Friday, 6 May 2011

A little transparency....

"I wuve woo BroLo"
Kabalite was due to post for the first time today on his Dark Eldar, but is off to some concert in instead will be getting the shit kicked out of himself in the pit of some heavy metal gig...

So I have jumped on the opportunity to address the "beef" BroLo has begun on 3++ here...

Apparently I am a WAAC jerk and need to be crushed at Blog Wars...

Read my lips:

"Not. By. You. Jism. Licker."

Ain't happening BroLo...not on your best day and a day in which I have been anally raped by King Kong and his entire family...

Remember that quote kids...I'll be eating my words come Blog Wars! lol...

There is, of course, NO BEEF and it is all horse-play and bullshit.. banter.

With that out of the way, I did promise BroLo that I would shed some light onto my, how did he put it?, "Cheesy and beardy" army ideas... so that heading into our first date he has some idea of what's happening...wouldn't want my babydoll to be uncomfortable!!

Without further ado:

First ideas were with my ImmoBAlizer Blood Angels (you remember the ones that failed in such an EPIC manner at X-Legion!!) with Corbulo thrown in... that came out as:

Librarian - Shield, Fear
5 x 5-man RAS, Meltagun, Inferno Pistol, Razorback-TLHeavy Flamer, HKM, Dozer
3 x Flamestorm Baal Predators w. Dozers, HKM
2 x Vindicator w. Dozers
1 x Predator w. Autocannon, HKM, Dozer

The principles behind this army can be found about transparency...I'm even saying how it works!!

This is ready to roll and I do love it...I need to put in a lot more work though...actual playtesting might be required lol!

Next up we have Space go-to army for tournaments (of my total 2 singles tournaments...I've taken them...once!) but I do have an extensive play history with them and cannot count the games I've played with them...they are my old slippers...

Njal Stormcaller lists:

Wolf Scouts - Meltagun
Wolf Scouts - Meltagun
Wolf Guard x 5, 5 x Combi-Melta, 4 x Powerfist, 1 x Wolf Claw
8 x Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Banner, Rhino
7 x Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Banner, Rhino
7 x Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Banner, Rhino
5 x Grey Hunters, flamer, Razorback - LasPlas
5 x Grey Hunters, flamer, Razorback - LasPlas
Long Fangs x 5, 4 ML
Long Fangs x 5, 4 ML
Long Fangs x 5, 4 ML

Wolf Guard join the 3 rhino-mounted GH squads and the Scout squads....pretty simples really...
This list is strong and simple. The temptation is however to hold back slightly with the LasPlas dudes, utilising their shooting, but this drops 10 bodies from the forward assualt... so I changed this to:

3 x 5 Fangs (as above)
2 x Lone Wolves - TDA, CF, SS
2 x 10 GH, Rhino, double Melta, banner
2 x 6 GH, Rhino, Melta, banner
1 x 8 GH, Rhino, Melta, banner
3 x WG - Melta, Fist (join the 3 smaller squads)

This list really does go for the jugular...but not as much as the following ideas:

I wanted a more CC-oriented army and wanted to use the lovely Lukas the Trickster...

Wolf Priest - Plasma Pistol
Rune Priest -Jaws, LL, Chooser
Blood Claws x 8, Lukas, Rhino
2 x 7 GH - Melta, Banner, Wulfen, Rhino
1 x 7 GH - Plasma, Banner, Wulfen, Rhino
Scouts - Meltagun
Scouts - Meltagun
Wolf Guard x 6 - 4 x CM, 1 x CP, 3 x PF, 1 x Meltabombs
3 x 5 Long Fangs- 4 ML

I really enjoy playing this, the combination of the Trickster and Wolf Priest 'Oath of War' vs Infantry is fantastic, Lukas is very fun and the Claws hit pretty hard with the Oath supporting them...the rest of the army is pretty standard...

Or perhaps even the Young King, The Dude himself - Ragnar Blackmane... I have NEVER seen him on the fuck it...I'm game!

