Sunday, 24 July 2011

1750 Purifiers List and Crowe Tactics

Remember Atreides Purifiers? How cool?
Ahh…a fresh, blank page appears before me on the laptop and I feel good about writing something.

It’s not going to be revolutionary, but it will be an effective army that we reach by the end of the piece.
Actually, it’ll be a very short piece, because most of you know that this army is strong and works well.
I’ve just recently twigged onto using them en masse, despite Bully and I texting about this some time ago.
Like, ‘pure’ purifiers man…
This list, which is what I think Bully and I were talking about, is strong and I’ve gotten 3 test games in already, I know he’s played it against Atreides at least once, but I’m not sure if he’s still planning on using it..

NEWSFLASH…I am. It’s almost finished already.

We, of course, start with Crowe. I am currently seeing him still as ‘the tax’ that must be paid. If he could only join a unit!! If he could join a unit, then his Brotherhood Champion buffs would make him so very worthwhile. But alas..he does re-roll hits when he charges, rending on a 4+ and having access to Hammerhand, Cleansing Flame and the Dead Man thing.. So, how can he be used?

- Vs MSU Marines (offensively): He can hit these reasonably hard. Adopting Mega-Spinny-Sword Stance provides a hit on everyone is base contact, that’s going to be 4 models max. In this mode he hits on 3’s (re-rolled) and wounds on 3’s (hammerhand), he is I6, so even vs GK Halberd douches it’s not a bad shout.

- Vs MSU Marines (defensively): As above, but we want him as a road block, so he adopts Super-Mega-Smoke-and-Mirrors-Stance so he can re-roll his 4+ invuln and he can reroll his 2+ armour save. This should keep him holding the unit up for at least a turn, but of course has the disadvantage of failing, giving them a possible ‘shunt’ from the consolidation move in your turn. He is not an Eternal Warrior and only has W2/T4. Not a bad shout though after a Cleansing Flame for offense, followed by the defensive stance, although on a 5 man marine unit, CF will only kill 0.825 of a marine…still that’s one more than 0.

- Vs Hordes: AFTER firing off ‘Cleansing Flame’ all by yourself and rip fire through a horde of Orks, Nid Gaunts etc…then adopt the defensive stance, keeping youself away from hidden power klaws, and reroll your 2+ save. IF you survive, CF again in their turn and then Super-Mega-Spinny-Sword the bastards too. You will die, but you’ll take anywhere up to 25 Orks with you…depending on their ability to roll a 6 for armour..

- Vs Independent Characters: Get him into base with a Librarian/Sang Priest or any actually…big characters…the more expensive the better. Here Crowe focuses Rapier Strike and gets D3 (+1 if charging) attacks. At I10. He hits most of them on a 3, with reroll, then wounds on a 4+ typically..NO Hammerhand here folks… If he wounds, then it an Invuln Save as he’s Rended. The above is OK for little IC’s (Libbies/Priests) but for killy IC’s…should the IC or its unit kill Crowe, then we have saved our Psychic Power for a ‘Lukas the Trickster’ moment..Crowe can use Heroic Sacrifice to take out even the biggest, baddest IC’s…he passes a test, on a 10, then just has to land a ‘hit’ – on a 3. If he does this, the IC goes. Just removed from play…

- Mobility: All of the above require him to get into CC with something. Well, he can be used as a counter attack threat, hiding out behind a vehicle chassis or behind a LOS-blocking piece of terrain, or he can hitch a ride in an empty Purifier Razorback…let’s face it, these are going to be empty A LOT of the time as your Purifiers have too much firepower to hide in a transport! So that solves that…sort of.

I really do prefer a Brotherhood Champ though for a third less cost and for IC status..if only Crowe had IC…but then this is what we’ve all been saying since the book arrived. Lets also remember how many of us have actually ever run a Bro Champ in our Gk armies…doesn’t that tell you how full of fail Crowe is when his non-special equivalent is directly better than him?

On to the squads. These are simples really. I am looking for a good number of scoring units, as always for me, 1+1 concept from the army too. I’m going to use all Purifiers and I’m going to have 6 squads, each will have:
- 5 Purifiers (120)
- 2 Psycannons (20)
- 2 Halberds (4)
- 1 Hammer (5)
- Razorback – TLHB, Psybolts (50)
So 199 points per troop unit, 6 of them, takes us to 1194. Add Crowe for 150 and we are at 1344.

