Friday, 27 July 2012

UPDATED: Airbrushed Necron Fliers & Army Shots

My Necrons are had their modelling update for 6th ed! Whoot! Not list-hammer or playtesting..They are done! 

I say done... I still have to do the new Wraiths in detail and finish the detail on the Scythes..
But I was so pleased with myself for actually painting  some stuff, I just had to throw it up!
Don't worry.. I'll still be discussing the current list I am trying out..

I really like the airbrushed purple fade.. I think it looks ace.. all the Barges are going to get the same treatment, away from their regal purple/gold trim scheme, although I am still keeping the gold..

Hope you guys like the Scythes..with the Wraiths done like this and the Barges, I think I will have an extremely good looking army...for once.. I may even get full soft scores at events! lol

These guys were an absolute blast to put together and paint up.

They are the simplest kits - made up of about a dozen parts - max!

Takes minutes each to cut out, trip and clip/glue together.. so good.

The change over between the Doom Scythe and the Night Scythe could not be simpler..

Updated: Whole army inc Barges & Wraiths now airbrushed! 
I am hesitant to try the Doom Scythe, purely because it is so expensive as far as Necron Heavy Support goes - and because it rather significantly impacts on list building.
But I'll try one out locally and do some, playtesting see what happens. See, I get that it'll make punking Paladins and Nob Bikerz. Nobz I can kill through weight of fire. Paladouches require serious firepower, which I think I have in my 6th ed Necron lists. I'm going to get some test games in vs Paladins over the next week or so, figure out some moves..

 My Veil Immortals - still as strong in 6th, but the strength (currently) of Fliers means these guys are somewhat demoted. I still love them and their functionality..but I'll wait til later in 6th when all the hideous anti flier stuff comes out and invalidates my choices.. you know, when GW have made a butt load of money on selling fliers ..time to unleash the Flakk Missiles! ...and this Chaos Dragon thing..

In the meantime, I'm going to use them to bolster my scoring presence. Warriors are fine coming out of the fliers, mainly due to the strength/survivability of fliers.. plus Invasion Beams are sick.. anyway, IF stuff survives the arrival of the Scythes they can really wreck the Warriors. The Veil Immortals add backbone to the troops.

This is not to say that the Warriors are pants.
To me, they were still pap in 5th, even with the new book, although Ark's and even Scythe's made them a bit better.. but they still had the same issues.

They still do in 6th.

However, Scythe's are just tough to hit unless you have anti air, even if you do it is unlikely in the extreme that you have enough to gun down four. In addition, if you have anti air, what exactly do you think my target priority is? Granted, this usually means I only have 1 turn to have an impact on your anti air, but that can be enough to have some impact.

The Crypteks leading the Warriors in 6th are the Harbingers of the Storm (? I think) with the Voltaic Staff - a 12", S5, Assault 4 Haywire staff. The Haywire is critical for simple and effective removal of vehicles. In what I consider to be one of the toughest Necron armies out there, I am running 2 Haywire crypteks per Warrior squad. This provides utility through vehicle killing to weight of fire troop killing.

Updated: Wraith's now airbrushed
Above, the new Wraith kit takes its place in my army - where in 5th I was using 1 unit of 5/6 Wraiths, I know there were a lot of guys running 2 or even 3 units of them. I think in 6th, I still like them for what they are - distraction units. I am running either one unit of 6 or two units of 5. Against a lot of armies they can be very tough to bring down, against others - SW and DE notably, they go down like a sack of shit. After all, 5 Wraiths are just 10 marines that always get their save..can you kill that? Of course you can.

Anyway, I'm off to airbrush the barges and Wraiths.. it's gonna be a beautiful little army! This afternoon, I'm going to repaint my Deathwing army with Zenithal Airbrushed highlighting.. cool! I love airbrushes... 


  1. the airbrushed bits look fantastic i must say. the purple is a tad bright for my tastes of course, but i suspect some dulling down is on the cards next?

  2. Cheers dude, thought it might look at bit bright.. actually next on the cards is a green glow for the weapons.. think it'll compliment very well.

    How's things on your end bud?

    1. working from 9 till 8 every day so not so wonderful right now :)

      additionally, i have utterly lost interest in 40k right now. i just cant be bothered. it's all about the gaming side. not having a club has killed it for me and i can no longer be bothered. without the gaming i don't find the hobby stuff interesting either. i want to get playing, but i just cant. real shame.

    2. So it's the lack of somewhere/one to play on a regular basis? Hmm...let me think... Could we not use the blog to find you regular, decent gamers to play? It can't be just you struggling in London can it?

      Then you'd be motivated to hobby it up..

      9 til 8 is fine.. ;) feel sorry for/look at me, this poor sod has to sit at home and airbrush stuff for 4 weeks til my honeymoon.. lol.
      I'm a wanker.

    3. Airbrushing looks great Ven. I actually love the dramatic purple. A bright (neon) green will be very striking, though at that I would avoid any more bright colours except maybe small details (like gems) rest should be nice and subtle.

      As for the London thing, there probably are clubs around, I think there is one in north london somewhere where the reddys play, but that is as of yet unconfirmed.

      Really there does come a stage where shop gaming doesn't do it for you.

    4. Going to get that Green on there now.. agree there should be no more bright stuff.. dulled and quietly rusted metal for the rest.

      Need to throw it out on the blog find some people!

  3. Good to see some airbrush love.
    they look realy good! well done.

    Some more airbrush love by my self,all done this sunny week.
    Space wolf
    big ghouls

    Have a good weekend!

    1. thanks D! Hope you are good mate.. and thanks.. having seen your development with an airbrush over the last year or so, I've been itching to use Steve's! lol.. I'm gonna work on a "glow" for the weapons now..


      Just go Dark Angels Green broad, then zone in tighter with progressively lighter greens/scorpion green/white mix?

      I'll check out your photobucket shortly.. off to watch BATMAN now!! WHOOT!

  4. Crons look great! Those airbrushes are worth their weight in gold. I STILL havnt played a game against the new Necron book but from what i read their "flying circus/ saucer" list is brutal in this edition. I see some Vendetta v.s scythe dog fights going down in this edition.

    1. It is tough, but wait until everyone is running Chaos! Those Dragon fliers are supposed to be lethal.. red/blue/grey/green marines that were SW/BA/SM/BT whatever will be everywhere with the simple addition of cool new chaos toys!

      On Vendetta's - I think they have the advantage over Cron fliers due to armour and higher class of weapon for anti vehicle.. tough shout though, for every 3 Vendetta's, you can get a 4th Necron flier..