Friday, 20 May 2011

Boring and One Dimensional? Moi?

More Blog Wars ideas.. special characters really aren't that bad!! They do make you think of different approaches to the game and that helps..

2 such approaches to this wonderful game revolve around the domination of a couple of phases..we can attempt to, but realistically cannot dominate all phases of the game... as much as we like to think we can sometimes..

Tonight, I would like to share army ideas that focus almost entirely on one phase...

First we have the Blood Angels.

225 points buys us a 10 Assault Squad with 2 Meltaguns and a Power Weapon on our sergeant.

We'll take 6 thanks.


Yup, lol.

Mephiston - special character? check. Keep pace? Check. Combat beast....check.

FNP? Yes please.

2 Priests with Lightning Claws and Jump Packs...@ 90 each..

umm...thats the army.

60 FNP assault marines with priest support and Mephiston.

Which phase do they dominate? Movement. On the tabletop the sheer amount of space these guys take up, combined with their actual movement speed plus running allows for a very swift army. Run into cover and just accept you are going to roll a couple of 1's in the game? OK, so now the boys have cover too...remember only half the army (perhaps less) will require dodgy terrain rolls in order to generate cover for other units...

The secondary phase? Shooting? No, assault. Furious Charge plus 31 attacks per unit on the charge with the ability to multi-charge and extra power weapons from Priests and of course Mephiston could make this phase really quite fun.. Higher initiative than most troops and FNP combining to reduce the amount of wounds taken by you...

Can Dark Eldar dominate movement better? Yes. Did I think of that before I wrote this? No. Will I do a post on that? Probably...

Next phase to dominate?  Next army... well, we know I've been working on Grey Knights so...

Corteaz (have you guessed where the blog post title came from yet?)
Venerable Dreadnaught - 2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolts
Venerable Dreadnaught - 2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolts 
Venerable Dreadnaught - 2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolts 
3 x Warrior Acolytes - Chimera - HHF 
3 x Warrior Acolytes - Chimera - HHF 
3 x Warrior Acolytes - Chimera - HHF 
3 x Warrior Acolytes - Chimera - HHF 
3 x Warrior Acolytes - Chimera - HHF 
3 x Warrior Acolytes - Chimera - HHF 
Dreadnaught - 2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolts
Dreadnaught - 2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolts
Dreadnaught - 2 x TL Autocannon, Psybolts
Storm Raven - Psybolts, TL AssCannon, Typhoon Missile Launcher


Have you guessed yet which phase these bastards dominate? 

I love this. 

It's bastard-well dangerous (old 'Game On' reference for anyone over 25...and from the UK....and who used to watch Game On....and who remembers it... ). 

It is also so unbelievably boring...I had to throw in the Storm Raven just because I wanted something other than Chimera's and Dreadnaughts! 

The Dreads would hang out behind the Chimera wall and the Raven would move 6" and just unleash itself on 2 targets...TML at one with PotMA and Psycannon on another..if not in range of the Psycannon? Remember as a Fast Skimmer it'd move 12" and fire the TML and Psycannon with PotMS... giving the TL Relentless Psycannon a 36" range... 

I could run this easily...i'd just have to buy one of those bloody flying metal boxes... I do fancy running 3 of them... 

I actually really enjoy both of these armies, although I think the boredom could set in with the GK one pretty sharpish... plus...I can just see the looks from other bloggers at Blog Wars and in particular BroLo if this boring wanker list were to show up....hmmmm.....I must just do it! 


  1. Double Hard bastard ... with agoraphobia.

    Actually like all the lists lol. I thought for half a sec with the BA's you were going to take Sang - he turns 1 unit into basically a Captain with 11 wounds and 30 odd attacks.

    That Coteaz list is disgusting - and I can use my storm rav.... wait its for you right? Yeah I might be ordering a few chimera's lol! (actually was thinking of how I want to make my deathcult assassins - fucked if I am using theirs - might have to ask the master converted Andy for some advice!). Not much to say on that list - I'd maybe drop a chimera and add some more dudes for that (melta gun bods - just because - er - why not? or joks shooting out the top lol can get 3 for the price of one squad? pop em in 3 diff chimera's?.

    Right - wheres my order button!

  2. Actually wondering if that 2nd list would work just as well with Razors? 50 points vs 55 - BS4 twin linked + pilot!

    Seriously might try that list AFTER blog wars.

  3. Boring Wanker... it's like that is it...

  4. I dunno, that BA army looks kinda... bad. Eldar Skimmers? Gonna mess you up. Monstrous Creatures? Likewise. Good mech list? Also likewise. IG will shred you pretty badly, as you just can't affect them in the early game where they will pound you to pieces with their big guns.

    The GK list is pretty bad. Chimeras aren't firepower. You have a ton of S8 tank-killers, but no actual way to hurt MEQs. Your troops are absurdly fragile and side armor 10 means it won't be hard to shut them down.

    Both lists could be majorly improved with some basic adjustments, I think. Gimmicks are fun, but...

  5. @, you know it isn't ha ha!
    @puppy...this is just it pup, both are fun gimmicks...not really meant for play, more an explorative exercise. Dealing with meqs on list two however, id argue the combined firepower on the army, wounding on 2+ will force enough deaths on small msu forces having been forcibly ejected turn1 and forced to foot slog
    The slow nature of foot slogging means you could focus on a couple of units per turn....I'm not seriously putting it forward, just playing with ideas...

  6. Actually that BA list wouldn't be hard to make half decent - drop 2 squads roughly and pick up 3 dev squads. 45 FNP marines and 12 missile launchers to support them - obviously the libby would be better (and would give more marines) but its a concept for blog wars after all.

    Actually doing that I realised your points were over - not by 90 (1 priest). So would have to be:


    4xSquads w/ PF 2xMG
    3xDevs w/ 4xML
    2xPriests 1xLC

    Thats 1745.

  7. Points were 30 under limit bro, 6*215,+250,180 - 1720. .you misread, no fists..power weapons, although 3 could be fists and still be 1750.

    Yeah devs make it a more "realistic" army, more effective indeed...

  8. Scrap that last. was 30 points over.

  9. 6x225 for the PW double MG - which is over (1780 in total on that list).

    Maths retard laying the smack down on a teacher! Summer school for you son! :D

  10. Self corrected far faster bitch...

  11. Lol - but I was right in the first place ;D

    Any way .. back to stabbing myself with an xacto blade - nearly finished the squad.