Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ven’s Dark Eldar…investment time?

So I posted here a list that built out to 1500 just based off what I currently own...all being 3rd ed. Models except the Hellions which are the gorgeous current figures.

I’ve been looking at the ‘dex since the pre-order hit and I’ve been taking my time thinking things through, but I can’t move myself away from the awesome Hellion models.

They are gorgeous and I am determined to build a semi-competitive army around them…

So my thoughts so far?

Baron – unlocks the Hellions, adds to the ‘go first’ roll, is S6 (!!) in close combat (custom board plus Hellglaive – useful versus vehicles…bear in mind with overall list), gives stealth to his unit, 2++ save…not bad for 105 points…

Trueborn – 3 dudes, 2 blasters for midfield anti tank and 3rd with a splinter cannon; duality and support of Venom which they ride in with 2 SCannons…giving up to 18 4+ poison shots a turn…has a flickerfield in built, not bad for 131.

4 x 7 Hellions with a Helliarch and Agoniser. I would ideally like a much larger group for the Baron to join, but at 1500 I think I need a few more viable threat vectors…read on…

Now for controversy, 3 units of 5 Scourges. Shit off. Scourges? Yes sir. Armed with 2 Haywire Launchers each. Shit off. No really. (What is this Strictly Average.?..where did the Not Ven come from? Lol)

Let me explain. They only cost 130 in this setup. They have a 36” effective range due to 12” jump inf move and the 24” range of the Haywire Launcher (HL from here on).
The HL hits on 3+ and on a 2+ does something useful to a tank.

I want them to suppress main battle tanks, not transports (unless it has a good complement of firepower, such as Chimera Vets like mine, or Razorbacks. In which case, they count as viable targets too). So in order to do this, they need to glance and suppress…this is done on a 1,2,3,4 or 5 to a degree on a D6. This gives an 83% chance of achieving their goal once they’ve hit.

The math? 2 shots, hitting 66% of time, glancing usefully 83% of the time?
No cover = 1 useful result
Cover? 50% chance…pretty damn good for closing down Autolas Preds, Russes, Dreads, Grav tanks etc…

Vs troops, they have 3 shardcarbines and the HL’s work too…working in concert together, they can put out good firepower…

Finally finishing the list with  the classic triple Ravager with triple Dark Lances…moving at cruising speed and still firing everything, protecting themselves from assault and being able to redeploy throughout the game at will.
Ideally, I’d like flickerfields on these, but I can’t fit them in..

I think I need to get my local club to play 1750…

So, thoughts guys and girls?
8 viable anti-tank threat vectors per turn.
Plenty of anti-horde with splinter pods and assault combo’s.
If I get the extra pain token or +1 S combat drug my hellions can become anti-tank guys once they’ve wiped a unit…
Remember guys, follow SoS to follow the progress of this list and gain insight into more DEldar tactics and lists as we get better with them! 


  1. I was a bit like you when I read the scouges/haywire entry, I think they have some serious value in a mech heavy enviorment. I mean at worst they should be stunlocking some return fire against fragile AV10 open top's, can that be a bad thing?

    Hellions are the only question mark in my mind as I am yet to see them on the table. They seem pretty nasty, but how do you plan to use them with the list, sneak up on that 2++ and lynch a unit or two? Anything going to come and support in CC with them?

    I am feeling you about 1750 though, while I dont mind 1500, you always get that sense that your just "missing out" a bit at 1500 over 1750, not as many chances to max FOC's (unless you play super cheap guard *ahem*) or the "toys" that become viable at 1750 (or at least some what more viable).

    For myself, my tester DE will be going down the cheap and cheerful route of raider spam w/ plenty of small groups of trueborn + warriors blaster/darklances - and maybe throw in some beast master love in there.

  2. I don't think it can...but the question is what am I giving up...I'll have a proper look Monday night at that as I build the rest of the Hellions...

    I think the Hellions seem very fragile, but fast and more than capable in combat vs the more typical 5-6 meq's or a IG squad...the splinter pods then assault should be good for that.

    The CC support only comes from other Hellions.

    I'm trying to put together a local club that doesn't play at G "fail" W...with just 2 games tables...shit, I have 4 full size gaming tables set up now in my garage!
    I think the club will be playing 1750 standard!!

    I know the 'typical' Raider spam with Venom Trueborn support plus mobile cover from Beastmaster unit will be very strong...I just want something different and a little less 'power gamer' than my IG for local pick up play...

  3. i've been thinking about this, and i just cant seem to view hellions as a serious threat to a fully meched up force.

    really loving the use of scourges though, i think they are very underated. the problem of course (as usual), is that they are exceptionally fragile

  4. I've got to be honest...I've been dying to do a fluffy army...and I just can't stick to it.
    I keep wanting to change them out for more conventional choices...and then the cost of the army rises even further... for models that have not even come out yet/got a model for...
    I'm only 2 squads away from finishing my Sanguinary guard I think I may put DE on the back burner... <:0