Sunday, 1 July 2012

6th Edition Space Wolf's - Team Jacob Thoughts

Now i wont pretend i'm a dyed in the wool Wolf player, having only recently started playing with the baby blue ones  (I'm usually full on team Edward), but having gone over the new rules for a day or so now i can safely say that Space Pups are gonna do just fine under 6th Ed.
Broken ? - Probably not
Strong? - Fo Shizzle
So i thought id share my inital thoughts on list choices/tactics, now, at the start of the extensive playtesting that will follow for the next few months. This wont be concise, more a smorgasbord of food for thought:
  • 6th ed has one glaring idiosyncracy- Shooting has a finite range, assaults do not. You can premeasure so you can count on your shooting ranges but assault will always have an element of risk. Forward the ever ready long fangs. I think 6th may be a shooting match like 5th. The king is dead - long live the king
  • There will be a lot of night fight and we have searchlights as standard, this will need to be factored in to list building to maximize your ranged firepower- that or make it mobile to move closer while still laying the hurt down.
  • Logan and his tool kit of abilitys seems to be taylor made for the new rules. Preffered enemy shooting? Relentless blobs of infantry rapid firing and charging. Fearless now not being as harsh when you loose? Tank hunting Flakk Ammo? Sign me up
  • Flakk ammo - the reason missile fangs wont be going anywhere. Yes ap 3/4 doesnt add any bonus to the vehicle damage charge, but the hull point system and their utter ubiquitousness will mean they still will be a staple in lists.(Note - this one is contentious, but personally i dont see the problem, it states in the faq that it would mention if there should be any differences to the stats used in the main rules. It mentions no exeptions, so missile launchers get flakk - though cyclones and typhoons dont)
  • Acute sences have changed making outflank much more reliable, however you cant charge as you come on. Wolf scouts will now become very scapel like - killing exposed vehicles and threatening the backfield but having to be carefull with positioning  to mitigate the counter.
  • Overwatch + Counter attack for the fricking win!!
  • Wolf Cav - can score a 3rd of the time
  • Long Fangs- SCORE A THIRD OF THE TIME!!!
  • Wolf guard in terminator armour taking point may be a nice way to maximise the new wound allocation rules.
  • Space wolfs Psy defense is now second to only Eldar. Runic Armour/wolf tail talismans are in addition to "deny the witch" and the rules/faq may have nerfed psychic hoods but the trusty runic weapon has stayed at 4+ at 24 inches. That's three goes at nullifying enemy powers in some cases.
  • Space wolfs as a rule have always been very much a hybrid army with out alot of the uber mech alot of other marine army's went for, a lot  of builds already had a strong infantry bias. There is a reason for this, wolf infantry is amazing - so they are already prepared for 6th ed - which seems to have dialed down the mech a bit.
  • Due to thier stong infantry, as much as shooting i think will dominate, the space wolfs versatility will allow table domination where you can lay the hurt down at range but also your opponent really isn't going to want to risk a cheeky charge either, bullying people off objectives.
  • Skyclaws may actually now be worth it. With Wolf Priest they get re rolls on thier special weapons, lots of attacks, rerolls to hit/wound, extra I10 attacks, fearlessness with no down sides. And they score a third of the time.
  • Quad Rune priest with the new powers!! i dont know but its sounds awsome and someone will do it , haha.
  • Divination powers. Seem customer made to put priests in long fangs. Want the rune priest to take point with a 2+ save? Will a reroll help? or a 4++ invulnerable save. How bout giving the unit the ability to ignore cover or reroll hits? Yea, i thought so too :) 
  • A character with saga of the hunter giving his whole squad stealth is now very very handy as good cover saves may now be much more difficult to get hold off. Wolf priest maybe?
  • The crozius nerf (ap 4) is a little disappointing however.
  • With there being little ap2 in combats that actually strike at initiative level now, there could well be a use for basic thunderwolf cav with thier rending attacks (ap2)
  • Due to the ap 2 issue above and cover being less of an issue, i can see plasma maybe making a come back. Forwards wolf guard combi weapon squads.
  • Chooser of the slain. Adding +1 to the BS is really going be handy with the snap shots from living lightning.
  • Precision strikes and probably more infantry running about will make Saga of the Warrior born a very tempting take. Who DOESNT want to kill that fist before it pimps blackmane lol
  • (and just for Brad) Lone Wolfs - increased threat bubble and FNP vs everything. Load em up with the storm shield and chainfist combo of old and then run them at those lovely weapon skill 0/1 vehicle bwahahahaha
Thats about it to start with. The real advise will start once i get more than one game and ive tried a few builds. These are the first 3 lists im looking at:
Logan - 275
Master of runes , runic armour - 170 
Dread, multi melta, in pod - 140
10 Wolf guard, 2 cyclones, 2 chainfists, 6 combi plasmas - 330
10 Wolf guard, 2 cyclones, 2 chainfists, 6 combi plasmas - 330
10 Grey Hunters, 2 melta guns, wolf totem - 165
5 wolf guard, cyclone, fist and combi melta -160
6 long fangs, 5 missiles -140
6 long fangs, 5 missiles -140
Get to midfield shooting as you go. Sit and dare your opponent to come close. First turn melta alpha strike from the dread with searchlight option.
Logan -275
rune priest - runic armour, chooser - 130
10 wolf guard, 2 cyclone, 8 combi plasma, 1 fist, rhino - 370
3 wolf guard, 3 fists, 3 combi melta - 134
7 grey hunters, melta, totem, rhino-155
7 grey hunters, melta, totem, rhino-155
7 grey hunters, melta, totem, rhino-155
6 long fangs, 5 missiles -140
6 long fangs, 5 missiles -140
6 long fangs, 5 multi meltas in pod -175
Standard scoot and shoot hybrid army. Nice plasma squad for all those 2+ saves that will turn up. Multi melta death star for first blood and put early pressure on.
Rune Priest- master of the runes, runic armour -170
Rune Priest- master of the runes, runic armour -170
7 Wolf Guard all in terminator armour, 6 with storm shield and chain fist, one with cyclone missile launcher.
10 Grey Hunters, 2 plasma guns, wolf totem - 170
10 Grey Hunters, 2 plasma guns, wolf totem - 170
10 Grey Hunters, 2 melta guns, wolf totem - 165
10 Grey Hunters, 2 melta guns, wolf totem - 165
10 Grey Hunters, 2 melta guns, wolf totem - 165
6 long fangs, 5 missiles -140
6 long fangs, 5 missiles -140
The baby blue horde
There's a theme in them all huh?

