Friday, 12 October 2012

Southern GT Qualifier tomorrow! UK Rankings challenge!

This is me...I am this fucking plain.
So tomorrow is possibly my last big 40k tournament this year, Blog Wars 4 notwithstanding of course! lol.
I am working on/have been working on reducing my tournament time (which admittedly was only 6  per year average) down to just 4 major tournaments this year.
This has been because of marriage, honeymoon and new work responsibilities...all of which are cool, but I do love me some 40k..
In order to hit my target of making it to the Top 16 on Rankings (which I have been dancing outside of for a couple of years) I needed to do consistently well at larger tournaments, preferably with other Top 16 Ranked players attending too for added bonus points!
I have so far been to:
Caledonian Uprising - 11th from 110 players
Jolly Toys Outing - 3rd from 70 players
Brighton Warlords - 1st from 39 players

And my final or 4th tournament on Rankings HQ is the Brighton Warlords November 2011 tourney where I was 3rd..

To keep my place ... I am 8th currently btw... I need to get at least 96.64 points.. from a possible 100..which alters depending on player numbers and the number of other Top 16 players..

So I need to do pretty god damn well this weekend..I figure I need Top 5 to keep my spot...

 I have been playing the same armies (Wolves and Crons) for almost a year now (in the case of Crons current book, since the start of 5th total playing time) and well..before the current SW codex in the case of SW.. So I am familiar with the books, army capabilities, strategies and tactics, rules etc.

Which is a good job as I've not played 40k for over a month!
I've been mainly playing Malifaux..which has once again, hooked me.

It's ok though... Chaos Space Marines are not to be played in the NEW incarnation as the codex has not been out for a calender month. This keeps my foot slogging Wolves safe from AP3 flamers of death and my Cron Scythes safe from ...well the same unit really!

Forgeworld is in though and I am sure some serious points have been spent on Aeronautica anti-air units.. fine.. let them spend the points, my planes only cost 100 points.. EDIT: if I take Crons that!

Not that I care about being Top 16 or Rankings or anything you understand.. I'm just a vain fuck.
Anyway, Justin or Kablaite (one of our very infrequent posters..maybe 2 posts ever?) is back off to the States having finished his military service, he is over for dinner with the wife and I tonight, then Bringer of Death (Steve), Justin and I are heading down...

The aim is of course, to utterly destroy Justin over the course of Saturday, ply him with Patron til he can't see straight... (it's OK, he is playing my Wolves so he doesn't really need to think..) and then have a BANGING night out in Brighton..then of course, we will all play 3 games of 40k on Sunday hungover to fuck and unable to think about anything at all.
Perfect...just what I need to stay Top 10! lol But a great way to say goodbye..a massive geek weekender!

A final word, Killswitch/Alex is down for this one, this'll be the first time since January we were at the same tournament and he has dropped to 7th in Rankings.. Alex.. I am coming for you son! Taking your spot bitch! #Banter


  1. good luck, i think you will need it! :)

  2. Good luck! I might fancy going to blog wars , how are you guys getting there? is there any room for me?

  3. I'm actually 2nd in rankings, they are missing two tournaments off, but tbh I am really not bothered by rankings anymore.

    Also, Sorry I could not make the Brighton event, lots of stuff happening that weekend so couldn't make it :( Ill be going to the Warp Quake event at the end of the month so you should try make that :)

  4. Ah ok.. re rankings, it's just banter and yeah, I don't think it really says all that much about individuals as players.. but hey ho, it's the only tool we have!

    No worries on Brighton, was good event..I fucked myself and "did a Gary P"! Rush wrote my list friday night and was over 15pts..for 3 games, lost 30 points for it..
    So end of day 1 I'm on 3 BIG wins.. but then get it's essentially 2 wins and a loss as far as tournament points go..
    Really de motivated me, went out Sat night,got smashed and then fought to finish the weekend with 4w/2losses and a massive hangover.. Hoping to still qualify, event ran late and I don't know where I came...

    THere is a blog post coming on making sure you are prepared and not a dick like me lol

    1. 4 wins, 2 losses, 5th highest VPs.. - 30 Tournament points and what do you have?
      A very frustrated and unqualified 40k player.
      missed by one spot.
      If I had've got my list right like I ALWAYS do...8th ahead of the Reddy's.
      I cannot fucking believe it.
      I. hate. 40k.