Friday, 1 February 2013

Ravenwing 1850 Battle Rep: Never Give Up!

Just a very quick one highlighting a cool game from the Sons of War Cambridge gaming club (my club..what, it's a shameless plug for my club on my blog bitches! lol) this last week..

I was getting in a test game with my Azrael/multiWing/Blob list..

Mission: The Scouring,
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

I was playing against a very shooty (anti infantry anyway) GK foot list - loads of Psybolts! Something like:

Grand Master - MC Sword, Rad, Psychotroke
Paladins x 6/7 Psycannons, Psybolts, Hammers, Halberds
War Band - Jokearo, 3 HB Servitors, 2 Plasmagun douches, 3 acolyte douches (they end up with Rending.. not bad)
3 x 10 Strikes - 2 Cannons, Psybolts
2 x Psyflemen
Dreadknight - Jump, Heavy Incinerator, Sword

I'm running the IG/DA Azrael Blob.. my extra Ravenwing bikes didn't arrive in time :(

Primaris Psyker
2 x 5 Deathwing - Asscannons
2 x 6 Ravenwing - 2 Plasmaguns, MM Attack Bike
5 x Assault Marines, 2 Flamers, Combi Flamer - Drop Pod
Platoon Command - Autocannon
50 man Blob - 5 Power Axes, Autocannons

It's fun.. but there are some elements I just wouldn't include anymore like the Termies or the Assault Squad.
MAWR Ravenwing!

Anyway, this is the story of the Blob and 2 Bikes.

The photo is of the start of the game at deployment, so obviously I haven't got about 605 points on the board with Deathwing and Assault Squad.

I've combat squadded the Bikers because he has a small number of high output units that will maul the bike squads.. so let's let him kill off 3 men with a full Strike Squad with Psybolts..this leaves the other half to do something next turn before they die too..

Anyway, Turn 1 he goes first and just Warp Quakes really.. in his end he has the "4" and both "3" point Objectives.. why move? The Dreadknight is scoring so I think he is keeping it safe for a last minute contest and mayhem later.

My Turn 1 I've scouted the bikes and now I bring my Bikes up, but not too close.. and drop in the Termies via DWA (obviously before the bikes move) and the Drop Pod comes in and... MISHAPS.. and dies after scattering 10" into his Warp Quake net work.. balls. First blood goes to him. The blob moves up and snap fires (with Prescience) the Autocannons one of his Dreads..and pens...explodes it.
I kill all bar one dude in a Strike Squad and then.....

Turn 2 he savages my Dark Angel elite... he kills all bar one Terminator from each group and kills all the bikes except 2 - 1 in each unit. This is despite me trying to block LOS to as many bikes as possible and having a 2+ armour save on Termies.. hmm.. I think I passed... 2. Feck.

My turn, the bikes turbo boost into the back field and I take 2 turns with the blob legging it up field and dealing with the Dreadknight.. yup.. the blob slaughtered the Dreadknight over a couple of assault phases..

The Blob then killed off the Paladins and Grand Master... depsite Rad and Psychotroke Grens..

The Blob then stand in the middle of his D-Z and take a mauling from the remaining GK units, one of which then charges the blob, only to die from Azrael and then the Power Axe serges...

In my final turn.. the blob (which is now actually only 4 dudes, 4 serges, Primaris and Azrael) slaughter Coteaz and his unit to claim the "4" point objective..

Remember those bikes? yup, well each of them was position exactly 27" from the two flanking objectives.. I killed off one GK Strike squad on one (the one that assaulted me) and therefore the bike claims it, then the other bike denies on the right flank.. whilst the Platoon Command Sqaud in my D-Z ...miles away from the action.. claims a "1" point Objective.. I get Line Breaker and Warlord too..

Tactical play wins the day!

Best decision of the day? Combat Squadding the Ravenwing and taking the extra 10 men in the Blob to round out the points..

Love games like this. The Blob ate everything. Brilliant.. Ravenwing needed more of them and a dakka banner..just so they can play support role with the blob rather than sweeping in and putting pressure.. if that pressure can come from range, then so much the better it is..

Going to try this...maybe tonight vs Bringer and his Demons/CSM with just 2 Heldrakes... lol:

Libbie - Bike
Ravenwing Command - Bolter Banner, Grenade Launcher
4 x 6 Ravenwing w Bolters, MM Attack Bike
6 x Ravenwing w Bolters

Primaris Psyker (Biomancy) Force Axe
4 x 10 man Blob, 4 Force Axes

Less dakka in the Blob, but more bikers who can apply that pressure from afar.. although it is a funny one.. I kinda want to throw the RC forward to make use of the RGL's Rad Shell.... but that means putting everyone forward! And that'll end up like the above game! I coudl go Sammael in this list.. but then the Blob wouldn't have a 4++ and Furious Charge lol! Or potential FNP from Biomancy dude.. Plus, if he gets Enfeeble... I can do it from further afield..


  1. Nice batrep bro, Dark Angels and more specifically Ravenwing are taking off big style. From what I've seen so far they make a damn good army list with massive alpha strike capability. I Look forward to seeing how this progress'.

    1. Thanks dude.. I am just about to treat myself to the Ravenwing command squad box set.. The last piece missing in the army.. Love it.. Just ordered a FW jetbike to be either the libbie on bike or to be Sammael when I run full Ravenwing for shits n giggles..

