Friday, 8 June 2012

Truth be Told ... On 6th.

Good evening Gents,

There's a more robust post coming up on 6th Edition and my expectations, but I wanted to mention something that's getting me a little excited right now.

I have to say up until recently, I honestly thought I was done with the hobby in terms of playing. I really didn't like 5th Edition, for reasons that will be explained in a later post, and I couldn't say I was too optomistic about 6th Edition, despite knowing there will be some element of the winds of change.

YTTH ...

While I am not a fan of Stelek or his blog, its much like a hot air ballon. Very big, but full of hot air with not much content (majority of the time) and hits the mark or gets home every so often, between rants.

However, some times he does fit in some comments in his blurb of rhetorical and quite frankly rude comments, that get me excited. In one of his more recent posts about Necrons's in 6th, this little titbit got me:
"Which leads me to…Land Raiders.  Maybe I’m just playing or understanding the rules wrong.  Somehow I doubt it.  While not the finesse rule I would have chosen, Land Raiders WILL return to active duty in 6th."
Anyone who has spoken to me, knows me or has seen some of my earlier posts here, might well know that I love three things in 40K - 1. Terminators, 2. Sisters of Battle (thanks for ruining them GW) 3. Land Raiders.

Currently all three are quite under whelming in 5th Edition, bordering on bad, and when your regular opponent is Atreides, its just absurd. End of the day you have to play to the local meta, and when the main challenge (read: only challenge) is toting an army that deals with land raiders and terminators without sweating (unless its Deathwing*), its hard to justify.

If I was to add a fourth category to the loves, it would be combat. While I am not on the level of an ork player and his bucket of dice, I do love getting up in the face and hurling plenty of dice. More than that, I do like the interactive nature of combat (more on this on my post on 6th Edition later in the weekend!).

Another Stelek quote:

So, in CC…due to the way the game is designed, you’ll be fearing Space Marines (who, cunningly, can all bypass your armor saves with a rabbit punch) in CC and they won’t be fearing you because they can just drop some Terminators on your assault units and destroy them. With the return of Land Raiders to competitive play, if you have an old Vulkan army from back in the day…dust it off.  It’s going to get some use.

Music to my ears. Combat, terminators, land raiders?

Since Sisters of Battle can do ZERO of that, I am starting to get a idea of what 6th Edition might have in store for me.

Holy hell, I am actually quite excited.

So on the hobby side of things, what am I going to do? Well I sold my Deathwing, and while I am a little disappointed, I always wanted to re-do them anyway. I feel like I want to do a straight up codex chapter, but with a twist, I am thinking some variant of blood angels (lamenters?) with lots of gold army (to flex some NMM).

More to come on this, but. LAND FREAKING RAIDERS !!

If they do actually work in 6th .... lets see how much water this leak holds eh?

P.S* - Andy/Atreides Imperial Guard did not hold a good record vs my Deathwing, with his only victory being my first game with the army! However, he has hammered them at tournaments with my advice, so its all good in the hood.


  1. Fingers crossed for more LR in 6th - it could explain why they slapped a $15+ price rise on them last month!

  2. I would not be surprised.

    My dream would be a list like this:

    Mephiston (rawr!) - Or maybe just a librarian :(

    5x Terminators - Land Raider
    5x Terminators - Land Raider
    2x Sang Priests

    5x Assault Marines - Land Raider
    5x Scouts (do nothing fire support \o/)
    5x Scouts

    If that can actually win missions and not just be good at crunching seals ... I'll be super happy lol.

  3. i wouldn't mind an excuse to get some Land Raiders. i have never owned one in 15 years of this hobby. at this rate it'll be cheaper to get the FW ones than the GW ones as well :P

  4. If its anything like 8th edition fantasy, they will nerf what is currently played and boost products you that are not currently bought (or need more of them) or new kits.

    I think tanks will go down in power, and flyers will take their position, and troops will be boosted. Buy more troops and buy flyers edition. Time will tell.

  5. There is something wrong in my mind about buying FW cheaper than GW...

    @Dimitri.. I'd happily take more fliers and troops.. It's still a vehicle.. and I get to push it around the table making "neeoooowww" and "Dakakaka Dakakakaakaka" noises..all good!

  6. GW is not a "competitive gaming company" - they are not looking for continuity in their products and games.

    They are a model maker first, and story teller second. Theres more to it than that of course, and I am doing a post on the subject.

    But needless to say, when GW does a new edition, the most important factor for them is they want the "meta game" to shift enough that completely different units are "best". Its a balancing act to some extent, as they need stuff that appeals to the "ooh shiney" gamer, as well as completely different stuff that the competitive gamers who will buy a brand new army each time a codex is released (many of the top UK players will army hop every 1 or 2 codex's to stay ahead of the game).

    Its all about the Benjamin's for them. Which is fine, because 5th Editions "rhino is king" just sucks monkey balls now. Bring on something new.

    And by new. I mean land raiders.
    And terminators.
    Or siters of battle are actually good (or errata'd to be good, or get a proper codex, and are good).
    Failing that. Stormravens are amazing so I can field a billion of them.

    I just want to play with cool stuff now and it actually be good, bored of you can play X and have fun, and loose to anyone on the same level as you with a proper army, or play Y, have zero fun, but actually win.