Friday, 24 June 2011

Thank you all! You rock!

Earlier this week we reached 100 followers here on Sons of Sanguinius.

Whilst in reality this means very little in terms of how many people actually read what the team and I post here, I still would like to take a moment.

Just to say thank you.

Thanks guys for reading what I write.
Thanks to Atreides, Bully, Killswitch, Stargazer and sort of Kabalite (1 post…more a guest post, but he has an excuse) for the hard work and effort they put in in posting here too.
And thank you, dear reader, for reading what they write!
The Sons’ have grown into a great little unit IRL, making a few tournaments together this year, hopefully more in the second half of the year.

That’s about where we are now.
Half way through the year.
What does the second half hold for us?
For me, another couple of tournaments and another couple of armies I imagine. Necrons are very high on my wish list of new books, as are Tau. Both I already have approx 2000pt painted armies for so shouldn’t take too much work to refresh.
For the rest of the team, more tournaments, more painting (watch out for Bully’s pink Grey Knights…stealing a leaf from my book with the Kabal of Pink Fuckers – the test model looks ace…but don’t hold your breath!)
As a site, we are just over 1 year old now. Over the course of our life we mature and change. Well, most of us mature…I’m not sure at 27 that I have yet.
The site is the same.
I started as a Blood Angels only blog, looking to specialise in the one area and provide an excellent resource for the one force.
Of course, when titling the blog I should have realised that Sons of Sanguinius would only apply for a while..before my army ADD kicked in.
But there are qualities that the title infers such as a certain ‘Savage Grace’…
All the Sons’ (our collective term for the writers here) play our little game in this way and I think the name is still applicable, outside of its direct implications.
Not that we are a brand, but we do have a little name, not much of one of course – we are but small fish in this blog pond…but I would like to stick with our name..not like when Coke tried to change the taste to new Coke…great decision…

We also should reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t…
The Deployment in Action series worked well to a degree..but was a massive amount of work and got ‘improved’ by Stelek so I kinda stopped… but I would like to try and do some more. They picked up great numbers over the course and were read for a long time with low bounce rates.. Speaking of which I need to get a ‘link within’ thing going on to drop that overall…
Army Lists etc always go down well and generate a good bit of banter, especially in the lead up to tournaments.
The Malifaux series by Stargazer got off to a slow start (figures wise), but improved tremendously after the Introduction piece to the various factions..when he finishes his exams, it is my hope this will pick back up again…ahh to be 18…
Atredies hobby articles and plasticard work was incredible…incredible. Long may it continue..the scratch built Dreadknight? The Avatar (lol, I know he hates that)/VTOL Vendetta’s? How can we forget that?
Bully has thrown out some great articles on his painting techniques and his most recent series charting the tactics behind Deathwing looks to be very, very good.
Killswitch, who never posts to schedule or regularly damn him! Or apparently spell checks… lol… throws out some great stuff, providing insights into the “meta” tournament scene…he gets out to far more than any of the rest of us ever could and succeeds often…

So thanks to a great team, I fervently hope you all stay with us…
A great 6 months coming up in the world of plastic toy soldiers and for the Sons’…
- dice, t-shirts for next tournament I think too…
- More tournaments, although I don’t think any of us will make enough tourneys to hit the UK Masters..have to wait for true glory in the UKGT next year..
- A NOVA-SONS tournament early 2012…
- I may even finish the Blood Hunters (all SM armies in one colour scheme!) ….fingers crossed…
And no. There are no links to these wicked articles I mention…stay on the site and find them!!


  1. i was actually going to suggest we save up a bit of cash each and go to NOVA next year...

    incidentally, i intend to post a lot more GK hobby stuff than anything else for the forseeable future.

    stay tuned for gatling-gun psycannons, robots, and MK.1 antigrav rhinos ;)

  2. Any of us you say :o Im 3rd on thrankings atmthink I should make it to the masters :) Also, who uses spellcheck?lol And i am confused as to when I post cause you sometimes post on my days so I just post whenever :p

  3. Venerable Brother24 June 2011 at 14:49

    Haha! You know its all in good humour bro! you are the great white hope dude! (again, just a phrase...) 3rd and climbing!! lol...
    andy, man you are such a tease! lol

  4. I like that idea Atreides, would be a giggle, you know I am up for that.

    Looking forward to Brighton with so many of us there (plus our official mascot Bringer of Death).

    The new Knight test model will be up this weekend, I want to get a test rhino out and Crowe (yes I am doing a Crowe list!) so might be Sunday for all that to come up. I actually don't think it will take as long to paint that army - 31 marines, 3 dreads, Crowe and 6 Razor/Rhino's. Ok it will take a little bit of time ... ;D

  5. Bully
    never been call a mascot before and likeing the pink knights
    And looking forward to brighton I will see you at the top table

  6. Yeah exams are definitely a bitch but last one tomorrow then bring on the summer!!! Can't wait to get back to the "real world" lol