Saturday, 26 February 2011

UK40kGT Army Ideas: 1750 Dark Eldar

Or I could go Dark Eldar?

I know. I’m fickle.

But it would save me from having to take IG or SW! Be good to try and give the new kids a damn good showing.

But how would I run it? Check out the first ideas I had here.

I’ll continue that theme with Baron, Hellions, Ravager support.

Trueborn x 4, 3 Blasters, Venom – Dual Cannons
Trueborn x 4, 3 Blasters, Venom – Dual Cannons
Trueborn x 3, 3 Blasters, Venom – Dual Cannons
Hellions x 15 (Baron goes here)
Hellions x 12
Wracks x5, Liquefier, Venom – Dual Cannons
Wracks x5, Liquefier, Venom – Dual Cannons
Warriors x 5, Blaster, Raider – Lance
Ravager – 3 Lances
Ravager – 3 Lances
Ravager – 3 Lances

Anti Tank:
We have 9 threat vectors across 21 anti tank weapons.
10 if you count 5 S6 attacks on the charge from the Baron.
12 if we get a good result on the Combat Drugs roll.

Hellions are S4, if we get a bonus pain token we can do a lot more. To be honest, the ideal result if a 3.

This is extra Strength, making our guys S5. Across 45 attacks multicharging vehicles…well I’l take that…you better be always moving IG or you’re scrap metal.

This also potentially reduces the incoming fire. Take any IG army with Autocannons on embarked troops… gone now as you’ll be moving to reduce the attacks hitting you. (P.S. This idea of autocannons on Vets is NOT a SoS exclusive!! This is not just something we three IG players do…I’ve seen it across so many different sites and at tournaments in the UK)…it also reduces plasma range if we keep them moving.

So with our vastly reduced threat vectors at range when compared to IG, we need to focus fire on an element of the opposing army.

We can achieve that through utilising our speed. Most of the army can move at 12” and use its firepower.

Whilst the blasters from the Trueborn are wicked, they do only have a 24-33” range. If the guys can disembark into cover then all the better and we can use the blasters 18” range after the guys have moved 12” and disembarked.

If not then our long range anti tank is reduced to 5 threat vectors. Not great at all. Poor in fact.

Anti Infantry:

Loads. 118 poison shots.
32 from the Barons squad alone with a range of 30” from move and shoot.

In combat the Hellions have 3 attacks each on the charge…with a charge range of 19-24” there is no reason to assume they will not get that charge. The guys will slaughter most things in close combat.

I wonder though how they may end up vs Rocks. TH/SS Termies? Before we get to that though I need to explain a couple of Pain token ideas

Power from Pain:

We have a Haemo and 2 units of Wracks. That’s 3 pain tokens on the board. We may hit up a 6 on the combat drugs which means all 3 Hellion squads have FNP.

But we can’t plan for that. We can plan for some token manipulation.

One squad of wracks start on the board with the Baron attached.
The 15-man Hellion squad starts just ahead of the Wracks with the Haemo attached.
Turn 1: The Haemo walks away from the Hellion unit, leaving his token. He doesn’t join the Wracks straight away but gets into cover or out of LOS. He’s pretty much irrelevant now. The Hellions then move away…this happens simultaneously as the Haemo, but the Hellions leave a trail of a couple of guys so the Baron can leave the Wracks, taking their pain token with him, joining the Hellions…who now hav 2 pain tokens…FNP and Furiuos Charge….S5 on the charge now, whether or not we roll a 6 or a 3 on the Combat Drugs…even making a roll of 4 damn useful! 60 S5 attacks? Ok…

Vs Rocks?
Hmm… Hellions shooting then charging? 32*0.66*0.5*0.133*0.5….equals not many! I assume here it is the Barons squad shooting at 5 termies wih FNP.
Dead? A whopping 0.7 so we round up and take 1 dead termie!
Without FNP…1.4 so 1 still!

Hellions charging with FC? What about CDrugs? Lets go first with +1S. So S6 Hellions… Jesus. 1.1 dead termies.
+1A? 1.2 dead termies.

Ok. Fuck this. Avoid Terminators! Shoot them they are pissing slow!