Now these are subject to mass change if I've called it wrong and the meta morphs into something unforeseen.  I'm really worried for example of the rise of Vendetta/Valk guard armies. Fliers seem very strong to me and i can see it possibly becoming a foundation tenant of list building - "how do i deal with lots of fliers?". This is another reason i'm sticking with that belief that all missile launchers get flakk ammo, other wise some codex's i can just see having to rely on those snap shots, which would make for some shoddy game design to me....but then it wouldn't be the biggest ball ever dropped huh?


  1. I'm not so sure on this flak issue, it says very clearly that they are upgrade but then it is in the weapon profile of some weapons and not of others.

    Seems to be the worst error in the codex

    1. Flakk missiles are a go for space puppies. It talks about missile launchers in general that means cyclone and typhoon also. These both use frag and krak however when you go to the appendix in 6 th rule book in the weapons chart they do not get the flakk upgrade just frag and krak as usual. Standard heavy 1 missile launcher however lists all 3. Faq says to refer to rule book thus long fangs and other marine devestators get flakk, typhoon and cyclone do not. Simple

  2. What fuck is with the red highlighted text, my eyes bleed.

    Can't beleive you missed out on one unit that got a massive boost in 6th, Lone Wolves.

    Lone Wolf, TDA, Chainfist, Storm Shield

    2+ 3++ FNP against everything! Potential Charge range increase with the new rules increases threat bubble and then.....

    HITS VEHICLES ON 3+ !! WEEEEEE and at AP1 to boot.

    Obverall good article Gaz and I have to agree, Logan is truly the High King now. I'm so glad I built myself a Loganwing army.

  3. Oh and as to the Flak missile thing, Guess what I'm taking flak missiles whehter you think they are an upgrade or not.

    The FAQ refers you to the rulebook for weapon stats as in older codex's the weapon description is in longhand. Guess what the rule book says under Missile Launchers? Flak Missiles.

    Testicles that is all...

  4. Great post mate. Have to agree with the flak thing. without it we'll struggle with fliers. If they FAQ it the other way then riflemans are a must with twin linked you should get a couple of sixes. Other option is an Aegis Line with quad gun. Stick your long fangs in it. Squad leader works the turret and you can still fire flaks at another flier with the rest.

