Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I made a mistake last night....

No, I didn't go home with a 20- stone hippo with a face like Churchill after a few too many jagers....that hasn't ever happened *looks shiftily from side to side*... night last night at the LGS. Got in mid afternoon and got in 3 good games. First two were with my fun Stormraven/Death Company list (which I'll post later) which is massively fun to play!

The third was with my competitive Loganwing army. Played vs Nids and made a rules error.
The mistake was simple and NOT game changing.

Grimnar charged a group of 14 gaunts in the open.
Grimnar made his charge by coming out of a piece of area terrain (less than 1") then across open ground for 3-4". He made contact, went first due to higher Initiative and laid the smacketh down on their candy asses, killing 6 (popped off +1A, giving 7 attacks on charge).

Spotted the mistake?

Grimnar should have struck at Initiative 1.

Even though the squad being charged was in open ground, becuase Grim-dog had to take a test at any point in the move he shoud have struck last.

I didn't realise that it was at any point in the assault move, I just thought it was the unit being charged that needed to be in cover.

We had a couple of the guys looking on and one of them called this. I was adamant that they were wrong and they checked the rulebook.
page 36.

I was wrong.
We let the dead gaunts take their shots first on Grimnar and surprise, surprise it made no difference in this case.

But I have learnt a lesson I really should have known already! If I want to go to the Throne of Skulls GT this year I am going to have to make sure I am as tight as can be on the rules.

9/10 times I am spot on with rulings, I have a very solid knowledge of 40k, but I guess in the heat of battle we can all forget things or just recall a rule wrongly.
Even something so, so simple as charging into cover being both starting and ending the move...

Coming up later a batrep for the Loganwing/Nids and an army list for the Stormraven/DC...

Stay tuned folks!


  1. Does Grim have frag grenades? If so he would strike at his normal intiative.

  2. No frags for the big dawg. Making mistakes during practice is good, it only helps you hone in on what you need to know for the event itself.

  3. Yeah as Chumby says, no frags...the drawback of Termie armour alongside no running down the fleeing enemy..

    It's certainly not an error I'll make had no impact whatsoever here, but in other circumstances could be influential indeed.

  4. Your wrong about being wrong. Grim was not assaulting through cover. He only moved though cover if I understand the situation correctly.

    BRB.36. if an assaulting unit had to take a difficult or dangerous terrain test during their ASSAULT MOVE, all of its models have their
    Initiative value lowered to 1 when attacking.

  5. @Camaro - hey man, Grim did in fact move out of a piece of terrain then a coule of inches into contact with the enemy...whilst I have broken this movement up in text, it was just one the assualt phase.
    So, was right that I was wrong...
    Sorry. That's my writing style thats done that!

    Cheers for the comment...

  6. Ahhh'' OK.. Most of the players around here havnt even heard of that rule. They become even more disgusted when I tell them they have to roll a difficult terrain check to even see if the unit can make contact with the other. You did roll the difficult terrain check ,, didnt you? ;)

  7. yeah man, hence the phrase 'Grimnar MADE his charge' in, he could have failed it with a poor roll! lol ;)