Thursday, 19 July 2012

Jumper Blood Angels in 6th

Better keep the blog name relevant! lol..

I played quite a bit of Jumper BA towards the end of 5th.. rocking both Mephiston and Sanguinor was awesome fun and utterly hilarious.

The biggest change for a lot of BA Jumper players is that there is no total reserve option anymore. I generally  didn't run them that way and preferred to leg it up field with 45 marines and see what happened. 3+/4+ FNP was sweet.. Now, it is different and not so useful..or more so as it can be used against everything.. almost.

FNP not being as statistically effective vs small arms fire COMBINED with the loss of +1 Initiative from Furious Charge does mean that you WILL lose more dudes on the way in.
This means you need to start with more on the table.
This takes away the ability to run Meph and Sanguinor, simply because you need more bodies. Sanguinor raises the quality of these troops, adding attacks to the blob of angry red marines, Meph is a cracking distraction unit.. The question is, is this still true in 6th? Not sure it is. Improvements to 2+ save makes these guys more survivable in combat, but just as weak to plasma, which is of course on the rise.. due to changes in Rapid Fire. Sanguinor still gets his 3++ save, but Meph goes down.. on the other hand, Meph is more likely to get his "Wing on" due to changes to psychic defence.. and has access to S10 and preferred enemy.
Meh.. it's not what I want to discuss here.. let's go back to basics and just flood the field with bodies:

2 x Librarians - Jump Packs, Blood Lance and Shield 
1 x Sanguinary Priest - Jump Pack
2 x 10 Assault Marines, 2 Plasmaguns, Meltabombs on Serg 
4 x 10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Meltabombs on Serg 
5 x Assault Terminators - 3 TH/SS, 2 PoLC 

I've been paying quite a bit of attention to Stelek over on YTTH. He's been throwing down some cracking ideas for Jumpers and the above is my take on it.
Very simple.
60, very fast moving, S5 marines.
Will do a lot of damage to vehicles and troops alike in combat. Shooting is improved due to plasmagun changes, meaning you can start to strip hull points from transports from 36" away (at the start of your turn, before movement). This is decent as it blocks the enemy mobility and does some of the job that your meltaguns normally do up close. Speaking of, the Meltaguns are still primary anti tank and should there be very heavy armour that needs removing quickly, rerollable reserves on a 3+ means that from Turn 2, you should be getting those guys on the table via DoA Deep Strike very quickly and in the right place after 1D6" scatter. Drop, nuke, done. Either combat squad and keep the other boys on the table or keep together for that 'harder to shift' feeling.. I think i'd rather use them all together and personally I like to keep everyone on the table..

Except of course for the Terminators.....

Stolen from some dude on Dakka
2+ armour got a lot better in 6th and I really did consider using Sanguianry Guard as the extra bodies in this slot, however the lack of invulnerable saves still means that the guys will die on the way in. The Terminators can drop in from DS Reserve from Turn 2 far more reliably than before, well an extra 16.6% reliably anyway.. and can come in ahead of the main force, ready to assault Turn 3 and draw some serious fire before hand..

Librarians are needed for anti flier, Blood Lance does not require a roll to hit, draws a line 3D6" long and then we get S8 lance hits.. nice. They also help with anti-carpark duties..not that I think this is a build paradigm thats around too long.. plus, I kind of want the enemy to cluster and car park, castle up too, then when the guys hit, they really hit.. taking a large portion of the opponent's mobility or capability.. or both.
Now, cover is more easy to access now I think, and is only a 5+, like I am not sure whether or not to grab Sword and Lance. The beauty of Shield is that it can be used in the opponents turn and you can use Lance in your own..  But then there are times when you don't want to Lance, you want to Fear ..or Sword for S10...

The other option is to get stuck into the Allies system, something I have not really grasped or forayed into as yet. Dropping those Terminators and 1 of the Assault squads nets quite a considerable amount of points and then I can start to think about the gaps in the army.
So for 430 points what can I get?
Well, I need an HQ and a Troop. Perhaps a troop that can sit back and provide fire support for the unit as it goes forward.

Best way to go about this is to think about the 'gaps'? The principal issue with this army is that it is the troops that are doing the vast majority of the work! What about finding some disposable units that cause real pain, are hard to kill and also draw fire from the remaining 50 marines.. to be honest, I have started and restarted this section of the article over a dozen times.. allies needs its own post without a doubt!

So to finish, let's just consider what the Jumpers would look like with Mephiston still here..

