Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Thunderwolves HOOOO!

Thunder, Thunder...Thunder WOLVES HO!

I've done it.

I've ordered a pair of Battle Wolves from Mr Dandy.

I am a bit tentative about the shipping time and quality so I only ordered 2 of them.
I did get some clarification from Alex Harrison from Space Wolves Grey whilst on Warseer who states the quality of these figures to be "awesome sauce"...

This does mean that they need to be fitted into a list somehow though. I did run an all cavalry list for fun, but I am growing more and more into the idea of using them in a support role/counter charge role.

They do not fit into my Loganwing, but they do in a regular mechanised Wolves list.

Both Chumbalaya and Stelek have been using single model units and I am looking to playtest this concept for a couple of weeks* as they are shipped from the States to sunny Cambridge...

Only £35...a bargain.

I'm excited. I hate the internet sometimes...only this morning did my SW Venerable Dread from Forgeworld arrive... I'm so fickle!

*Whilst I'm on summer holidays from teaching this results in a large amount of playtesting. In fact, I play test the shit out of stuff! 

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  1. TWC are awesome in any army, particularly Loganwing. The solos work nicely, as do larger units. It all depends on what you need them for.