Friday, 3 August 2012

WIP: New Necron Overlord - plastic Mumm-Galva-Cron

Ever notice how all bad guys have some sort of devil horns?
No, me either.
But they should.
A nice simple, deep symbolic representation of their evil.
Take Galvatron - leader of the Decepticons from about 1985/6 when the 'new leaders' were introduced to Transformers.. He loved a horn.

Or Mumm Ra. Yes, you can tell my age from these classic 80's cartoon references.

In 'Ever Living' form, he also loved a bloody good horning.

Now, the current Necron range has this feature in plenty.

I love it, but after some time of hard tabletop Fine(fail)cast Overlord has, again, lost his Warscythe to my ahem...careful...packaging of miniatures post game.

This is the final straw.. I need my miniatures to withstand a bloody good battering, my hands when in transit. But also for when opponents handle mini's or casually batter them off the table with their fat asses! Jokes.

So I have built a replacement. He is a towering figure of a Necron, broad of shoulder and as tall as the pointiest Mega-Lith... plus, he is spiky! Whoot! My biggest issue was the representation of the warscythe. I based the mini off of the Lychguard kit and used the Staff from the Praetorian kit.. I've used up my warscythes on other mini's..mainly my converted Destroyer-Wraiths..

So this is the big dog. He truly does stand head and shoulders above a regular Necron Warrior. 

And, because I used a Destroyer body, he is broad indeed, almost terminator big. So I feel he is of an appropriate size.

The only thing I miss is the cool ass metallic cloak. Plus, I think I may model a Tachyon Arrow pistol as well to make him a bit more Glavatron-y.. the purple colour scheme will really help that too..He is simple, so I think I would like to embellish him a little, he will most certainly be getting a small single scarab modelled onto his base to represent Mindshackle Scarabs...gotta be wysiwyg! 

What do you think guys? Is he bad ass enough to lead the Necron Legions? Or should I just grab another fincast Overlord?! lol


  1. Looks good, man. Nice conversion and I do agree with you about the cloak, it's just not the same.

  2. Thanks mate, not sure how to fix the cloak issue.. mould one? gren stuff one I guess.. any ideas?

  3. Very nice mate and it does need a cloak

  4. I'd like to add a vote for Venger from the 80's D&D cartoon. Although he could only admittedly manage one horn...
    Can you find a cloak through one of the bits stores on ebay?

  5. oh good shout Darren! It wasn't his fault..wasn't his other one broken? lol
    Yeah I've been looking.. will see if I can find's popular though so they are usually sold out!