Rune Priest - LL, Jaws
1 x 8 Wolf Guard, 3 x Combi-Melta, 1 x PF, 1 x Forst Blade!!!, Rhino
1 x 5 Wolf Guard, 4 x CMelta, 1 x CPlasma
Wolf Scouts - Meltagun
3 x 7 GH, Melta, Banner, Rhino
1 x 7 GH, Plasma, Banner, Rhino
3 x 5 Long Fangs - 4 ML

Whoot!! I love this.. Ragnar works beautifully with his Wolf Guard, using his crazy ass charges to boost their attacks on the charge...they each have 4 - 6A on the charge... with Furious Charge..

This is only a mini-Hammer though and with their Melta's doesn't distract from the overall synergy and purpose of the army...and when that charge goes off with the whole army getting stuck in with a 'War Howl' going off at the same time...WOW.... now that's pressure...

Now, each of these armies has real flavour and style...they are in fact...big pimpin' AND it is HIGHLY LIKELY that I will run one of them........but just for BroLo I thought I'd throw in a couple of lists that are just nasty...

Imperial Guard Blog Wars - Mr "why?-because-he-costs-so-little-I-could-give-a-fuck-about-his-impact-on-the-game-and-I-don't-care-if-I'm-a-cunt" Marbo

CCS, 4 x Plasma, Chimera -HHF
Vets, 3 x Melta, Autocannon, Chimera-HHF

Vets, 3 x Melta, Autocannon, Chimera-HHF 
Vets, 3 x Melta, Autocannon, Chimera-HHF 
Vets, 3 x Melta, Autocannon, Chimera-HHF 
Hellhound - HMM 
2 x Hydra 
2 x Hydra 

The Autocannon's on the Vets exist just to fuck off BroLo.... 

Now, it'd be a lie if I said I had not been playing ALOT with the new Grey Knights...I am Mr.Shiny Toy as Atreides et al can testify to....I simply love a new army and have already brushed the dust off of my Necrons... (it is a real bonus having almost every army!!)

Another one especially for BroLo.... The BLOOD HUNTERS - MILITANT PSYKER DIVISION....."Revenge of the Dreadii"

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - TDA, Psycannon, Hammer, 2 x Servo Skulls
Librarian - Warp Rift, Shrouding, Sanctuary
Vindicare Assassin (my special character...he is "unique" so counts...)
Venerable Dreadnaught - Autocannon, Assault Cannon, Psybolts... WAIT! HOLD FUCKING ON! MIXED RANGE WEAPONS!!!!! The interwebz has just assploded!
 5-man Strike Squad, 1 Cannon
5-man Strike Squad, Cannon, Razor - Psybolts, Searchlights
5-man Strike Squad, Cannon, Razor - Psybolts, Searchlights
5-man Strike Squad, Cannon, Razor - Psybolts, Searchlights
5-man Strike Squad, Cannon, Razor - Psybolts, Searchlights
Dreadnaught - 2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolts
Dreadnaught - 2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolts
Dreadnaught - 2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolts

This beast is 1750! love it.... I have been loving a large number single squad of terminators and can fit that in which is nice, but this puts out a huge number of shots...

I tested this list earlier this week...without the Librarian and the foot squad/bodyguard...what did I run instead? well one of the Heavy Support Dreads was a second Venerable, but apart from that?

Nothing. I was short on points cause I made an error! It was still fearsome...

I have to thank Hulksmash for the idea of running the Autocannon and AssCannon on the same platform... it works beautifully with a BS5 Dread...

So, there you have thought processes, such as they are, for Blog Wars to date....nothing really cuntish far as I can tell, this is only a semi-competitive tournament...hence the presence of ridiculously expensive SW characters, flame-based BA...and um...MSU GK's! 


