Thursday, 16 June 2011

Part 2: Exploring “The MVB Core” , the 'Heart' of alternative lists...

The second approach to this, part 1 – Squishy Troops is to follow the MVB approach from Whiskey & 40K... use the ‘core’ of Coteaz lists. Obviously massive props to MVB for making the point about Coteaz that just got so many imaginative lists springing from my head..more just keep coming...  
At 1750 I believe this to be:
“The Core”
Coteaz 100
5 x Warrior Acolytes (3) in Psybolt Razors @ 62points each = 310
3 x Psyflemen Dreads @135 each = 405
This is 815 only and we have 5 troops and 3 superb heavy support.

Now from this point we can go almost anywhere we like…and that is the real beauty of this. Thanks to MVB for shouting this out.. there are so many options...

Do you want more Troops to make this army much tougher and fire magnets to draw the fire from the easy kills?
Add a Grandmaster with Incinerator and Rad Grenades
Next add 2 Paladin Squads of 5 dudes with 2 MC’d Psycannons in each…
Grand Strategy and both of these squads are scoring too…happy days removing them as well as all the vehicles!

Super shooty? Take the core….
Lets add a pair of Venerable Dreads with 2 TLAC w Psybolts
Next lets add 2 Storm Ravens with Psbolts, TLAC, TLHB
Not enough ‘finishing power’ in that army though for cleaning up left over models or units.

How about adding some of the other elements from yesterday's post?
4 DCA/4 Crusaders is 120
Storm Raven, Bolts, TLAC, MM, 4 Mindstrikes = 225
These boys just bomb forward and try and hit up a combat.
We can add either a Grenadier-build Techmarine for 120 or a Xenos Inquisitor with Rad, Psychotroke Grenades for 55 points. We’ll go for the 55 pointer…cheap and cheerful

Ideally we need a second Raven for duality, redundancy and all those nice words, lets take a TLPC, TLMM one for just 205.

Lets fill this Raven too and add some MEQ bodies…just, you know, for a laugh… Elites slots are open… Purifiers it is. 8 of them? 2 Cannons for if they get stranded midfield, 6 Halberds and we are looking at 224.

This is a great number of marines and really packs a punch.

I still have serious reservation about Purifiers vs ‘real’ assault troops, but vs the majority of other MEQ units and for added hordes fun…I can see it…

This brings us to 1644, so we may as well add 2 more Purifiers for 48, give the Knight a MC daemon Hammer for 10.

Now we have some points left lets throw in Psychic Mastery – Communion for the Xenos Inq and we have an option to reserve when going second with some degree of control.

This now looks like:

Xenos Inquisitor – Rad and Psychotroke Grenades, Psychic Mastery 1 – Communion
10 x Purifiers, 2 Cannons, 7 Halberds, 1 x MC Hammer
5 x Warrior Acolytes (3 of them) in Psybolt Razorbacks @ 62points each = 310
4 x DCA/4 x Crusaders
Storm Raven, Psybolts, TLAC, TLMM, 4 Mindstrikes 225
Storm Raven, TLMM, TLPC, 4 Mindstrikes 205
3 x Psyflemen Dreads @135 each = 405

Give each Warrior Acolyte a Boltgun and call it a day…except one of them. He doesn’t even get that.

There are 2 pretty decent combat units here, important as the list before lacks ‘clean up’ ability…with some decent combat we can now clear out the MEQ units left by the side of their rhinos etc.
Part 3 tomorrow…more durable troops…. Still within “the core”…in the meantime, play around with this concept and see what you guys can come up with, pop it below and we’ll see who can smash out some great ideas….look at me pretending we’ll generate that many responses!! Lol…you have to try!


  1. Very interesting list - I like this route - the outside the box building around a solid - if a little flimsy at the same time lol - core.

    I'd really like to fill that 2nd SR - at least with some form of threat.

    I think the purifiers can drop to 8 men - saving 2x24 + the 2 halbs - so 48 points. Psybolt is good - but I think we can drop that as well - so 68 points. 3xDCA = 45 3xCrusaders = 45 so we still need 22 more points - maybe we'll drop those bolters atm - that leaves us needing 8 more points - hell maybe drop a purifier down to 7 man? gets us the bolters and maybe some more "wounds" for the squad with 4 point acco's?

    That way you have options - 7xPurifiers w/ Cot or Inq in 1 SR and 3xDCA 3xCrusaders and a couple of bitches in the other SR - depending on your opponent can decide how, where and when you want those IC's in.

