Tuesday, 5 June 2012

SONS Blog War Results

I am going to assume something has happened to Venerable, he's either got lost or been abducted by 40K bloggers, or got some wedding shite to do.

Either which way I'll fill in the masses (ok, 1 person ...)

Blog Wars 3 has just come and gone, and once again SONS had a few representatives going. Venerable, two time defending champ, Atreides who always puts up good results, and the ever improving (now just beastly) Steve, AKA Bringer of Death. They used, respectively, Necrons, Imperial Guard and Grey Knights.

We'll start at the top - Venerable.

He won it. Again. Less said the better.

Steve, AKA Bringer of Death got 3rd place, who is starting to pick up some serious traction with results.

Atreides put up a nice and steady 8th place, who is probably one of the more consistent players in 40K around, no matter the tournament, he rarely finds himself out of Top 10.

All in all its another strong showing for SONS, taking 2 of the top 3 and putting all 3 inside the top 10 of the 26 man event.

Hopefully the next event will be under 6th edition, and sees a different winner, but from SONS, I mean we still have to keep the crown!

Well done to everyone involved, but a massive shout out and thanks to From the Fang and Alex for running the event again, it gets smoother every time (and the 1st was still fantastic) and in a game where support and events get yanked all the time, its great that more and more players take it upon themselves to run events.

Visit their From the Fang Blog, if you haven't already, here:


Side; Running Events

Events in 40K, while time consuming and require some thought and set up, are not as tricky as you would think, many of the tournament organisers themselves even having enough time to take part themselves.

In the UK we do have various locations on offer, especially Warhammer World or Maelstrom (ironically enough both are very close to each other) to just hire for the day. While really it isn't something you should do for profit, you will find that entry fee should cover hiring and prize support.

As for running the event, the structure exists there, from missions to spreadsheets to help you calculate match ups in subsequent rounds. One thing about the game, unlike say a Magic The Gathering, is there is next to no need for actual judges, just a few on site people to help rule altercations.

If 6th Edition is good (fingers crossed) I might well look to run a SONS event (possibly with a league structure). I've run cups and even ELO based leagues before, and they are always fun and worth the squeeze.

Hopefully there are others out there like Alex that are willing to just put up events, even if its a the local game store for 10 or 12 people, to bigger 20 to 30 people events at venues. Not everything needs to be a Grand Tournament!


  1. I've said on 3 occasions that I want to go to Blog wars, but it never manages to tie in with my life unfortunately. The full results sheet is up on From the Fang now though... But I want to see more pictures!

    Running events really is an extension of the hobby. It doesn't need to be about making money, but the important thing is to foster a good spirit and intice like minded individuals in order to ensure that everyone will be having a good time.

    I am running an event for 40KOnline.com forum members (plus others!) in south west UK in August at a venue called Triple Helix Wargames. It's a great spot and they have a great set up. It's proved so popular that we've had to expand to 40 places!

    It's always nice to be able to put faces to internet names and is generally a very rewarding experience that I'd highly recommend you try!

  2. Good to meet the SONS and put faces to names. I played Venerable in the last game and got whacked by the 'Crons Warscythes and Scarabs. It hurt. He threw an embarassing amount of sixes with his damage rolls and tesla shots but not to take away from his generalship and sportsmanship, it was a great last battle of a great day. Good to meet you all.
    Oink - Army pics up on From The Fang.

    1. Likewise Siph. Apologies for my broken dice.. the dice gods were smiling on me (as usual!)
      Great to meet you and look forward to seeing the Relictors around more in the future.
      Take it easy

  3. Congrats guys. (again gr..)

    I was thinking of running an event in the next year or two (once I have moved and my mrs is in full swing at uni) and it would basically be a mirror match event - everyone has the same list (vanilla marines reasonable count as is fine).

    Ye or nah?

  4. MC Tic Tac - I am writing an article about mirror match or set lists tournament potential.

    I am all for it.

    Can always ask various of us within the blog network to test a few games and "keep track / report about it" and see how it fares?

  5. I'm not dead Bull.. just massively busy..what with getting married tomorrow an all.

    I'll post up some game thoughts next weekend.