Sunday, 1 December 2013

Alternative Warp Spider Conversions

I love Warp Spiders and am always disappointed when I get mine out in public (not talking about my cock...stop sniggering you child!), so this weekend whilst I was waiting for the polycement to dry nice and firm on my reposed and repaired War Walkers I was fiddling around with some spare parts and browsing for inspiration.

I actually found this method on Warseer. It's been years since I used Warseer, but it's good for Project Logs and general geekery.. awful for army building and tactics, but then so is most of the internet haha!

The challenge is of course making the Warp Jump Generator and the Deathspinner.

Firstly, we grab the Wave Serpent Crystal accessory - think it's just the representation of a Crystal Targeting Matrix or some such bollocks.

To this we glue the smooth, relatively large spirit stone thing.

Then using the antennae and general pointy-ness from the guardian sprue and dire avenger bits, we can create a sort of spider looking backpack/unit thing.

This is our WJG - it may look small here, but it is wonderfully sized for the back of either plastic guardians or dire avengers..I'd suggest Avengers as they have the slightly bulkier torso and shoulder pieces... or they appear to anyway..

We then trim and file the back of the DA upper body and simply glue this fucker to it. Very easy.

It's pretty deep from the side and from the rear it does look pretty wide.. but then, so does the WJG on the actual models.

Basically just then glue together the rest of the model as normal..

I like to use the plain bubble-heads from the DE range wherever possible and I think it looks cracking here.
The weapon is the other difficult one. The Warseer project log I used as inspiration had quite a sweet
looking Deathspinner converted from about half a dozen parts, but to be honest, I couldn't be arsed and I wanted something that looked reasonably compact and streamlined like most of the new Eldar range.. after all, the fusion guns and D-weapons are not particularly large or bulbous - so why should the Deathspinner be SO huge? It seems silly to me when the Fire Dragons S8 AP1 melta weapon is small and compact that the S7 Deathspinner be so much larger.

The perfect solution for me was using the Shredder weapon. It has the pointy 'claw' bits at the end and the overall look and feel of the model keeps it inline with what I wanted.

I think ideally, I'd use the legs from DE Scourges to represent the movement of the models, but I also like the regular Kabalite Warrior legs.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the result and am building up a few more from my bitz box. This is the delightful result of collecting Eldar and 40K in general, off and on, for about 2 decades - you find all kinds of goodness in your bitz box...

Look what else I found lying in pieces in my Eldar bitz box:

Bit of repositioning and they look pretty damn agile now..

Just need to dig around and see if I can find the proper weapons mounts...

I think I want to run a list with maxed out War Walkers and Spiders... lots of mobile firepower..

Toy soldiering is such fun!


  1. like it, yea, scourge legs methinks

  2. he looks great man, post the whole unit if you get a chance!

  3. Love it.

    Made me think of a jump off point of having a more uniform eldar army which could be fun, very similar base unit (the guardian model) then customize to the aspects.