    Though prob with psycom - I just realised - I am assuming he is with the "deathstar"? Thus if he is - he'll be reserved so can't use it to bring the SR's on? Though I think the sacrifice of putting him in a razor might be worth it to "protect" the ravens.

  2. Venerable Brother16 June 2011 at 22:51

    Both Ravens are filled, one choc full of Purifiers, the other with Coteaz, Xenos Inq and Death Cult/Crusaders...

    Think you must have just missed that line of the list/post mate... but happy to see we are on similar lines....

    The Communion issue is a PITA. Going second versus very shooty list, its a great idea...but he then sits on his own,out of LOS..where poss..this is not always possible though and he is then not using his grenades..

  3. Take the core.
    Strip out 1 of the Acolytes (squad)
    Add 3 x 5 Purifiers - 2 Psyc, 2 Halberd,
    x3 Rides for them - Razorback - Psybolts
    Add 5/5 Death Cult/Crusaders
    Add Storm Raven
    Add Xenos Inq - Rad/Psycho

    Lose 1 point from somewhere..

    Xenos - Rad/Psycho
    5 Purifiers - 2 cannons, 2 halberds,Psyback
    5 Purifiers - 2 cannons, 2 halberds,Psyback
    5 Purifiers - 2 cannons, 2 halberds,Psyback
    3 Warrior Acolytes - Psyback
    3 Warrior Acolytes - Psyback
    3 Warrior Acolytes - Psyback
    3 Warrior Acolytes - Psyback
    5 x Death Cult Assassins + 5 Crusaders
    StormRaven - TLPC, TLMM
    Dread - Psybolt, 2 x TL AutoCannon
    Dread - Psybolt, 2 x TL AutoCannon
    Dread - Psybolt, 2 x TL AutoCannon

  4. Ahh I just missed it in there Ven - so that list is even stronger than I thought - nice.

    The psy com is a PITA - but at least its an option - I'd like that at least in there, even if its not the best - the ability to reserve and get them on fairly reliably is handy.

    @EG - nice list - the SR by itself is a bit of a gamble as it might get shot to sky high - but the purifiers are very nice in there.

  5. With any inquisitor I rather like the triple multi melta servitors in chimera for 85 pts. For a second HQ I'd take a second cheap inquisitor to take another squad of these (dropping a pysback squad). This gives you real ability to take out AV13+ which otherwise is a major weakness for GK's.

  6. Venerable Brother17 June 2011 at 06:47

    @Crosser - the melta bunkers are useful and effective, but with the chimera it can be suppressed...I guess at 85 points its not that big a deal.

    I'll give them a test run, might even run a ConversionBeamer on the cheap second Inq..nice one.

    @Evil - Like Bully said, single Raven can be a big target, but there are 10 other vehicles to shoot at lol!
    Really like those Purifiers in there, nice touch.
    Death Cult unit may be a bit big, overkill on most things! But definately more survivable and mega dangerous that way...

    Cheers for commenting..

  7. Funny you mention this. For the past few weeks and after extensive ppaytesting, i felt that 4 small units of henchmen were a great minimum choice for troops. I wouldn't say they are the best choice, but certainly basic. Its good to see i wasnt the only one to notice this. It comes down to playstyle in terms of how you equip them. Storm bolters are nice but to get any use, you putting them in the firing line.

    I like to take 2 or 3 units with triple meltas to help vs Land raiders which tend to be fairly common, psycannons just dont cut it.

    To that extent ive built a tourney list and a fun list. Here is my fun list:

    Librarian: 185pts
    Quickening, Might of titan, Warp rift, shrouding & 3 Servo skulls.

    Coteaz: 100pts

    10 Paladins: 750pts
    1# Banner
    2# MC-Psycannon & Halberd
    3# MC-Psycannon & Sword
    4# MC-Psycannon & Hammer
    5# Psycannon & Halberd
    6# MC-Halberd
    7# Halberd
    8# Sword
    9# Hammer
    10# Apothecary & Halberd.

    3 Henchmen: 62pts x5 - 310pts
    Razorback with Psybolts.

    Dreadnought: 135pts x3 - 405pts
    2 Twin-linked Autocannons & Psybolts.

    Now hammerhand stacks, even those halberds have a potential str 8 and 2d6 for armour pen :D

  8. @Killswitch...funny you should mention Paladins in this for fun...I've done the same! Not this list, but thrown in Paladins for fun! That'll be up very shortly... playing around with this "core" means you can just take so much cool stuff!