like to improve on my Best Painted Special Character with Best Painted army! Any way - some linkage:

Blog Wars Two - Organised by From the Fang


  1. Looking to be quite the tourney, and hopefully I shall be there for this one :)

    Bully, did you book the hotel for next weekend?


  2. Going to have a look tomorrow - but I might well just last minute the whole thing.

    Shit for you I know buddy, but I seriously am coming apart at the seems with work atm, and theres a chance I'll just crash on Friday and no way I can do another weekend away.

    I can probably book holiday Friday/Mon/Tues to make up for it, so that will help, so I'll just double check prices etc.. - if its obscene I might just give it a miss (1500 after all ...)