Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mismatched? Or just terrible, poorly thought out performance?

I got beaten again last night.

Pounded in fact.



I was massively frustrated and re-set the game twice, so we played a 3 turn game, a 2 turn game then a one turner where I just stopped…

Have you ever watched the sea crash against the cliffs?

And the cliffs don’t appear to move, yet the sea breaks upon it and loses its energy, having to reform and come against the cliff once more…

I felt this way.

Except my cliffs, were well…a hybrid Eldar list designed to kill Space Wolves when the SW ‘Dex first came out.

I know, ok. Hybrid Eldar?
Dark Reapers w Tempest Launcher-Crack shot exarch…
Fire Prism
Banshees FFS! We all know what the internet thinks of those wasters…

It shouldn’t be a problem for the Loganwing (see bottom of post for list) right?

Except it really is.

The Reapers could reliably take out one of my squads (bar the terminator w CML) per turn.

The Pathfinders, who don’t often do that much, reaped a terrible toll on my 5 man troop units.

And it doesn’t matter if you can insta-kill T3 models if they have a 2+ cover save.

Nor if the Reapers are fortuned and in cover. Damn that 75% chance to save felt like 100%!!

Cover saves and fortune. Ah.

I thought I had my target priority right – take out the 3 grav tanks then focus on the other stuff..

But I should focus solely on the Reapers and the Pathfinders – remove them with the weight of the entire army and then the things that remain can only do minimal damage….

Even Warp Spiders! They are quick enough to get into range vs a Foot army and then pump out enough S6 shots (especially when guided) to kill off (or force a fall back) my little 5 man squads…

Now, here’s the thing. The Hybrid Eldar list played last night would be ripped apart by my Mech BA.

Not a problem.

The games of 40k over the past week have reminded me why Mech is so, so, so superior in the current climate of the game.

Not that I’d forgotten or needed reminding, but when you’ve been playing an elite, specialised Foot force for a while…

There was an EML and a Fire Prism and that is it….that all that can harm my Mech BA. Oh and a singing spear from Eldrad…

But this is not the issue.

The issue is, is this simply a bad match up for the Loganwing?

I know it is designed to kill Wolves, and I can think of a dozen ways in the SW codex to beat this army into the ground….but then I fall into the trap of tailoring.

I need to know if the Loganwing can beat all comers?

But if I took the Wolves to a tournament…notably the UK GT…what am I going to face?

The universal opinion is that MechDar is the mono-build tournament army for Eldar.

I’d face Mech Vet Guard.
I’d face Mech Wolves (GH in rhinos w Rune Priests, LFs and TWC)
I’d face mech BA or Jumper BA, maybe Sang Guard
I’d face Battlewagon Orks
I’d face Nids w Tyrants, Hive Guard, Tervigons etc…
Dark Eldar Raider spam
Mech sisters.

So, what is the lesson to be learnt here? Don’t change the list. Continue the tweaks based on performance, but DO NOT CHANGE THE LIST.

We know it works.
We know it can face off against the type of list that will be at a tournament...but does this make it the best…??


  1. Your problem with the Wolves is you've got small squads on foot which cannot asborb a huge amount of fire power, kill 2 I think they take morale tests, I think. They should be in Razorbacks really.

  2. Playing a foot army really gives you perspective on how awesome mech really is.

    That's why I field TWC now. The ability to get up in somebody's grill and smash them up is invaluable.