Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Razorwing Pics, New DE, Ven writes a list...for a change

   So today is a Killswitch day (so this may disappear quickly...or not if he is still recovering from the Emmure show or whatever the fuck it was), but I thought it'd be remiss of me if we didn't throw up a quick salute to the new Dark Eldar models that have come out on pre-release today... 

Now, Sons' doesn't typically get stuck into rumour shit or pics of new releases....except when we saw those awesome Eldar skimmers at Games Day last year and the new aspect warriors...that went up! 

but today I saw the new venoms and scourges and love them... 

Then I saw a link to a pic of the Razorwings... holy shit. These are the coolest fucking things I have ever seen...I think I said that the first time I got to play with big fake titties...anyway... I can't wait for these to be released as I will snap one up like lightning man...they are so sexy... 

And I here the best bit of all....the VoidRaven is to be a seperate kit... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (in the words of Senator Clay Davis) 

Current DE ist thoughts (got a test run last night versus a GK list - worked well...): 

Haemo - Shattershard 
Incubi - Venom (dual cannons) 
2 x 3 Wracks - Venoms (dual cannons) 
3 x 5 Warriors BLaster, Blast Pistol - Venoms (dual Cannons) 
19 Hellions, Helliarch - Agoniser 
6 x Reavers, 2 Heat Lances 
2 x Ravagers 
Void Raven - NS, FF 

Pain token first turn for the Hellions (two in some cases) and generally also for the Incubi for lols... 

The Raven is in there in honour of how fucking cool it is... backed up by today's pics which simply have me drooling....  

Discuss how amazing this shit looks..........


  1. Thats very similar to Stu Robertsons list, with a few tweaks :) Its decent for sure.

    I'll post up something another time bro, im at my mates house tending to his xbox cus i need to show him how to play MW2 like a pro.

    Btw, check out the forums for the 40k in 40mins tourney in august, looks like a good laugh :) Ill email peeps when i get home


  2. Dude, geuinely who is stu robertson?? I thought it was a bit cheekily close to a lad called Mike Marlow from that Xlegion tourney I went to! Lol.

    MW2 gotta be ps3 dude..that need a fucking network to play online! Sony man, sort it out!

    I'll check it out later man, combat patrol always cool...

  3. Razorwings are the sickest vehicles i've seen GW put out so far. The missile ports look so sick! Can't wait to see the Voidravens, I'm gonna be so broke this year!

  4. Yeh they are so cool.

    Stu Robertson is probably the best DE player in the UK. His the Welsh's Team Captain for the ETC. great player and top bloke. Well all Baron lists are similar in some way :)

    he has another unit of hellions instead of 2 units of venom warriors anddd another heamonculi instead of the 3rd, apart from that bassically the same.

    Xbox ftw, as you say, sony suck lol. Yeh man, heres the link:

    Id tell you what I'm bringing but people would soo steal it :P

  5. Oh ok, knowledge of individuals is building slowly lol.

    I did like a couple of large hellion units, they are awesome fun and effective...just worry re anti tank once we go that big on green goblins...

  6. Seeing the Venom + Razorwing models means I more than likely will get a DE army later this year (like Nov"ish") those models are so amazing (and the raiders/ravagers).

    Unless its Halo (which is better on console) PC>anything for FPS, discussing what console to play a FPS on is like discussing what type of poo-based snack to eat, poo ice cream or poo crackers. Seriously lol! :P

  7. I have to say the Razorwing is teh sex and btw it has to be the sexbox all the way as u said Ven it's nice to have a network to play on ;) although that said it has to be BF:BC2 instead of COD

  8. i quite honestly like all those models except that fighter/bomber. i really am not a fan of it, but cant work out why.

  9. ugh Atreides man, what's wrong with you!!
    @Bully - get on board! Maybe mine will be painted by then with something other than primer and basecoat! Which is how it all currently stands... :(
    @Stargazer - Don't get me wrong, PS3 all the way for now, just a real pisser can't get stuck into anything on it...

  10. um...what's happened to my name!!!! lol

  11. well...thanks blogger...lost all comments here... ahh least we are alive!

  12. Pain :/

    Did you get a chance to look @ my email ven?

  13. thought i'd sent it...just checked its been in my drafts since yesterday afternoon! have a look, I like both of them and think they work,...couple of tweaks suggested.. v cool though.

  14. Quite impressed - just priced up what I'll need to buy later this year for the DE - about 400 quid - thought it would be at least 200 more than that.

    Prob a few troops short - but in fairness I have like 40 of the old warriors - and they'll do (might even paint them over the course of the next few months) and the old metal wych's - even some incubi (I think the 3E models are better). Basically its raiders/venoms/ravagers / hellions/reavers.