  1. We both now you will change your mind and take Necrons (so i can crush you on the top table)

    Good run down of your lists mate.You do need to make your mind up
    Come to think of it i still need to build my army

  2. Top table BOD? ....

    Yeah, the indecision is a killer. At least the wolves are done, gives me the option of just working on the Blood Hunters all month...if they are done- great... if not....wolves it is!

  3. I will be bloody lucky to get to the top table. i will be happy mid table at the blog wars

  4. Liking those lists ven, its hard to give "constructive criticism" when they are slightly un-optimised to accommodate the SC's - and it almost feels naughty to try to anyway lol.

    I am in a dillema now though, rush to paint up 30 odd marines in 4 weeks (and some tanks!) or sick to what I know! More on it on sunday though lol.

  5. Don't be daft Bully, comment away! Criticise all you can!

  6. Ahhh... surprise surprise, Mr Venerable goes with the OP codices - GK, IG and SW. Oh.. and a tailored list (Vindis) to take down my terminators.

    I personally want to see the Trikster's list because I've never seen him in a list before.

    Oh... and your autocannons can suck King Kong's balls.

    I'll make a post on how I'll be running my list too... just for you.


  7. Out of the Wolves lists - I have to say the Njal ones are probably the strongest/simplest, purely because they are all the most pedestrian - Njal replacing a couple of units (looks like your dropping the 140 points of speeders to make up his points over your "normal" list) - so really not much to say on these - I'd expect them to work pretty much the same as your normal SW.

    The other lists I actually quite like - the blood claw list is flawed ... because it has blood claws, but it will be fun to see a wolf priest, a few BC's and lucas pile into units and just re-roll their way to insane amount of wounds.

    The Ragnar list looks cool, but don't like it as much. The vet squad so to speak does make sense - frost blade is a good choice - basically a relic blade on the charge. Combi's allow them to not necessarily rely on your anti tank to open stuff up for them. I do think this is the weakest of the lists - it wont require much to just stop them dead in their tracks and thats a lot of points in a non-scoring unit (yes, pot kettle black with my BA deathstar's - but yours is wrapped only in AV11 - at least the BC's in the other list can do something in the backfield).

    BA list - I'm not sure - I'd like to see you give immobaaliser a go again, certainly - does that pred have sponsons? With the dozer I am amusing its just an Av13 shield taking advantage of being able to move 12" and still fire? I do think that list needs some more power weapons!

    not going to comment on the guard lol - I've played against a very similar list - and against marbo a couple of times - he's a pain in the ass and is way under costed for annoyance to points ratio :P

  8. @BroLo - OP? Nah... The IG is clearly a joke lol! I'd never take that shit to a friendly bloggers tournament!! lol I do enjoy the Trickster and he's not too distracting from the overall well... just have to paint the model up... Look forward to having a read Neil of how your boys work....I'm dedicating a little bit of time this weekend just to reading up on Grimaldus!

    @Bully - you are right, the Njal is just the 2 mm/hf speeders dropped...but I genuinely built the list from the ground up rather than dropping them just to fitt him in...

    Ragnar is easy to stop you are right, just being in a rhino keeps his progress easily to halt.. he can of course just jump in another rhino...or additionally he just needs to get midfield in his rhino to get into position...

    the Blood claws are better in combat than GH's due to reroll from Priest, but takes an extra 100 points worth of priest to be so... clearly these boys would not be taken normally... but with 2 plasma pistols (priest an lukas) they can a least attempt to pop light armour...before charging the contents..

    The BA... the pred has no sponsons...just for mobile av13 shield and manouevering for side shots on vehicles or just an extra couple of S7 and a S8 moving 6"... If it had momre power weapons there would be less it stands I still love this concept and wish that it did well, it does locally and it held its own versus strong Guard armies that it went to, it does well versus Wolves and GK's too...but unfortunately it is designed to kill those armies, falls short vs the slightly odder armies at tournies...doesn't have all the tools for dealing with certain units..

    You are spot on with these points do you feel about the Grey Knights?

