Friday, 23 November 2012

Mwuhahahaha HAVOC time! Heresy Autocannons Released!

This bad boy set was released today.
How quick will it sell out?

Add the Volkite Charge and Calvier to the mix as Sonic Weaponry and the Chaos converter has everything they need to be very, very happy in the pant region.

Pretty decent price as well.. just £12 for 5. Not too shabby..

The Volkite weapons look frakkin' cool too..

I know I may use them to represent Sonic Weapons on my "one force" type marines.. Very cool
I like.
A lot.

Now, I know these are just guns.
Just upgrades.

But damn, they are so good..

I think a 30k army is on the horizon.

Any excuse to not get socks for xmas in the stocking hey?


  1. It's actually £24 for 5 because you have to buy the heavy bolters to fix those barrels onto, a pretty shitty trick if you ask me :/

    1. No you don't bud, the ammo feeds glue/attach onto the bottom section of a regular space marine back pack. The actual ammo feeds straight into the bottom of the Autocannon, the autocannon sits nicely in the same style as a regular Boltgun in the hands of a tactical marine..

      Don't see the issue pal.. still stand by value on this one..

  2. Yeah forgeworld + value are not 2 words that go together.

    1. They are with the current cost of new GW stuff!

    2. value is the last thing I'd call GW lol. I think it may just be the other end of the spectrum!

      I actually always have thought FW is incredibly over priced purely because it is resin (and while not always covered in flash etc, it still needs more work to clean up than something for that size at the price your paying should)

      Rant over.

      FW make nice stuff, at least its becoming more accepted / tourney legal as well.

    3. Agreed..this is not a cheap hobby, but value for money is not all about price.
      Meh, for me.. I'd rather buy stuff than have to spend time and effort converting.. therein lies the value for me.

      More accepted is defo a good thing.. if only they could write proper rules for the stuff!

  3. Thats amazing, even cheaper than a lot of the after-market components! I know some of those Volkite do-dads are going to take the place of plasma-guns for my "one force" :D

  4. Exactly my thoughts Andy, they are perfect for generic special weapons.. they look like plasma, are melta based, could be old school sonic weaponry..perfect for any purpose, especially for a 'one ring to rule them all' army like my Blood Hunters or your One Force..

    1. Question is, long barrel or carbine version?

    2. For me, long barrel.. how bout you?

    3. I'm very torn between them both, but I lean just a little towards the short-barrel as it feels just that little more like a plasm-gun which is what I want them for.
      I can see the long-barrel being that little more "universal" though.