Saturday, 6 April 2013

Riptide BUILT mwuahahahahaha!

It's sooooo cool!

I love this thing!

I've even not read the codex (past cursory scanning :) )!! ... so yeah, obviously the gun is magnetised! Nova Burst Cannon is sweet! But then so is Nova Ion Accelerator.. Secondary weapon systems are tbc lol

Now to build 2 Broadsides..
I have to wait probably a couple of weeks til Wayland Games get stock in from GW to get my "Pre-Ordered" stuff in.. then I'll have my 3 Riptides and 6 new Broadsides to accompany my 3 original models which I am keeping to maximise suit types in the army..
More later...
I may even read the codex and provide some first thoughts... lol


  1. ill be doing that later too dude :) - first thoughts that is :)

    1. Well, I'll leave it to you then bud! More time to build and paint!

  2. we can share... text back you antisocial goit ;p

  3. Stunning model, love the pose.

    Tau I've always liked the looks of - its one of the few armies I've had my mouse hovering over the purchase on eBay/wayland more than once.

  4. Does anyone else keeping looking at Ven's picture and think that some sort of mech battle diorama has to be made - power rangers comes to mind lol