  9. Oh I missed that.

    I actually quite like that GK List - its not far off the sort of thing I am looking at playing. Everything outside of the foot GKSS/Libby is a great core - solid scoring, dreads put down a horrifc amount of mobile suppression (and mixed weaps on the ven are very nice - 6 shots, hitting on 2's - re-rolling misses, and lets face it, and thats a beast of a midfield support unit as well).

    The libby/GKSS - its interesting - they can deepstrike which was my initial thoughts on what you might be doing with these boys - which really is actually quite a cheap delivery system for the libby - in fact the cheapest possible. Actually I really like this - you have multiple deployment options now for your libby - and its only cost 110 points - opposed to the 230ish it would be for the terminators. Starting on the table - shroud the hell out of your bits (oh and his babysitter squad sits in cover for his nice 3++) (and 4 2++ wounds as well just to keep the wound counters there for a bit longer) or still deepstrike.

    Thats not a bad amendment to the terminator list - those GKSS can actually perform that role quite well (obviously losing 1 relentless cannon and a host of 2+'s) Not a bad work around to get the unique character in.

    Have you tested the vindicare incidently? (also his turbo / shield shots, wtf do you roll for wounding with these? It has the 2+ for the hell one, but cant see the other values - cant say I looked to hard though lol)

  10. Vindicare has been tested quite extensively in games by both myself and Steve.. The weapon is a sniper weapon and therefore wounds on 4+...this has saved my Rune Priest and Njal on several occasions and is a down side to his great ability..ofc with a target on just 1 wound you just roll and 2 followed by a 2 and the dude is dead...but if you go greedy and need him removing quickly in one turn...well it's 50/50... and cover... if available...

    I do want to get Termies in though...maybe use Thawn...

    Libbie (as above)
    OM Inq (as above)
    5 x GKT - Thawn, Cannon, Halberds
    4 x 5 SS - Cannon, Razor - Bolts, Lights
    1 x 5 SS - Cannon, Rhino
    3 x Dread - 2 x TL Auto, Bolts

  11. Guessing Kabalite went to see Emmure? Was such a sick show. If he didnt then clearly not as good lol.

    Like the lists, all very interesting :)

  12. Not sure mate, could very well have been...sounds like the sort of shit he listens to lol! You hit that show up? Bruised much?

    where's the criticism we love you for?! Rape the lists man!

  13. Im too hungover I cant be bothered lol. And nah man the musics awsome, you just can't handle it ;)

    Nnot keen on trickster list as even for fun he doesn't seem it xD Njal...wont even go there ;P
    GK lists look good on paper but I really dont think a 5 man unit in a heavy bolter razorback does much, I really dont. Played with and against them a few times, and they just don't do much. I much prefer sticking 2-3 large bricks of 10 man units midifled :)

    Guard list is ok, looks pretty standard. Marbo is an obvious choice for SCs, I'd do the same.

    Ragnar list is interesting, would love to see him work as his one of my favourite characters (fluff) of all :)

  14. Lol..
    So Ragnar comes up trumps for you of the Wolf lists..

    Gk's...I can totally see where you are coming from with the 10 man squads...I started at that point and then found that I could just get more shots out here...the cost is literally just the extra razorback x 4, so 200 points... Now i could run 10 man squads and add a Venerable Drea....hold on... back to excel...

  15. ;) Check your emails btw :D

  16. Nah, works out OMI, Libbie, 5 GKT(Thawn,Cannon) 3 x 10 man SS, 2 Cannons, Rhino, 3 x Dreads..

    there is not even enough points to get psybolts for the squads...

    Not a single one of those lists is a "paper list" all of them have been playtested against a variety of armies from BA to Wolves to IG to DE ...the top dogs basically... all work

    ...maybe its just cause I'm shit hot...general trumps list hey.,..