      How are your Wolves adapting to 6th and the current meta mate? Been playing much?

  2. Been really struggling to adapt with wolves mate just lately. However I've gone to the dark side and I'm currently working on Chaos list.

    1. Think there are a lot of people in that position mate.. I am also finding that the wolves need a little something to get stuck into 6th.. Podding works ok, but has sme very hard counters.. I too have discovered that there are some surviving members of the 13th Company emerging from the Warp.. Working on my heldrakes, then the chaos count as is done... Lol.

    2. I think it is mainly Fliers that I struggle with as Wolves.. That and the volume of quality fire needed to put down the foot lists that have solidly emerged.

    3. Haha I've got three Helldrakes on order to go with a load of plague marines I had. Just finished converting some oblits and I'm away... All set to toast the plethora of ravenwing armies we are about to see lol.

    4. Haha... I've been working on that scenario mate.. Played vs two last night... Nailed it.. Lol.. Lost the average every time, two out of three bikes.. Killed everything else then just drove around very fast lol... Game ran out of turns lol

    5. How competitive / well posiitoned do you think the army is Ven?

      I have to say I did enjoy using my bikes (and also was the only fucker to use them in the DW lists .... which I never understood, they won me SO many games, plus enabled the auto-win tactic of going first against SM/BA or heavy mech armies)

      I know I have a bits box full of them, and for sure want to paint ... not sure about playing, but that might come.

    6. Hey Bull... I see Ravenwing with blob IG as being very solid. There are some tough games, but aren't there with every codex?
      It is the current darling of a few players and for,good reason .

      Unfortunately, DW just can't hang like they used to due to the increase in cost...I wouldn't worry too much though, we will all buy bikes and then next edition termies will,be back en vogue!

      Sorry fr punctuation...typing quick and keep hitting the pissing button!

    7. Yeah its pretty obvious that GW do intentionally shift rules enough that the last meta game is not viable any more.

      Its not surprising how all those SW and mech guard players are struggling by what it sounds like. Nice razorback and/or chimera son. Terminators were a bit viable for a while (be it BA's or in BT or DW lists).

      7th Edition Raiders will probably be insane, and 70 quid a pop!

      I defo miss painting, and actually will be looking for some small projects to do, I think thats why I not so secretly wished this edition of 40K would be hero hammer so I could make some silly small force but paint it to the best of my ability, I don't think I could do a project like my DW again where I am not happy with any of the models.

      As for the play, I am not missing it as much, Killswitch started to get me a little excited while we played SWTOR a few weeks back, but all he did was open the channels for me to talk to some of my old buddies and I ended up playing WOW again lol. That's giving me my fill, but if I do put brush to model I am sure that know me I'd start to shape the painting around coherent forces.

    8. Oh and both of those drafts I have are nearly done, they are just in word on my work PC. Hoping the "5.2" one is done this weekend, I just need to add more 40K relevance to it, though happy with the content.

      The ELO one needs a bit more research, and shortening, it was at one stage about 5000 words lol.

      It will be part of my competitive gaming series, I had to get out of the mind of trying to enforce competitive game states onto 40K, you just cant compare a game like League of Legends with$1,000,000 tournaments and full time professionals and 40K with its 100 person events every few weeks lol - but what you can do is look at what structures these games and players use! Basically I was trying to assert what I've done / know and thus expect, and look more from a ground up scenario.

      Hopefully will be interesting.

      Also I found a lot of positives about GW and 40K which I think is unique to this genre and that other games can only try to replicate, but not nearly on the same level.

    9. I for one look forward to reading all about it mate.. I've avoided reading the drafts so that I can read with fresh eyes when you eventually throw it up..

      Shame you feel no desire to play.. But I can understand it mate... Getting your gamer fix's like your are cheating! But that said u were always a computer nerd first and foremost ;)

  3. Awesome, been listening to 40kuk since it's birth and didn't know you had a blog Gary! In addition, I'm likely going to be moving to Cambridge from Denmark after the summer to study, and I was really worried there wasn't a good club nearby :) I might come down in June/July for a week, and perhaps bring an army along to "check things out" ;)

    How are ACs working out for you in the blob? I usually take plasmas if their chilling with marine characters, as it keeps them mobile. But, it wastes their shooting potential the first few turns... and I guess if you deploy them up front, you can just string out.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Ollie, my name is,Andy and this my blog.. The Voice writes here for sure but he is based up in Nottingham. We do have a cracking club which I run alongside two others and you are more than welcome to come check us out- check out "sons of war cambridge" on Facebook .. Apply to join and someone will add u dude and you can arrange games or chat to us about what we offer..
    Andy/ Ven

  5. Haha sorry mate, I blame Neil Kerr for handing out confusing info on his blog :P Well I'll make sure to check out the FB page then :) Really loving the blog thou!

    1. That's cool man... Neil was right, Gary does write here for sure.. It's a communal blog ...but I big dog it for sure lol!
      Look forward to catching you at the club sometime soon then dude!

  6. Hope no one minds a hijack comment...

    I am looking for BULLY, I purchased his awesome deathwing army over a year ago and now that the new codex is out I am getting ready to paint some new models, and sure enough when i search the internet for painted deathwing I see the models i own leading me to this site!!

    I am hoping Bully still knows the paint scheme and colors he used on these bad boys so I can match it.

    Bully contact me at phileomiomai@

    I hope you find this!