Where would we be without the now obligatory 3 Psyflemen Dreadnaughts? At 405 points for 3 this would bring us to 1749 too, so a perfect size.
They provide excellent psychic defense from their Enhanced Aegis, they provide more vehicles hulls, GK ones…with that lovely Psychic Pilot and Fortitude and of course they spew out 4 S8 shots that are TL each at an effective range of 54”. The range is great because we now have 3 primary range overlaps from Psycannons and Storm Bolters, PsyHBolters, PsyAuto’s, meaning well, we can shoot stuff.

They can also be used to tar pit units that can’t hurt them…something people forget, but a last ditch use to be honest.

The list:
5 Purifiers, 2 Psycannons, 2 Halberds, 1 Hammer, Psyback
5 Purifiers, 2 Psycannons, 2 Halberds, 1 Hammer, Psyback
5 Purifiers, 2 Psycannons, 2 Halberds, 1 Hammer, Psyback
5 Purifiers, 2 Psycannons, 2 Halberds, 1 Hammer, Psyback
5 Purifiers, 2 Psycannons, 2 Halberds, 1 Hammer, Psyback
5 Purifiers, 2 Psycannons, 2 Halberds, 1 Hammer, Psyback
2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Dreadnaught
2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Dreadnaught
2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Dreadnaught

The shooting from this is prodigious.

I was worried about how it might handle things like Deathwing due to the low AP and the limited bodies/powerweapons/invulnerables factors, so 2 of the test games were vs Bully’s Deathwing army that I am sure loyal readers are familiar with (if not, search the site and find it…explore…), just minus Bully as he lives in London, me in Cambridge. Both times the DW went first and were able to do a limited amount of damage, but then the weapons opened up and FUCK, the DW ended up being tabled both times.

I tried it versus a nasty AV12 spam Imperial Guard list too. Squeezed in 14 Av12 hulls, included some Melta/Demo Vets, Platoon, Hydras, Vendetta’s, loads of melta, some plasma etc..all the good stuff except PBS as I don’t rate them (I know, fuck off).

The Purifiers beat that too, with just a single Hydra and an immobilised Chimera left. The GK’s took a huge beating though, I just had 3 x 2 man squads left, the dreads and half the razors. But the real kicker is that the offensive output is so great that it really minimises the return fire. Now, I know this is obvious, but it realy works so well in keeping stuff alive! I ballsed up in this game too, exposing myself to Demo Charges that I really didn’t need to..

Anyway, I’m going to learn this army a bit more and keep toying with it…it is not as fun as Coteaz lists filled with Death Cults in Storm Ravens, Dreadknights etc, but it works sooooo well..


  1. I tried KS's Coteaz list the other day - and I have to say I think I prefer the Crowe list (for my own style). I don't like Crowe - but he has "uses" in the sense he can actually do something ... maybe - even if its just to try and tarpit something on your home objective until support comes.

    And yup, Purifiers give my Deathwing fits. Like you say you'll probably get 1 unit out of their box, and maybe a stun/weap/imob or something on a couple of others - unless you alpha and basically its all or nothing. Just a straight up fight the purifiers will just plink away at a couple of units (meanwhile those dreads pretty much will go untouched) - and then can mop up quite nicely with their I6 halberds. Both sides played well it will be a blood bath, but I am not confident on the DW side - I think I'd reserve each and every time.

    I am starting on my Crowe build now - disappointed with the Sisters pre-release rumours I have to say, and I still have a soft spot for the DW (if I do go to Solent next weekend they are coming with me)

  2. Lol isnt this the exact crowe list i posted a while back?

    Oh yeah, it is ;) Nice of you to take on board my wisdom hahaha.

    Its a solid list, but I never really enjoyed using it. I prefered the diversity of my coteaz list, and most importantly coteaz's special ability's outweighs crowes.

    Tell me how it does for ya though :)


  3. p.s. Bully, lists need to be in today for solent so i really need to know if we are going lol

  4. I have to say I was thinking of dropping 2 of the squads down to GKSS squads for warp quake / objective sitting utility, dropping 2 razors to rhino's - netting 98 points and adding 2 more dudes to the squads - running 7xPurifiers x2 5xPurifiers x2 and GKSS x2 - lose 2 psycannons and 2 HB's - gain some more solid scoring I think and a heftier midfield unit to shift (and protect the key stuff in those units for longer) not sure though.

  5. I sent mine off - I might change it though - but I am going to last minute it dude - I still have no idea if I am working next weekend or can take holiday. Buggering I know.