  5. Love the Wolves.. think they are making the transition nicely to 6th.

    Have to say though.. I am not sure about the Flakk ammo for ML. It does state that it is an upgrade in the rulebook.
    I would like some clarity on this.
    Still as Alex says.. Aegis with gun, squad leader split fire (nerfed to just one dude anyway now..) job done. A lot of points for it though (100 for a gun and a bit of cover), also don't think tournaments will allow the purchased fortifications anyway..

  6. I think your making a big mistake if you rely on one twin linked autocannon to act as your air defence, it's gonna do jack shit and probably get smegged in return. But without the flakk ammo what else have we got apart from taking allies.

    I think the new wound allocation and "look out sirs" are gonna let the wolves pull off some sick trickery.

    Imagine a pack of 10 Wolf Guard, 2 Terminators + 8 Powerarmour with Logan leading out front. Any shots from the front hit Logan with his 2+ 4++ eternal warrior saves. Any failed hits and you roll your 2+ LOS save and some pleb at the back takes it instead. Essentially the entire unit can get Logans saves, same principle really with a Wolf Guard Terminator decked out with a Storm Shield except the numbers change slightly.

    I think the Wolves are really gonna shine on foot.

  7. Replies
    1. Would you need 3? It's still only going to fire at one target per turn? 2 be sufficient against flier AV?

  8. @killswitch.. he's alive! Long time bud.. yeah, its an easy Allied solution to anti air isn't it.. plus you get something useful and cheap (if necessary) for HQ/Troop slots to 'unlock' those Hydras.

    @Brad.. I guess it really does depend how important fliers become. The Quad Gun is 2 TL Autocannons, 4 shots isn't it? Hence 'Quad'... however, I do agree - One weapon is not gonna cut it.

    Living Lightning at BS2 Snapshot due to Chooser? 5's not 6's.. 2 Rune Priests are not uncommon nor require an army to be built around them, they slot in perfectly well.

    I'm not convinced regarding foot wolves. Yeah, it's a hybrid army and there are strong foot builds out there in 5th, but shooting is not nerfed or changed that much that if there is a general swing away from vehicles (which I don't think there will be) then there will be so much anti infantry fire out there that rolling dice will kill men.. its the same as always no? The basic principles of the game are not changed.

    Not sure about AA fire for Wolves. Could it be the same principal as anti-Death Stars...if you can't kill it, kill everything else? That worked before and will work again.

  9. hydras are shit now. if you come up against an army without air support, which you will, then they are useless. they use BS1 to fire at anything that isn't flying. yes that includes skimmers and bikes. can you taste the bitterness?

  10. I can taste your bile there bud.
    They are still Twin Linked mate!? By some loaded dice!

  11. at page 40 in BRB regarding outflank

    "Players can declare that any unit that contains at least one model with this special rule is attempting to outflank the enemy"

    so if space wolves HQ buying saga of the hunter he gains outflank, this is not that the HQ is confering anything, he mearly is there with his rule feeling jolly and the rest as stated can clearly follow him.

    Now for space wolves this comes with a lot of other rules to make it un-abusable but still usable:
    1. only one HQ can have the saga of the hunter making this only work for one unit in an army regardless of double FOC
    2. the HQ has to be in power armour (not even runic armour)
    3. as for everyone they cannot charge
    4. only infantry can come out this way, no bikes, jumpers or cavalry

    So nothing broken and overpowered, just some tactical choice for the space wolves

    1. cavalry can outflank. WGBL can take a thunderwolf mount and i think it says that only if the hq is in terminator armor or on a bike, that he can't take saga of the hunter. Don't have my 'dex handy atm though.

  12. @ venerable dred - I dont think that long fangs have been nerfed. they have "fire control" not "split Fire" and the FAQ hasnt said change one the other.

    loving the post btw, great stuff!

  13. The humble storm Bolter on wolf guard pack leaders has led to a bunch of precision shots, in the first few games I have played (6th edition). No outrageous or ridiculous results, but I made my opponent role more dice when and where I wanted him to. Assault cannons on pack leaders are awesome, as the chances for rolling sixes are pretty good.

  14. Runic armor is power armor. It says so in the entry

  15. The idea of walking up grey hunters with a wolf guard in termite armor and a lone dog humping tanks makes me happy :)