Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Top 5 characters in 40k - The Voice Edition

Seen these popping up on various blogs so I thought id put my oar in too:

In no particular order:

50 point buff character that makes a shooty army shootier and can make bubble wraps stubborn or let them snap shoot after running (oh and the fnp thing). Pretty decent. Oh wait and it gives a ld 10 buff bubble to an army with famously pants ld? Re-donk-ulous. Oh and I get 3 shots when I overwatch  with fire warriors and kroot? Yea 50 points sounds fair...totally :/

100 Points with all the special rules in the world. Beefy armor and wargear. Add in that hes a level 2 (divination-ed!!) psyker and makes the gk access cheap troops. Stupidly cheap.

Destroyer Lord with gubbins
2+ save and natural T6 - combined with a warsythe, mindshackle and giving pref enemy to his unit (of wraiths). Its a silly combo of buff, beatstick and tank. Not that expensive and your really getting a warlord that pulls his weight.

Rune Priest
Need ATSKNF for a blob squad, with counter attack? Want a great psy defense as well as a broken ass Psy power that can just remove models almost on a whim? Well all that and more can be yours for the price of thunderfire cannon. W...t...serious..f!? You may as well spend 20 points and give him a 2+ save and 5+ psy power nullify too while your there...

How old is the Eldar book? And this is still probably one of the most active geriatrics in history. I've slashed a Farseer in there too as the runes of warding are just a stupid good allied in ability at the moment. Eldrad just more so due to his redeploy and the sheer amount of buffs and powers he can dish out. Oh and he never dies.....

....for the next 2 weeks at least .

Whats your top 5?



  1. Unsurprisingly the cheap strong utility trumps.

    Thats exactly what you want from things, Coteaz when I was playing was a power house.

    Was part of the reason I loved both Saint C and Uriah in my Sisters list at the end of 5th, without them that army was pretty meh, but those two at such a small points cost delivered.

    Nice to not see Mephiston, maybe Atreides and Venerable both wished hard enough that he finally went away.

    I wonder what the "worst played" characters are - you know - those ones you see on tables at tournaments and you think to yourself "man you've gone deep to get this one out there!"

  2. Coteaz, DLord, Rune Priest I can definitely see being up there.
    Not sure on the fourth!
    I'll think on it...