Monstrous creatures and tough stuff? Shoot it! Poison is awesome. Realistically I can do about 12 wounds after 3+ save vs monstrous creatures.

The negative side of poison is of course that whilst the saves decrease and our poison wounds increase versus lighter armoured foes, we’ll still be doing similar wounds. So CC is the way versus light infantry.

So what do I need to finish this? 7 Hellions, Baron, Wracks, 4/5 trueborn more..

Cheap online…thinking ghouls from WFB and warriors together to create Wracks, using Dire Avenger bodies with warrior legs and other bits for Trueborn (I’ve run out of old Incubi with shredders or blasters!)

What do you guys think? 


  1. I like the list, I have to say this is one of the things that worry me vs my Dark Angels - mass spam shots - 112, yikes. I'd been relying on collateral damage from (hopefully) blowing up the AV10 etc.. :/

    As for moving to DE - its one of those things I think you need to make the decision sharpish. I think the list is strong, and you can do v.well with it, and it seems that its not so much you cant decide on SW or IG, it seems more like that you feel you need to take 1 of them to be competitive, eliminating a bit of the fun (outside of winning)?

    For the conversion idea's I like them. The ghouls will be a great base for the wrack's I think, and wont require much work, but could be very striking - and potential to get a bit crazier with them as well if you want to go a bit further.

    Trueborn is a tougher one, dire avengers would be a good base - especially because they are plastic, its a shame there isn't a plastic incubi kit as I think their helms would be a bit more suitable - but the DA bodies which come in a bit larger should mark the trueborn out nicely, and with a small paint job difference would be more that suitable.

  2. Trueborn would get the helmted heads from the Warrior box sets. plus trophies from Hellion kit. So legs will be the only difference! should be pretty accurate.

    Wracks will be simple that way.

    Astute observation mate...I do feel conflicted re winning or taking something fun but still competitive. This way, I can take something that fills the second category.

    They are almost all built and basecoated/washed now so its only the final touches to be tourney-ready...

  3. I really like the list myself dropping the incubi was a good shout as although they are nails they dont really fit the rest of the army. This list is now scary good at medium range but can stay away from things until you want to hit it. As long as you can pop armour of opposing mech then this list should do well imho. You saw how it could deal with your hybrid wolves and that was with me rolling the dice!! lol.

    I say take it but I'm not exactly a tournament expert...

  4. If you ever make it to Warhammer world and want to trail this list against wolves I would be happy to meet up for a game.

  5. Hi mate, that sounds good to me, but its a good couple of hours away. Maybe we should organise a few guys from my way and few from yours and have a little round robin tourney? Claws N Fists Vs SoS? lol.
    Just book 3/4 tables and go for it one Saturday or Sunday?

  6. I'm sure that is doable, just let us know the time and the place.

  7. Care to include FromTheFang in that too? Be interested to try my wolves against your DE since I rarely get to play them (that and I'm considering DE myself).

  8. wait, where did the venoms come from? we have to see these!

  9. Sounds like a Blog-Wars weekender is on the cards! ;)

  10. @atreides... plasticard baby! where else! I'll post it up this week...or may schedule it for next week when I am in Africa...

    Blog Wars is on! Its a wicked idea but may not happen til April.. let's aim for then? Mid to late april?

  11. April = Brighton warlords and ETC for me :( May is better :) middle of may :)

  12. hmm...have to think about this one! Contact up some other UK bloggers too and see what we can do...

  13. If the timing is good I'll be able to make it!

    Also - does anyone know a good magnet place in the uk? I just looked and I am like 4 magnets short of being able to do the full 20 arms and I dont really want to start ripping them off my tanks lol.

    (Have to say the DW army looks quite scary now with all the arms actually attached, alot more intimidating!)

  14. E-magnets UK are Sheffield based and that's where I get mine from.

    With regard to blog wars I think we should set up something. I'll post some ideas up on my blog soon

  15. Wicked. I think it is a great idea... would go a long way to really bringing the community together, be a great bit of publicity for all blogs involved...well, I mean we'd all have subject matter for a while lol.
    Invite a load of UK bloggers and away we go...


    Blog wars is alive! Spread the word!