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Dystopian Wars: The Tsukuyomi War Gyro Review

The final review in the Japanese fleet's 'Large' category is the Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro - an upscaled version of the Inari Scout Gyro (we'll look at that in the 'medium' review next week).
 The function of the Tsukuyomi? I really am not sure.
There is a large class flyer for each faction, and whilst they are all relatively cheap (the War Gyro clocks in at 150 points)  they all don't really do a lot as far as I am concerned..bear in mind we could grab a Sokotsu Battleship for 180 points...which really does contribute to the fleet.
The War Gyro can pump out some decent fire though, and does so with some style.
The Gyro possesses the "Maneouverable" MAR (Model Assigned Rule = USRs 40k Phil) allowing it to rotate 90 degrees when at an All Stop.
OK, so what does this mean? The Gyro's armaments are 2 x Main Turrets and a Broadside (both Port and Starboard ofc) of Incendiary Rockets. The turrets have a 270 degree arc.
These weapons have a cracking rate of fire in Range Band 3 (up to 24") and the plan therefore is:
- Fly obscured (above the clouds) for turns 1 and maybe 2 (depending who the opponent is), keeping the Gyro safe.
- At the end of the movement in Turn 2 (vs slower opponents, turn 1 v Prussians!) have the Gyro finish its movement facing side on to the enemy and come to an All Stop.
- Unleash hell. Launch a linked fire volley (9 AD from 6,3) from the 2 Turrets and a volley of 9 Rockets from the Broadside. 18 AD in RB3 is pretty damn good..
- Remain where you are and improve your shots as the enemy closes into RB2 where although the Rockets decrease to 7 shots, the Turrets now pump out 8 shots each or 12 linked.
- If you are still alive in Turn's 3/4 then come out of your All Stop and now fly over the foolishly close enemy and drop your Bombs on him. Although to be fair, with a move of just 7", you'll be lucky to fly over the enemy, so instead make good use of the turn capability and the 4" aft fixed channel of bombs..

If the enemy has closed this much and you are taking some serious fire, then forget your now useless guns and Rockets (as the enemy is too close for Rockets) and try and use the 7 AP (assault marines) on board to take part in a boarding action.

The Tsukuyomi has a DR/CR of 6/9 and 7 Hull Points which will keep it alive for quite some time, but it will most definitely draw fire. When playing my Inari squadron (the smaller versions of the War Gyro) they are pretty much the first thing that my opponents shoot at, knowing the damage they can cause.. so what do you think will happen when you place the War Gyro down, the big bad ass brother of the Inari?
Yeah, they will shoot you down man. Fast.

With a high critical rating, the Tsukuyomi will lose just one Hull Point at a time, slowly losing effectiveness. BUT, it will draw fire very nicely, protecting the rest of the fleet.

The final, best, use of the Tsukuyomi is to fly straight down the middle of the enemy and come down from the clouds firing the Broadsides on both sides of the Gyro. The Turrets will get use too, meaning all the weapon systems get to fire. Unfortunately, this situation is highly unlikely - even if you can get the Tsukuyomi in position, the enemy will more than likely understand what you are trying to do and simply keep the fleet huddled, ideally underneath the Tsukuyomi (althought suffering its bombs as a result) not coming under fire from the Rockets. The other alternative is that the enemy will simply gun you down or board you when you get close.

It does have a place in the fleet, as a fire magnet and as an offensive tool - a fire support unit that is great for setting itself up in RB3 and laying down fire. Kill off or cripple an enemy medium, decimate the smalls..and boom you'll see the enemy turrets pivot right at the Tsukuyomi.

It is a good airship, needs a shield for the points or needs to be 20 points cheaper. It does have a cracking offence though...the question does really remain though - is the War Gyro worth 2 Inari? I'm not convinced..I think I may prefer the 2 Inari.. Why? Well, we'll get to the Inari next week! 

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