Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Grand Master?

So I’ve pretty much skipped this guy in favour of Librarians and Inquisitors in my GK list building and playtesting.

I’ve been working on ideas for the Blog Wars event (linked on the left..you see the big BLOG WARS image…hit it) and have created lists and playtested for almost all characters…except for Grand Masters..

I just don’t want to run Draigo and Mordrak I don’t like due to lack of shooty options…essentially, I just think regular Grand Masters are better…

So I created a blog wars compliant list (must have a model with a ‘unique’ suffix or what have you) with a bog standard GM and I am really happy with it.

I wanted bodies, so I stood by my standard 6 -7 Terminators and 2 full Strike Squads as my core troops, with more usually being added.

Then I stopped as I really don’t need to buy more troops…I’ll just use Grand Strategy in objective missions…

Pair of dual autocannon dreads with psybolts as I need the long range firepower..

Then the ‘unique’ model… Vindicare Assassin. Turbopenetrator and Shield Breaker for the win… Great long range support and perfect answer to removing problem enemy models… plus unique and full of character/flavour.

Bit soft and squishy though..Stealth and a good infiltrate position should help here..

For the last two elements I wanted bodies and more firepower, but diverse firepower, I through in Purifiers in a rhino with a pair of Cannons and I throw in Purgation squad with 4 Incinerators..

At a push, any of these elements can be made scoring…the dreads with long range support and cover + fortitude are tough to crack, Purifiers as troops are great (without Crowe tax) and the Purgation squad coud make a great midfield or enemy objective grabber, sweeping in and cleansing the area with the Emperor’s Holy fire.

In Kill Point missions I can scout move the 2 full Strike Squads into midfield and the Rhino’s job is done in part..I feel it is quite likely (66%) to get at least 2 units to benefit from Grand Strategy, with the third either being the Purgation squad or Purifiers for fire support (in both cases, enemy army dependent as the situation dictates)

So the army would be:
“The Emperor’s Will be Done”

Grand Master – Psycannon, 2 x Servo Skulls, Halberd, Rad
5 Terminators – Psycannon, Halberds
Strike Squad – 2 x Psycannon, Psybolts, Rhino
Strike Squad – 2 x Psycannon, Rhino
5 x Purifiers – 2 x Psycannon, Rhino
5 x Purgators – 4 x Incinerators, Rhino
Psyfleman Dread
Psyfleman Dread
Vindicare Assassin….

1750 on the dot.

What do you think guys? Just a quick one from me today…I’ve built and primed the Purgation squad today too…I’ll show y’all hot to do them tomorrow..


  1. I really like this list, its got a bit of flavour but it looks effective.

    The vindicare was something I was reading last night having not really had a look at him properly, he's pretty damn good, being able to snipe big threats (null zone libbies, 3++/4++ invuln's off big characters etc...) which is pretty dirty when you have an army full off ... force weapons!

    That purgatration squad is really nice, I think incinerators are amazing, just slightly overlooked/shadowed by their brother cannon, 4 s6 templates is going to hurt any unit in the game.

    I am still stuck between Draigo, a verstaile GM or a libby (I love the idea of paladins bursting out of a land raider with a libby, dropping warp of loltemplate, holocaust and a incinerator on a unit, then mopping them up in combat afterwards). I am going to try and get a playtest in tomorrow afternoon with some various options myself.

    Still, Draigo, Mordrak and some Ghost termies, dropping in cover (3++ hihi!) and then assaulting the crap out of everything is not appealing? It is like 4 billion points though.

  2. Psyflemen! Is there anything that the internet won't try and make into a word?

    Looks good mate. I've played a few games against GK so far. They're pretty nasty but certainly not unbeatable as everyone seems to think.

  3. @Bully - are those boys 'bursting out' of a land raider becuase its been exploded in your deployment zone lol!
    I know against quite alot of armies they have very little to stop a raider early or at range, but most armies have a counter to it...

    @FromtheFang - don't blame me for 'Psyflemen' that's Kirby from 3++ that coined that one! They are most definately no unbeatable, I tried this list out yesterday and it worked really nicely..but then I played against my non-comped (no SC) GK's (Kabalite took control) and I used my Dark Eldar...it was a loss to the DE, but I haven't played them in a while and I can see multiple ways of playing that over far better with more practice!

    I think that people need to remember they are just marines...

  4. I have to say I don't see myself doing a GK army any time soon Ven. I really expected myself to fall in love with the codex, but I really find myself forcing the issue - about the only stuff I like isn't all that effective. Its probably for the best - though I do have like 300 quids worth of pre-order stuff behind me lol - think I might trade/ebay (ssh Atreides, I do impulse buy I know!).

    The sort of list I want to do with GK's is much more effective (imo) with BA or BT.

    Hopefully GW doesn't spoil Sisters for me!