Saturday, 27 April 2013

War of the Roses 2013 - 40k Tickets now available!!

Lets get it on!
The England ETC is proud to present it's second annual fundraiser tournament - The War of the Roses

£20 ticket price is a bargain!
 This event uses the ETC points level and scoring system for 2013. Players will be battling it out in 5 games over 2 days to see who emerges victorious as the 2013 War of the Roses Champion - capturing the "Throne of England" ... Just like those school history lessons taught you! 

This event has two aims, first of which is pitting the English ETC team against you, players from all over the UK, to help us practice for the ETC so we can do our country proud...and you can smash us all down a peg or two! Especially Killswitch/Alex ... Or can you be the giant slayer and kill of Josh Roberts, hot off of a 3rd place finish at Adepticon - the largest 40k tournament in the world!? 

Fuck them... Can you take me down? Lol 

The secondary aim of this event is as a fundraiser for the English 40K Team for the European Team Championships. £5 of every ticket will be used by the team to subsidise travel and accommodation costs.

It's at the Wayland Games/tabletop nation venue in Hockley, Essex and the success of the event could lead to an uprising in Southern UK gaming... Get it run right...and we may never have to venture into the depressed North again Sons! 


Tickets can bought here:

And the Rules Pack is here:

So there we go.. Get on it people!! 
Peace out.. 


  1. Comon ladies, who thinks they got what it takes to take me on ;) Or you all too scared :(?

  2. Gutted, away that weekend otherwise I might of had to bring my Throne of Skulls best Necrons (because that is of course such a measure of a good general ;) and woop all your asses!

    1. Noooo! Such a shame! I think I said congrats on your "Best Necrons" on your blog.. but if not, congrats once again!

      What did you run mate?
      You hitting up BW5? Deceided yet? Its just that bit extra that makes it more than a day..

    2. Cheers, pretty sure you did say congrats. It wasn't exactly the most effective list, would have struggled in some situations. Lord on a barge, veil immortals with gauss, 3 x 9 warriors with destroyer crypteks, one in an ark, scarabs, 2 ann barges and a doom ark.

      Definitely doing BW5, although it's further, for me it's easier as there's a train (early start mind, and late return). Mansfield used to be a whole weekend job as its impossible to get to without a car which I don't have so always had to hire. Used to add £80-100 to the cost of the weekend for me.

      Someone really needs to set up a proper gaming haven in London or the like, central population wise (ie south), and accessible not only by car, I imagine it would very quickly become the go to location.