Saturday, 16 April 2011

WIP Grey Knight Librarian, Inquisitor and Halberd Terminators

 Here is the first in a short series of WIP's over the next week showing the creation of the Grey Knight/Psyker Militant Division of the Blood Hunters (my multi-chapter army)...

Here you can see the 6 Halberd Terminators (with obligatory Psycannon) and the leaders of the MP Division of the Blood Hunters, namely Librarian Ragnatious and Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Ravenor ( 'incident' and in a previous unreaveled story line lol)

 A closer view of Librarian Ragnatious.

An immense figure of a man even by marine standards, Ragnatious was recruited from the barbaric home world of the Blood Hunters, their chief Huntsman (recruiter of new blood for the chapter) interceding just hours before the arrival of the Black Ships...Ragnatious being saved from the Emperor's psyker tithe (it is likely that Ragnatious would have been recruited straight from the ships by Chapter 666, but the Huntsman leave nothing to chance).

Yeah, whatever. Ragnatious is from Scibor Miniatures in Poland found here and is a fantastic sculpt. It cost about £28 all told to get it to me in the UK...a price I gladly paid.
 We all recognise Ravenor right? Commonly known as Lugft Huron...

It was a great model and I couldn't wait to get my hands on him at Games Day last year...I'm just glad I now have a role for him to play in my army...

It was a simply swap to change out the heavy flamer to the psycannon..

The flamer being saved to go towards the Vulkan conversion I have planned to create the Vanilla SM detachment of the Blood Hunters...

The new GKT kit is great to use and is gorgeously detailed, although for my money, the Death Company kit is still the greatest, sexiest plastic dude men kit out there...

The boys are all with Halberds, this proved the only challenge as I wanted simple, yet dynamic poses with 2 handed Halberds being swung left and right..the kit here is limited as it only has a couple of paired arms that allow a result a couple of the guys have awkward hand positions in order to facilitate 2 handed positions....

 Hope you've enjoyed a quick look at the Militant Psyker division of the Blood Hunters... next step, priming and base coats...grey prime, watered down white to match up the 'Blanche Marines', but these boys will be inverted, with white as the dominant colour.

Current 1750 list, testing out the Purgation squad in place of the Techmarine: 

OM Inquisitor Ravenor: TDA, Psycannon, 3 x Servo Skulls
Librarian Ragnatious – Halberd, Shrouding, Sanctuary, Warp Rift
3 x 10 GKSS, 2 Cannons, Razorback – HB, Psybolts
6 x Terminators, Cannon, all Halberds
Purgation Squad - 4 x Incinerators Razorback - HB, Psybolts
Psyfleman Dread – 2 x TL Autocannons, Psybolts
Psyfleman Dread

More to come.


  1. Loving it ven.

    Scibor make some insane stuff, I am ordering a ton of their bases for my paladins today. Their "terminator" models look so imposing, the celtic (space wolves really ...) and Spartan/Egyptian ones are amazing as well. Think I might have to get a couple just to paint.

    I am also doing some WIP stuff this weekend because I am on call, my post on weds will finish off my Deathwing and show some of the progress on my test, thats right ... TEST land raider! (and rhino!) also building a storm raven to paint at some stage.

    I still really like that blance marine style painting. I did a few models using that technique and you can get a really really nice blend/highlight going up through various stages of bone to white.

  2. TEST Land, too much time and money on your hands there man! Mind you..I just gave Steve/BOD a spare Raider Redeemer that'll never get used...amazing what shit you build up over time.

    Scibor bases, definately something I am looking at for terminators in both the BT and GK detachments...will just add that extra something to the units as a focus for the army..

  3. Yeah - I am loving the demon world ones - fit my scheme perfectly (fire rising up from the base, both my "chapters" are demon/fallen hunters etc..)

    I'll email over a couple of test photo's after lunch as well ven to have a ganders. I am pretty pleased with it - so the test raider will get used / finished in fairness. Just will do the scheme fully on the forgeworld parts raider.

    Just need to assemble the SR (just assembled my blood talon dread), fun list ho!

  4. Ha ha...great stuff. Can't wait to see them mate, I'm goign to spend some time today priming the guys, and working out my Dark Eldar paint scheme..the entire army is built and primed at 1750, just need to figure out colours... I wish I could focus on one project at a time lol!

  5. Yeah!

    I think you need to do something in a completely different pallet to your BH's and SW's - I'd either go for a green (dark green / crazy highlighting) or a blue. I'd avoid whites/creams/reds of any sorts and just dont even bother with grey ;D

    Or purple - I find it a hard colour to use (hense why I use it for my cloaks lol), but I think it looks great, and I've not seen anyone use it for DE yet.

  6. green and purple have been on my mind for ages! Green Goblin FTW! Suits perfectly as I am running 2 large squads of Hellions and Baron...

  7. Definitely, I think for DE they are perfect contrast/complimentary colours. Goblin is great, with scorp green extreme highlights - purple coming up to a near pink - will "pop" for lack of a better word!

  8. I was referring to the actual Green Goblin...I'm thinking actual scorpion green as base!!! That'll be loud!!

  9. Scorp with a yellow highlight looks amazing, it really does.

    Emailed over the photo's of the models now btw.

  10. Cool, thanks for the idea..I'll test it out tomorrow...

    And I'll check out your photos now...