Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dreadknight - what a pair of legs!

So yeah, yesterday I showed you guys a foot.  It belonged to my first attempt at building some large robotic legs for my Dreadknight.  In todays very brief post, i'll show you the rest of the legs. Click on the pics for high res versions.

with a guardsman for scale
and from the front...
These are entirely scratchbuilt, and the feet are not entirely finished, but overall I am really pleased with the result.  They look realistic and dynamic, and I hope they avoid the feeling of a lack of detail that plasticard sometimes gives you. 

I would have built more but for one issue.  I have no idea how many arms they are supposed to have!  the leaked codex states that the Dreadknight may take up to two guns, but it does not say whether these replace the close combat arms or not.  I cant build the torso without knowing the number of arms and I clearly I cant find that out till the cdex is officially previewed.  All in all, pretty annoying. 

What do you guys think of them?


  1. Really liking it Andy - looking forward to the take on the pilot for it.

    I must say these guys are going to be huge - thought of a Adeptus Mechanicum army? That would be freaking cool and I could see GK's as absolutely PERFECT for that - everything with pys powers? Sounds like machine spirit to me.

  2. funnily enough, i was considering it today. honestly though, i think i prefer my original idea, the Desert Lions thing just appeals to me :)

  3. Yeah I think that's cool as well - and certainly unique bow on top of a already pretty unique box.

    I am a sucker for that genre of the game any way so looking forward to facing it on the table (not so looking forward to the games then being stalled due to people pandering over your models! lol - guess I'll have to do my Tier 1 painting to match up :D!)

  4. Aye... that's a biiiig bitch!

    Great set of pins though! ;)

  5. Andy are you down @ Ken GW tomorrow?