Monday, 18 April 2011

WIP Grey Knights - Kroot Jokaero and primed IC's

No Atreides today, he is on holiday...


In his place we have some promised WIP's on the Grey Knight division/detachment of the Blood Hunters project...

I can't resist throwing in pics of this dude, he is epic.

 The base too is gorgeous and will provide a fantastic mount for the Librarian to sit on.

The ruins are wonderfully detailed and I am seriously thinking about whopping the whole army on this sort of base!

Whilst this would defeat this armies purpose (i.e. providing me with variety in playing forces at a cheap price), it would make it stand out so so much on the tabletop...definately the terminators...

SO pleased I have got Lugft Huron into this army....everytime I see this claw I just fall in love with the sculpt over again...

All the resin models got a really good scrub in warm soapy water to get rid of any release agent...

I am told its not good for the models...well, the paint anyway... but after a scrub, these guys have their grey primer on worries here at all..

 Just a quick shot of the Psycannon wielders for the Blood Hunters.. all the psycannons on PAGK are this way to fit in with the aesthetic of the army they wear unused Sanguinary Death represent um...nothing, fuck it they look good.

Large claiber, heavy rate of fire, bolt-based weaponry..check. Fuck off, WYSIWYG Nazi's...
 And the teaser, the hook that brought you in....

Kroot Jokaero...

No, I am not paying for a one pose, metal model. No, I don't care if it is a space monkey with laser beams coming out of its fingers..
 Take one Tau Seeker Missile holder from the Skyray kit. Add some Tau beacony-thing to it, lop off the Kroot rifle arm and still this fucker on half way.

Job done.

No, this is not my idea. Yes, I googled "Jokaero Counts As" and look what comes up...cheers to the dude on Dakka Dakka who thought this might be a good idea..

I have so many Kroot lying around spare from my Tau army...

Fits quite snugly no?

What's that you say? It's very big?

All the better to fuck you up with my dear.
 Cheeky little list to go with this?

Coteaz, Sanc,DEx
Librarian WR,Shr, Qui, Might 2 x Skulls
Terminators x 6 Halberds, Cannon
2 x 10 SS Cannons (1 x MCNDH Justicar, 1 x Halberd Justicar)
2 x Psybacks
2 x Warbands - each with 2 x Jokaero, 3 x Acolyte, Rhinos
2 x Psyflemen Dread

1750....for a certain Blog Wars tournament perhaps?

Yeah, I have lots of bits so I made 4 just to try them out...

No, I am not painting them orange like a chuffing monkey.



    I know you already have your Jokaero's but that would make a nice alternative to the GW model.

    btw that Scibor model is awesome!

  2. "What's that you say? It's very big?
    All the better to fuck you up with my dear. "

    I lol'd :)

  3. Glad you liked it! lol.. Saw the Red Riding Hood film the other day with the wifey and obviously its dug in..crap film btw.

  4. I am with you on the henchmen - the old ones are severely outdated and limited (the fact they've got them repainted etc.. in the new codex suggests they wont remake/re-release them etc..) and the jokero as a new onse suck monkey balls.

    I am doing a "deathstar" DCA / Crusaders unit (they are badass, seriously!) but I am going to convert up either ninja's (because, they are ...) or something like "temple guard" using some warhammer stuff (suitably sized I think) thinking sort of some winged elves sized models - might actually use the dark eldar wyches now I come to think of it - just sub in some not so evil looking parts. Hmm.

    Anyway - that libby looks totally bad ass. I am with you on the bases - I call shot gun on the "demonic/hell" bases though!