  17. last time you said that you got spanked ;)

    all these look pretty good though. if you believe in tiers of play, i'd say these are nearly all tier 2 (except the guard, but you know that), and i think thats the kind of thing that will make this tournament most enjoyable. i am all for going and playing to win, but if everyone else is taking slightly less effective lists, its not going to be much fun going along and just playing each other on the top tables now is it? ;)

    i would just go with whichever list you like playing (sounds like Lukas, from your comments), since all of them are perfectly capable of holding their own.

  18. Yeah, that is very true! I did build in a "I'll be eating my words" bit for some humility! ;)

    I agree totally, the emphasis placed on more characterful (pun intended!) armies will hopefully create a really fun tournament experience..but let's face it...most people are still attempting to not build rubbish armies.. so I still think it will be tough...

    It's either Lukas or some Grey Knights...we know how hard I find it to stay focussed! lol

  19. I rely like the Njal list he does some fun things in game
    Have you thought about putting in 1/2 thunder wolfs could be fun.
    I am likeing the 3 big blocks of Gk and I so what to get that bloody Dreadknight in as i have got the model

  20. Haha...I am trying to fit a SRaven into a list as I think it could be cool...but damn am I struggling...also trying to fit in a LRC too...both with Terminators in!!!! lol... no wonder I am struggling... maybe I'll throw in a Dreadknight too!!

    3 blocks... it is a lot of bodies with 30 marines + support...but then 25 is only 5 less, and 2 more vehicles, all 4 of them with more firepower... it is tough to get it right hey...especially carrying the "weight" of a special character lol!

  21. Well I did that BA Storm Raven / Land Raider list the other night - it was fun, even if the LR got exploded on the first shot of the game (thankfully it had moved 12 - and popped smoke) then the Raven on the 2nd turn - though admitidly I took 6 or 7 4++ cover saves and didn't make a single one, my BA's have failed something like 40 cover saves on tanks in a row now lol. It is fun - I am thinking of some lists now for Brighton which might use LR's and SR's.

  22. Ven I got your order for two tickets. Could you let me know who t'other guy is. Don't need army selection just yet. I'll post a few more details when I'm back. Cheers

  23. @ From the Fang - t'other ticket is for Steve Henderson dude. Get back to your honeymoon!

    @ Bully- see, the 4+ cover save is so prone to failure! lol... now the 3+ on the otherhand...

  24. @ven - tell me about it - it was one of the reasons I went to a foot list - my inability to make 4++ cover saves - a lot of which vs terminators are infact 2+ armour saves. In all seriousness I am contemplating running a 6xTerminator list with Belial and either Ezekial (hihi LD10 hood with actually not bad powers) or 3x Witch Hunter Inquistors tooled up with infernus pistols and eviserators lol.

  25. Do it... I prefer all Termie Deathwing unless you would contemplate Dual Raider DW...but I think 6 squads could work very nicely...alot of fire support and alot of Storm Shields!

    Ezekiel's Mind Worm and ? can't remember the other power... Mind Worm is alright though if I remember it right..

  26. I am thinking about duel raider oddly enough - its probably one of the few armies that can pull it off (since you dont actually need to sit the DW in the raider, use it for fire support, or if you need to charge stuff in cover lol).

    Yeah he has all 3 powers (lol the book only has 3 powers) mind worm basically is a LD check or you lose that dude (no modifier), then he has the force barrier (LD check invulnerable) and the shooting attack is a template 2D -2 (so from S0 to S10) AP D6 shot - so potentially amazing potentially awful, on average its S5 AP3 - so a marine killer.

    My post will be up in a couple of hours so we can discuss it there ;D

  27. I jest... you clearly don't read my 3++ posts... the term OP is not in my vocab. I'd be more than happy to face the IG list at any tournament.

    Think my transparency may have to wait - working nights, watching F1, failing to paint models are all part of the excuse.

  28. my own meager experience with competative gaming suggest wolves are the top tier armies at the moment.. id go with the ragnar armies
    althouhg ive seen some great armies that use dual TWC lords with large packs of wolves