Sunday, 23 January 2011

Imperial Robot

Hi everyone,

Just a short one from me today, to show you my latest creation (or at least the one I just finished painting at last).  This is something I literally built on a whim, an Imperial Robot.  Now, I am quite aware that robots were 'removed' from 40k at the start of 2nd edition many many years ago, but I've always liked the idea of a walking metal incarnation of the machine spirit, so I built one.  It counts as a weapons team (hence the autocannon and lasgun armament) but could easily be used as a sentinel as well.  I'm also planning on building some more and am working on some rules for units of them for Apocalypse.

Most of the pieces are 40k components with a few bits of plasticard here and there.  I think it contains around 65-70 individual pieces.  I am especially pleased with the paint job as well.  I don't pride myself on being a great painter, but the green lights really look like they are glossy without me using any varnish and the purity seal and skull really stand out.

Below are a few shots from other angles.

Finally, here it is striding alongside an infantry squad.  I picked some of the most disparate infantry models in my collection but i still think it looks pretty cool as a unified squad.

Please let me know what you think.  Suggestions for parts for other robots (esp legs) and rules ideas would be awesome.


  1. How awesomely random... love it!

  2. They are - and really no one should complain one bit about "there are no robots" because they are the complete opposite of "modeling for advantage" et al ... you can see these buggers from across the field pretending to march towards yah!.

    I like the paint job on them; I was thinking you may go down the chimera/tank route with them but actually they are far more striking with your red theme.

    Andy; you may be pleased to know that I've actually got the magnets now and got the first pred sponsons done - and working on that third baal turret to correct my idiot modelling mistake (glue before thinking :/). So no more imaginary LOS needed lol!

  3. good use of smoke launchers for feet. i am going to guess that the legs themselves are largely plasticard with leman russ/chimera tread extra armor. also just spotted the defiler close combat whip weapon on the back, only several parts i don't know about where they come from but all in all "would borrow this idea/10"

    1. wow, this is true comment necromancy. on the off chance you ever see this, actually, the legs are from the door guns on the Valkyrie. take a look at some later posts of the whole army to see the second robot i built, which i feel is far superior :)

    2. note: fairly sure i am "unknown" as i often write "xyz/10". lol. that moment you realise you have seen something before.

      didn't notice they were from the Valkyrie. very interesting. building a "poor mans titan legion" with dark mechanicus these will make for interesting dread/sentinel sized droids.