Monday, 20 August 2012

Plug: Midsouth Gaming!

I'd like to just take a minute of your time to recommend a new multiple-system wargaming site over the pond in the midsouth of good ol' USA..

Visit it at

The site comes to me through Paul Johnson, who has been a follower and commentor with us here for some time, we've bounced back and forth plenty of email communications regarding Necron tactics and list ideas, all of which have been well-founded and intelligent (well, from his side..maybe not from mine lol)

It's a new site and they are seeking some exposure..we're not the biggest site, but we can hopefully help the guy out.. if you check out the site and like it/ run your own blog, let's help the guys out and drive some traffic their way.

There are multiple authors, each of whom seem to specialise in different systems.
The systems the boys run are: 40K, WarmaHordes, Flames of War amongst others.
They throw up BatReps, Tactica, TV and general articles..
I encourage you guys to show some community support and at least take a minute to check them out.

There are no refunds from me if you check it out and don't like it! 1 minute...take a risk! 

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  1. Ven You're My Fricken Hero! Thanks for the plug bro we really appreciate it!