Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bikes! Hobby update...

Batch 1 - "Sergeants" done with metallic chipping.. 3 more Batch jobs to go!
Hey up lads,
I've been smashing out a few bikes this morning whilst enjoying the first day of my holidays!
Love being a teacher... 2 weeks off to warhammer to my hearts content!

Who knows...I may actually come up with a list for Caledonian Uprising in January that I am happy with before the list deadline of 28th Dec!

Wishful thinking!

I'm struggling at the minute with the meta and the fact that all the secondaries bar one mission are Kill Points and with a W/L system the tournament is encouraging tablings and deathstars to win.
The use of Forgeworld means Badab War characters like Severin Loth (who chooses his psychic powers not rolls.. Gate of Infinity anyone?) will mean a huge number of Farsight Bombs (one of the
Couple of mud types added to front and rear tyres next... wet and dry
strongest lists in the game IMHO), lot's of O'Vesa stars and lots of Screamer Councils and Jetseer Councils..not to mention Beastpack bombs.

The issue? I own ALL of these armies. I am practiced with ALL of these armies.
So whats the problem?

I think the top end of the tournament will be "Deathstar-tastic" and to have a real shot at winning, I need an edge.

Last year I played Josh Roberts in the final round and it was only between us for number 1 spot.. Josh won that Necron-off.. I placed Top 10 from 110. Year before I lost my final game to BJ Mason and ended up joint 10th (11th due to VPs)... So in this huge tournament... I have an EXCELLENT track record.

I want Top 10 again this year. That is all I am aiming for. Consistency.

The question to achieve that! Back to the drawing board!!

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