Monday, 30 July 2012

Glowing Airbrushed Necrons - WIP Army Showcase

Got the quintessentially Necron green glow nailed on the army. As I write this I can glance up and see the army on the table, the effect works so well - the glowing green a contrast to the purple.
The only units that have not received the 'glow' are the Warriors and Wraiths.
Warriors I am not sure whether to replace the glowing green plastic rods that they had originally were built with.. I was partially waiting to see how the rest of the army turned out, with the positive effect I think I have achieved with the rest of the force, I am strongly tempted to change them.
The Wraiths, well..I've just not gotten around to it yet!
Above you can see the whole force (most of it is more accurate!)

Let's take a closer look at the Scythes.. they look so good on the tabletop, I've even done one of them out as the Doom Scythe (which I am playtesting tonight)..

I am pretty pleased with these guys.. as to what's left - the 5th wing panel needs drybrushing back to gun metal colour, then the metal needs rusting and some highlighting. 
I like the look of the weaponry, I decided that these would be painted in "firing mode" - We'll compare to the Annihilation Barges in a second, but I wanted the highlights to have accelerated to the tips of the weapons and the Control Orb in the cockpit to be literally blazing at the activity in the ships systems, you know flying and firing.. 

By contrast, the Annihilation Barges have the Tesla energy 'stored' ready to fire.. whilst I did have this in mind, I was also experimenting with styles/techniques.

My favourites are the Immortals. I wanted these guys to look immense. They are, by far, my favourite unit in the codex with a Veil Cryptek. So effective with 2 units of 10. Anyway... I wanted to make sure they looked good.. I think I have nailed it.

Up close, you can tell I am still a noob with an airbrush and that I am still a player over a painter..

But that considered.. I love them..very pleased.

I think that they look the best from this pic below, a 'tabletop' distance.

This is how they'll be seen when you play against them, as they Veil in and blow away your entrenched unit before Veiling away under a shroud of darkness..

The models I am least pleased with are the Crypteks and the Overlords.

I wanted to do the same on the Staff weapons and Warscythes, but I just don't feel they worked as well.

To give you an idea, have a look at this last image:

I mean, it is not horrific...but it just doesn't "glow" is just a pastel looking highlight.. yeah, it's quite nicely graded...but they just don't pop...

I did vary the technique and try and focus the glow from a focal point - from the energy pack on the back of the Staff weapons, this made it look that the energy was coming from somewhere and radiating out,.. but meh.

I need to work on those..

Now to the Deathwing! Respray from Bone traditional to a pastel Blue... hey, it looks good!


  1. I used the vallejo florescent green on my old necron army:

    (Scroll to the bottom)

    that certainly made them pop.

  2. They look great dude.. I may pick some up to do the Warriors and Wraiths, don't think it's too far removed from the colours I've blended up.. on a seperate note - really enjoyed your Sanguinary Guard btw last year or whenever it was.. :)

    You think these guys look ok? From a proper painter, a view or advice would be appreciated..

  3. Looks great.

    Its another example of how putting a bit of time into practicing and learning a very simple technique can look excellent on the table.

    I mean those models are literally dry brush and then two / three tone fading and look like pretty good level blending.

    I love these dramatic effects (dark green / bright green) and the airbrush technique brings it out so well.

    1. Thanks mate.. the purple has 4 tones, the green 5.. it is really so simple with a bit of practice. I mean, these did take about 3 hours to do the green on the whole lot, but that is nothing in the long term..

  4. Dezartfox

    I was actually a fan of that army when I first saw it on your blog.

    I've been trying to paint replicate that effect for a while. I managed to get something similar using washes and even dry brushing, but much to my frustration could NEVER get to blend the dramatic effects.

    Before I learnt to airbrush (badly) I always said if you want to get an army done in like 2 days you do the "Stelek Ghost army" except ... good. Airbrushing creates an effect (especially on the crons) that actually looks like your not just cheating.

  5. It looks realy good up until now,as you said you still need to do the edge high-lighting with a mix of scorpion green/white.

    1. Thanks mate, I played with them last night and they definitely need a little white paint on there..

  6. looks really nice mate, can't really tell from the photo but maybe you need to go even lighter on the staffs up to or near to white?

    Really good and effective tho mate!

    1. I am gonna try and use some white in there I think.. think it could add that 'pure brilliance' of energy..

  7. As said above, the stark contrast is a nice look on this army. The lighting blend looks much more impressive than the usual paint scheme you see on Necrons. This armys really coming together nicely!

    1. Thanks underhive! Glad it stands out..

  8. Looking really nice Ven - although I'm a bit shocked yuou've actually started painting... I think its time for me to invest in an airbrusg as well.

    1. Cheers -I think! haha.. yeah, it's a surprise to me too! lol

      I've just borrowed my mate Steve's, it is a wonderful little tool..I've been looking into my own for a while now..if you can, borrow one and try it out..