Monday, 14 January 2013

Army Update: Tyranids Tournament ready!

So whilst I am not running them next weekend at Caldeonian Uprising, Gary "The Voice" P is... he was going to use Marines, but I think he couldn't use the army that week (it was borrowed from a mate), so he needed another army - mine!

My Nids were being airbrushed anyway to get them all in a coherent scheme and looking badass.

I went for this scheme and I think that I have succeeded to a degree. It needs some actual brushwork, and I mean a traditional brush rather than an airbrush.

I am thinking some spots, sort of like liver spots to transition the colours from purple to black to orange.. not sure how to describe them...

Anyway, I previously threw some shots up of random models that I had finished but this is now the whole army.. well, I think I need more gaunts as I only have 60.

The colour scheme looks great en masse and should look pretty striking on the tabletop. I hope Gary has fun with them, I know in playtesting I've really enjoyed them, I think I may get more games in with them after Caledonian - it'll have been about 14/15 months with one army after Cally and I do really need a break! The Crons are taking a break from tabletop service - retirement if you will! 

I do really enjoy having a large number of models on the table as well as having a good number of humongous Monstrous Creatures ripping it up with flying Tyrants and Biomancy .. it is incredible to me how 6th ed has really brought the bugs back to being a force. 

Anyway, the bugs are getting packed away now for next week.. I'll leave you with a shot of my favourite models from the current range.. the massive Tervigons 

Any advice on getting the extra detail into the models? I wont be doing it until after Caledonian now.. but I am pleased that the effect is striking and I've not rushed the army so that it is hard to rectify later... I can add extra detail in stages across the army .. Next army? Tau. 

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