1 x Librarian - Jump Pack, Blood Lance and Shield 
1 x Sanguinary Priest - Jump Pack
1 x 10 Assault Marines, 2 Plasmaguns, Meltabombs on Serg 
4 x 10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Meltabombs on Serg 
1 x 5 Scouts - Camo Cloaks, Sniper rifles, Missile Launcher
5 x Assault Terminators - 3 TH/SS, 2 PoLC 

Hmmm... I quite like that.. Still have a good amount of fast moving melta and a little bit of Plasma.. 5 sets of Meltabombs, objective holding unit, some FNP, pair of psychic hoods, Meph for messing up smaller units, or even any unit up to a huge fearless blob.. depending on the presence of Fists etc. for AP1/2. Assault Termies should soak up some serious fire before dropping, especially with the presence of FNP...if positioned correctly anyway..

Clearly going to have to dedicate a bit of the upcoming school holidays to developing my skills with the well as my Nids.. more on those early next week! I have over 60 gaunts to sort out as well as 3 Tervigon/Carnifex conversions to sort and 2 new Tervigons to build..9 Hive Guard to convert from Warriors and Tyrannofex gun parts.. so much to do... good job I have the time!! I love being a teacher.. 
Back on topic.. what are your thoughts on the lists? Do you still think Meph has a place? More so than ever?  What are your thoughts on the concept of Jumper BA in 6th? 


  1. Mephiston is still a beast, and should roll with default powers in order to retain wings. I think your list will present a challenge in terms of the sheer number of bodies that the enemy will have to deal with.

    Food for thought; Astro instead of Meph (DC unit optional). Good for challenges, makes units thirsty on 3 or less, and provides fearless/and rerolls to hits for his squad. Now, keep in mind that his rule is not preferred enemy, and therefore does not require a roll of 1 to re-roll a failure. Juicy.

    Question: Why not drop pod the Termies? Gauranteed turn one placement, and 6 inch move from pod base. Thoughts?

    1. Hey Gonewild,
      Not really considered Astorath in this army..mainly I guess as I am not running multiple (or any) Death Company, although they could be a replacement for the Termies? Very characterful and slightly better now due to Rage, although the furious charge change is a negative..
      I may try that..

      As to Termies in pod...thats already been answered! lol

  2. Sadly, blood lance doesn't appear to work vs flyers.
    you need to snap fire to hit flyers. You can only snap fire with weapons that require bs to hit:(

    1. Hey Pascalnz,
      "Lines" are coolio for fliers as far as I know.. you are not targeting it, it is just under the line.. Blood Lance doesn't discriminate on height, it's an equal opportunity line..

  3. Actually Pascalnz, blood lance will work, cause you're not shooting at the flier, you are making an arbitrary line on the board. Anything that is hit by the line is hit. If you had to target the flier and anything in between was hit, then you couldn't use it, but as worded it can be used.

    @Gonewild, I think SW are the only ones that can droppod termies. BA termies don't have it as an option. Though they can drop in a landraider instead. haha

    Personally, I love Sword, but with everyone using meltabombs, it becomes far less needed. Fear and shield are also good, but you really should be able to get cover when needed.

    Overall it looks like a solid list, Something I wouldn't mind trying out sometime if I ever finish the models. How do you feel about using Dev squads? still have their use?

    1. @Gravemind, hey man.. yeah, my thinking exactly regarding Sword..although 4 attacks on the charge is really very much superior to 1 from the MBs... However, Fear and Lance are such great competition..I think I'm going to try out Lance for a bit and see what's what.. otherwise, I have almost no hope with fliers!

      Dev squads.. almost everyone will state that it is absolutely essential to run fire support units, and we have access to cheap and effective ones..But I can cope, more than cope, without them.. But having said that, this is not the sort of army I'd take to a tournament - well, actually I would, but without any real hope of winning the thing!
      That said, if there is a shift - and early indications seem to point to this, in foot>mech then this could be very good..Although I do think this "hull points eugh! = don't take transports" thinking is a bit of a kneejerk reaction..

  4. Lol, I reread the Termie entry- my bad.

  5. I still think Lance does not work,
    pg-103 "shoots resolved at a zooming flyer can only be resolved as snap shots" unless you got skyfire, template,blast and large blast hits cannot hit flyers in zoom mode.

    pg 13 ".. template,ordanence or other weapons with special rules cannot be used as snap shot. Any shot that does not require BS can not be used as snap shot.

    I like the second list, maybe cut the librarian and a unit for a storm raven, its a Air threat and an Anti Air solution and helps your termies.

    1. sadly new errata issued this: blood lance definitely doesn't works against flyers :(