Sunday, 20 October 2013

I miss my Necrons....and Space Wolves! And even BA

It's been quite a long time since I last played with my beloved robots.  What I really miss the most is actually an early 5th ed list - Destroyer Wing. Now, I'm not even saying this is good anymore..I'm simply saying it was an awesome sight on the tabletop and I miss it.
15 Destroyers and Lords look ace speeding over the field killing marines... Trouble is, even with the new book there are not (at least, yet) many Marines hitting the tabletops in my area. Haven't been for a long time. So can the Destroyers be a viable build?
.... Probably not. Too expensive for too few models with too low an output. But I may try anyway.
I fancy giving them a run out and I have the models so let's give it a go.
It's a very simple list.
2 Destroyer Lords
15 Destroyers
4 x 5 man Warrior units in Nightscythes
3 Annihilation Barges

It's essentially the same as Wraithwing Necrons, which I think still has viability in the current environment, but the Destroyers cost just 10 points less per unit stock.
I guess the idea here is the DLords tank wounds up front and the Destroyers fire Gauss into everything. At just S5 though they will struggle against most vehicles relying instead on the Gauss rule. Glancing 5 Wave Serpents to death through Skyshield/holo field cover is not an attractive prospect! Or killing triple riptides with weight of fire and no low AP... No thanks.
Survive? Slim chance! The Nighscythes will probably be ok because as the meta has moved and developed, anti flier is present of course but it is not nearly as bad as you'd think... Saying that though and considering my own Tau list, I know I'd be royally fucked facing off against them. It's not even that the Crons have the range to neutralise the air elements of the Tau army such as Broadsides or more importantly Sky Rays, although with a lack of Interceptor (bar Broadies with EWO) the fliers may survive.
And what about the Screamer Council? How do we deal with that? Make good use of Invasion Beams, try and stay in the air and drop on late game? Split and run around the table to avoid the multi charges? Even stay out of sight if possible and just move in to contest?

Perhaps I'm better using the Destroyers as Heavy Destroyers and just running two banks of 3 with DLords attached to a Wraith unit... Less impressive on the table visually but arguably a better choice. The HDestroyers can hang back at an impressively long range and snipe targets, but again...we are suffering with just three shots per units vs targets that, at that extreme range, are most likely to be in cover. Not high success rates...

Perhaps I need to give the Spyder idea a go... Or perhaps the av13 wall that a lot of people have been having success with? I just don't fancy it.. Think it'd be a bit boring tbh.

Maybe I should go back to getting my Wolves out... I do miss them too... I even miss Mephistons/sanguinor super friends jump pack army... Shitty Furious Charge rule and FNP as a 5+ :(

I think it's good to come back to your old armies and consider what you can do with them in the current environment... Certainly it's an exercise that others do, we can't buy brand new models ALL the time...and things list Wraithwing Necrons still have a place in the current meta with a viable response to Screamer Council and mech Eldar... I off now to go buy three Wraithknights :)


  1. Hi Andy, are you playing anywhere else in Cambridge now that Sons is down for the next couple of weeks? I was at 2D6 lodge on Friday but wasn't that impressed by the terrain + the tight time schedule? Cheers :)

  2. sorry for late response mate, been really busy.
    Just playing round a mate's at the minute, but this week I got my first games in for a month! Haven't played since last tournament in Birmingham.
    Not burn out or anything, just not had the time lol

    Not been to the 2D6 Lodge on Fridays as Fridays is friends and family/wifey night really at the end of a long week my ass just wants wine/beer/food/general socialisation stuff not toy soldiers :)

    Only a couple of weeks til the club is up and running again, will start to promo and build some hype for it.

    Look forward to getting a game in with an international tournament winning player :)