Friday, 17 January 2014

Caledonian 2014, olliswe's 1st Round Matchup

Hi guys!

This will be a short one going through the list I'm facing round 1 at  Caledonian Uprising, and a preview of the list I'll be running.

As you know, I'll be taking the O'vesa star with Riptide support. Not 100% satisfied by the list, but oh well... that's life... Would have liked to tweak around a bit on the loadout of my suits. Anyways, here it is:

Oliver Iyer
PRIMARY DETACHMENT: Farsight Enclaves – a Codex: Tau Empire Supplement

Riptide, HBC, SMS, EWO, Target Lock, Talisman, 2 Shielded Missile Drones
Riptide, Ion, PosRelay, EWO
Riptide, Ion, EWO

3 Crisis Suits, TL MPs
Solo Suit, 2xflamer
Solo Suit
Solo Suit
10 Kroot

Skyray, BSF
Skyray, BSF

Commander Batman w. HitnRun and Onager Gauntlet

10 Kroot

List is simple, just the way I like it ;) Not many units to give you a headache.... A lot of surviveability but lacking a bit on volume of fire and marker light support. Ripple fire SMS is great in the objective based mission Cally are running - killing troops will win you the game 9 times out of 10. I went for 2 units of kroot because they're great for blocking etc.
The lineup!

Alright, on to the first round matchup!

99 )- Scott Milne
Primary: Chaos Space Marines = 1049pts
HQ1: Sorcerer (60) Force Axe (0) Bike (20) Gift of Mutation (10) Sigil of Corruption (25) Spell Familiar (15) Melta Telepathy dudes that chill with the spawn
Bomb (5) +2 Mastery Level (50) = [185pts]
HQ2: Sorcerer (60) Force Axe (0) Bike (20) Gift of Mutation (10) Sigil of Corruption (25) Spell Familiar (15) +2
Mastery Level (50) = [180pts]
Troop 1: 10 Cultists (50) Champion (0) +1 Additional Cultist (4) = [54pts]
Troop 2: 10 Cultists (50) Champion (0) = [50pts]
Troop 3: 10 Cultists (50) Champion (0) = [50pts]
Fast Attack 1: 5 Spawn (150) MoN (30) = [180pts]
Fast Attack 2: 5 Spawn (150) MoN (30) = [180pts]
Fast Attack 3: Heldrake (170) Baleflamer (0) = [170pts] Needs to die... 
Allies: Chaos Deamons = 801pts
HQ1: Herald of Nurgle (45) Exalted Reward (30) Locus of Fecundity (25) = [100pts] Footsloggin herald= no Jetpack move for Drones if he's joined. Gives them 5+FnP and Grimoire.
Troop 1: 10 Horrors (90) +1 Additional Horror(9) Iridescent Horror(5) =[104pts] 
Troop 2: 10 Horrors (90) +1 Additional Horror(9) Iridescent Horror(5) =[104pts]
Fast Attack 1: 9 Plague Drones (294) Death Heads (45) Rot Proboscis (35) Plaguebringer (5) Greater Reward (20) = Poison 3+ and a cheeky Instant Death Plaguebringer, death heads are two poison 4+ shots per dude.

Ok... 63 T5/T6 wounds... That's gonna be a real PITA....

A few key pointers I want to point out:

  • Plague drone deathstar will most likely be rocking 3++ with 5+FnP, Poison 3+ in combat. Plan with these is to just ignore them (unless Grimoire failes), maybe tie up with O'vesastar if they get close...
  • Target priority T1 will be one of the Spawnstars - easy target and potentially a warlord kill.  Hallucination/Psychic shriek can be a real PITA if let loose..
  • Heldrake needs to die when it come in, will probably not shoot missiles on Skyrays T1 for this reason.
  • Once troops get in they'll eat SMS, and then I will just try to mitigate damage from whatever is left of the 2nd Spawnstar/the drones
  • If Scouring is primary (mission is randomly determined) I'll go and die in a ditch... covered in petrol... on fire... let's hope that doesn't happen.... Jokes aside, his 4 damage dealers will be priority throughout the game in that case. + I'll get extra points for killing them, so that's nice.
  • If deployment is Vanguard strike, I might just consider a Kroot-wrapped castle in the corner... He's got so little shooting that it might just pay off. 
  • In Hammer and Anvil I'll deploy halfway up the DZ and slowly back away while killing the Spawstars.
That's me for now, one lecture left and then it's Cally-time!! Wish me luck!

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