    P.S the 3 lists for me are:

    4xSquads 2xBikes (old 1500 list)
    5xSquads 1xTermy Libby
    5xSquads 1xBikes (3 man with 2 melta, no AB)

    I went with my old list for now, but I like the libby one as it helps against GK's which are majority LD9 anyway - and I might get lucky stopping the odd jaws or doom or fortune etc.. the 5 and bikes just allows me to still deploy an accurate alpha, but doesnt have the melta to back it up :/ First list is less durable than the others, but best utility I guess. Ahh well.

  6. Venerable Brother24 July 2011 at 15:53

    @Killswitch...shit, yes it is!! I've just read my comments there too...rhino's for half the troops, razors for others and a concern for well thought out objective placement appeared to be my only issues..
    Looking at it from afresh, I am much happier with the Razors over rhinos, although I do still see an argument for rhinos - hatch and added is still only 30 dudemen...

    Lol. What a dick, I forgot you'd toy'd with this too... Did you actually play it much? Any feedback to save me time?

  7. Crowe sucks. He rarely sees combat. I mean, its not bad when you start unloading your purifiers and he can steal a transport, but then your using one of your razorbacks to throw down someones neck with 1 guy who dies to a melta shot. Its nothing special. The purifiers are nice ofcourse, not much to say about them. Land raiders are a pain even with rending (which is why ive gone for melta henchmen now cause I really do need them).

    Apart from that its solid, works like it should.

  8. Crowe is a bit poop really - it is a damn shame, but if he was actually reasonable it would just be such an obvious choice for an army.

    For me I think its perfect though - I love Fearless troops (*cough* deathwing *cough*) - but I am trying to think of ways to deal with high armour that don't involve relying on rending.

    Simpliest route would be a Inquistor w/ melta unit - gives up a scorer, but might not be a terrible idea.

    @KS - Have you just simply traded off that lasplas for melta/rhino? I felt with that list that I'd like to have had 4 henchmen / 2 GKSS just because those 2 min scorers were very flimsy.

  9. Still not sold on melta because at the end of the day you dont want the unit dieing in objective or kp missions, so for now im trying out small psyker squads with a few scolytes, gives the objective sitters something to do (throw out a 36inch str 6 ap 3 large blast for 40 pts? sure why not).

  10. Damn, i make purifiers look good.
    i think this is one of the strongest armies out there. pity about the shit that is Crowe, or maybe it is a good thing, because if he were good, it would be an overpowered list.
    a well constructed and played guard army with even average luck will certainly cause problems though.

  11. Yeah - like I say if Crowe was good it would just be too obvious - the other 1600 points is great, his 150 just sucks. He makes Belial for 130 points look awesome.

    But I like what you've done Ven - I did it myself, put a positive spin on it.

    Like I said in the other thread - you just need to be wary of his table positioning, would be nothing worse than giving someone a multicharge to get furious charge on a unit of your purifiers in the back field for example.

    @KS - I've just booked Mon to Weds off, so depending on pricing for this weekend I'll prob end up going to Solent. also means when I get back I can airbrush my purifiers and work on some tanks. Especially now the Sisters look naff (I'll prob just use them as count as blood angels or space wolves LOL ....)

  12. Venerable Brother25 July 2011 at 18:50

    "I'll probably just use them as counts as Blood Angels" - Bully.


    That's pushing it even for me!!

    (Although I did try out DE Beastmasters using Necron Destroyers as Kymerae...16 of them and Heavy Destroyers as Razorwings...8 of them! I guess I can't talk..)

  13. haha.

    I've seen a few images / conversions recently and might do a "Atreides" style project - long term heavy conversion with a good bit of WYSIWYG count as.

    Sisters were the inspiration, but I doubt the codex.

  14. Venerable Brother25 July 2011 at 20:06

    @Atreides re IG...I thought so too, I've trialled it versus IG..and we both have very similar tastes Ig-wise...the Purifiers more than held their own, winning, but only have 3 x 2-man squads left, the dreads and 2 was a tight, tight game... Demo charges rocked the Purifiers world early on and I thought it was an insurmountable climb back into it, but they hung in there...the firepower is just fearsome..

  15. I had a go versus Andy - me using the list for the first time, and Andy using a experimental list.

    I think we were both shocked at how brutal that many psycannons can be.

    Also one thing, especially come T3 - losing your razorback isn't a bad thing - especially late in the shooting phases - allows you to get your psycannons out and on max fire power ;D - I had that a couple of times versus Atreides.

    I am probably going to give my Crowe list another go on Thursday if someone wants a 1750 game. If they want 1500 I am going to get the Deathwing out (unless I am defo not going Solent).