Thursday, 21 June 2012

I come to you now at the turn of the introduction from The Voice

So the difficult first blog from a new contributor,hmm….

I’d better introduce myself really huh?

Hi there. My Names Gary and some of you may know me as The Voice from over on 40kuk and I’ve been begged, cajoled and pleaded with by Ven to add my words on a semi regular basis on these hallowed pages…...Well that’s the story I’m telling and I’m sticking to it – ignore anything Ven says to the contrary J. The pertinent facts of my nerd career for those that are interested are: I’ve been playing 40k and war games in general for 15 odd years. I’m an ex Gw employee and used to work in direct sales. I’m part of the Welsh Etc Team. I’m a keen tournament goer. I can’t paint fast for toffee and I play chaos armies for preference with blood angels a close second.

So without further ado and as the title suggests I’ve started my blogging career on the cusp of very exciting times. 6TH Edition is just round the corner and it seems like it’s going to be a very big shake up. The blogosphere will soon be alight with new tactics, cries of cheese and list builds….and all I wanna do is throw some petrol about like all the other Geeks !

Now I’m not going to make (that many) sweeping statements, but from the sckuzzlebutt I’m hearing I think I’m going to enjoy the changes (yes even random charges) as a change is as good as a rest and frankly 5th ed had got stale for me. Same armies, same winning principles in list building, same everything, meh. The new rules would indicate that every codex is going to need reading with fresh eyes and new builds and even out of favour choices may need a revisit or two. I can’t wait.

One thing I am a little concerned about however is the supposed rules for including fortifications as part of the army list (50 points for a bastion allegedly!!) this to me rings some alarm bells. Lugging terrain pieces around at a tournament will be a pain first and foremost but mainly it’s the terrain that dictates the flow of a game, being able to bring your own really does (for me) mean you’re not going to tax your generalship skills too much as you can rely on always having xxxx in your deployment zone to hide behind/bunker a unit/block a flank. It’s a part of the game which normally is totally random (what your deployment zone is going to look like) and you can impose your will apon it, therefore taking out that element of having to roll with the punches. I’ll hold judgment till I see the book mind you but it’s one to bear in mind methinks.

Personally I’m looking at my old DOA Blood Angel lists and licking my lips. Everything I’m seeing really seems to make the space vamps in general look strong (bar the possible reduction of fnp to 5++ but you can’t have everything), I shall defo be looking at Bangle lists initially in my 6th ed play testing as well as getting my current Logan bomb list tweaked a little (a project I’m working on to sell when finished to help pay for my upcoming nuptials…space Vikings always sell well J )

Ok just short and sweet this time round till we get something to really get our teeth into.

Till next time



  1. Welcome dude, good to have another writer here.

    I've been thinking about 6th quite a bit with regards to the leaks and rumours.

    It might be a case that GW for once, is looking to make armies both good, and appealing. Any competitive game is always going to have stuff that is the best and oppressive (any game that has a "meta" like 40K, MTG, WOW, there will be something that rises to the top), but largely the best is generally unfun to both play against and with (I can't stand playing with full on mech armies).

    The likes of DOA are awesome fun (as are Deathwing) and being able to push them that little bit forward in power could make casual gaming that much better as well. Especially given DOA is probably the cheapest "good" army out there.

    As for the BA's in general. It looks like Sanguine Guard are unreal.

    Nice power weapon, is that AP3? I think it is. Master Crafted might be AP2 meaning they are actually still good against terminators (unless they have TH or CF) and could actually have a 5+ save. If 2/3rds of that is true (namely AP3 for power weapons + anything) they dante-wing could be damn good (or at least some units).

    Plus all this talk about "mass reserves" - bit like Deathwings 1st turn guaranteed - actually makes them so much more reliable, and you know ... able to actually build tactics around it.

  2. Whoot! It's up and no editorial required! Great to have The "one and only" Voice with us as a Son, welcome aboard dude!

    hmm...not sure that the invitation wasn't a request.. but I've been a busy man with wedding and work so I guess I could have asked you... scratches head...shrugs.. still glad to have you as one of the Sons.

    With regard to the rumour mill, I also agree that I am not a big fan of bringing your own terrain..for the exact reasons you state about generalship and tournament balance etc.

    For me, I have been also thinking about my Blood Angels, the speed of the vehicles making them more survivable...maybe, kinda..

    Looking forward to Psychic Powers but most importantly..I am looking forward to a change.. you say 5th got a bit stale? Agreed, you only have to look at my lack of tournaments and the content of the blog (Dystopian Wars really not as popular here..shame!) to tell that that is true to me too!

    Bring on 6th!

    I look forward to many more posts in the near future G...


  3. Hmm. No editing? My smiley faces come up as j's haha.

    bully, totally with you with sang guard. I was debating trying somthing along these lines initially:

    4 squads of sang guard
    2 priests with power weapons.
    10 assualt Marines with pimped serg to get the sanguinor buff.

    If the "impact" hits for jump troops is right then dante, and priest and a sang squad on the +1 attack boost zone of sanguinors will get in the region of 45 s5 power weapon attacks on the charge :/....sign me up :)

    1. Add to the fact that the Rage USR is now JUST +2 Attacks on the charge (no have to move towards closest unit crap), combined with impact hits, always have Furious Charge and FNP will Death Company see a revival ?

    2. Possibly.. good shout man.
      Impact hit that auto hits.
      2A base, +2 for Charge, +1 for 2 weapons?
      If the final element is true, then DC have 1 auto hit, 5 attacks each on the charge?
      A unit of 5 has 30 attacks?
      FNP is 5+ against everything except instant death..
      Furious Charge no longer includes initiative boost, just strength.. but then, the Hammer of Wrath impact hits will compensate for that to some degree.
      Still expensive models that can't score.. but could very well be taken.. Could be cool as fuck allies!

  4. feth me, as the Tanith would say... i saw the title and pic and thought Ven had finally snapped and moved onto playing LotR...

    good intro, and welcome to the blog.

    for me, i think 6th will re-invigorate my interest in 40k, both on the gaming and painting table, simply because of the change of pace. whatever it brings, i will embrace it fully.

  5. J/:) same difference..

    @Atreides - not me thats gone mad.. although I did consider playing it a bit briefly.. even got one of the guys at the club to give me an intro game..

    Embracing change is a positive step Andy, we look forward to you embracing it and maybe running another army but mech IG..?

    1. haha, as if... for that i'd need money.

    2. You got the blood angels, and plenty of them, not to mention the entire GK army you've just made!

      I am really hoping 6th is a dramatic departure from 5th, like actively get me excited. Its an expensive hobby if you don't enjoy it enough.

  6. Voice - liking that list.

    Real chance that The Sanginator is a beast in 6th. The 10 man marine unit ends up becoming a Captain with 12 wounds and FNP (if he gets a priest), I've done it before for a giggle and they are pretty unstoppable - a LC or PF and he is dirty.

    If Jumpers are as good as they look like they will be, I could well end up on them as well. I was thinking more of a route with Vanguard (potential abuse with Dante)