Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Olive Branch to Blog Wars

For the first Blog Wars I was going to take SW until I realised that no one was taking DE and at that point in time there was some consternation about whether or not they could actually hang.

I felt they certainly could hang and took a tough list which did exceptionally well for me and won the tournament.

For Blog Wars 2 I took my Necrons as the new hotness and to show what they could do, I was the only Necron player there as well if I remember rightly.

I've made a name not just for winning the tournie, but surely also for taking under represented or new armies.

By taking my Necrons I am in some ways going against the spirit of the event. They are established as a tough and legitimately competitive army. Like Alex over at From the Fang says, half the field is taking stuff they wouldn't dream of taking to a hardcore event.. then there is me.. I am taking that sort of thing..

For a moment, let's forget the GK players, the IG players, the BA players and the DE players that are all attending.. especially Atreides... all of whom make up the majority of the tournament.. there are currently 2 Necron players.

Soon to be one.

If the Blog Wars community wants, I will run an army that is not currently being represented at Blog Wars.

These include:
Chaos Marines
Sisters of Battle
and Tau.
I can't really run Tau without a huge amount of work which I simply don't have time for. Strike them.
I need to do a lot of work to run Eldar to tournament standard. Strike them.
I CAN run either CSM or Sisters by using my Blood Hunters space marine chapters.
The Sisters are just my Band of Brothers theme army, so if you don't mind playing Transvestite Marines I can run them.

I think this represents a very good option, running an army that is not currently being represented at Blog Wars, making the tournament really quite well rounded and almost complete.
Also, let's face it, there is a reason why these armies are not currently present.
They pretty much bite.
Or are boring and one dimensional.

I am happy to run CSM without a SC or Sisters/Band of Brothers WITH a character.
Neither army will be as fully painted as the Necrons, but they will all be 3 colours minimum.. the vehicles still look ace though so.. ho hum..

What do you need to do? Tell me to run them.. or tell me to shut up and just run my Necrons.
I'm not going to lie, I really want to win for a 3rd time.. Desperately. It's a cracking record and its £50. ...but in the spirit of the event I am happy to do this...


  1. Just take necrons you now you what to ; ).
    Crist I can't say anything as I am taking grey knights
    So take what you find fun to play

    1. I was gonna take Necrons, and it would probably be more solid than what I am taking (though I don't yet have half the things conventional wisdom describe as essential) until I spotted someone was bringing a Rebel Alliance Star Wars theme army... Competitiveness swiftly went on to the back burner as I dragged out my Imperial Forces Star Wars theme army and hope for the ultimate match up of good versus evil... That kind of spectacle is the kind of thing I enjoy. That's not to say it's the "right" way - I am doing what I want to do to get the most fun out of the tournament. If you think you will enjoy winning with your necrons, then strive to do so. If you think YOU would enjoy it more to give yourself the extra challenge of playing with one of the unrepresented armies, then do that.

      It's all about enjoying the day in whatever way you find enjoyment, so go with whatever you'll enjoy most and have a clear conscience even if you do make it three in three. There'll be a few other lists that are more competitive than flavoursome, it's not like you stepping back will automatically allow a fluffy bunny to win the day... they'll just get stepped on by a silver power armoured foot rather than a silver living metal foot...

    2. Oops meant to comment, not reply. Oh well it's on here now :oP

    3. Thank you Ginge.. this is the kind of response that makes Blog Wars so cool.

  2. Hi Ven,

    I'll be bringing my Tyranids to Blog Wars again (mine feature the homemade dinosaur skeleton Tervigons) and I'd love to pit my forces against your Necrons!

    You've established yourself as the man to beat at BW - albeit in a pantomime villain sort of way - and I think you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't bring the army you enjoy playing. It also gives the rest of us something to aim for - if we can beat the two-time champ, that'll be a big scalp for us!

    In fact, I think Alex should put up a special prize for the first person to beat you...

    So seriously, bring the Necrons. They are a competitive army and any tournament is competitive, and it gives us other players an added incentive too!

    Graham S (Grazer).

    1. this. at least they are not marines...

    2. A prize for beating the Panto Villain.

      This I can get behind!

      Though as Grazer above I think the same as him - If it's in the codex it's fine.

    3. Grazer - beautiful post, thanks man!
      Scalp Ven!
      Win a prize!
      I'll put up a bottle of Whisky to the first dude to beat me if Alex does not create a "Kil the Panto Villain" prize!

      @Atreides.. cheers.

  3. Sisters. And take Celestine just to prick-tease in the scenario where she's 2KPs and contests quarters and all that jazz. She'd win games by herself just by getting back up at the end of a game.

    They might be rarely seen but they can do well for themselves with all of their Melta units and the option for Conclaves.

    1. Sory dude, but due to the 'outpouring' of positivity.. I'll be running the Crons! Yay!

  4. Ven you don't strike me as the type to bow to the masses. You're taking Necrons so f#cking what I say stick to your guns and F*ck what the others say. Haters are going to hate and if they aren't man enough to take a hard list then that's their beef. Honestly Necrons aren't rated as top tier so I don't see why anyone is bitching at you for it.

    As far as under represented as long as you aren't playing Guard, Wolves of GK then honestly you are in my book under represented. Your call bro but you made the Necrons what they are, your strategy and your tactica not Mat Ward's writing. Take the Crons and do what you do. Id be disappointed to not see ya do it and you inspired me to play crons to the ability that I do today. Keep the metal machine rolling bro and don't look back, I'll do the same for ya across the pond!

    1. Don't think anyone is "hating" dude, but I really do appreciate the support! :)

  5. Take your Necrons - I know if I was going to play you, I would rather lose against a legitimately good army/list rather than losing against something I technically should have had a better chance against.

    Plus you've told everyone how to beat your Becrons now - it will be interesting to see if that actually helps anyone.

    1. Haha! It may not help.. I hope it does in general..not just for this tourney, but for all games vs the robots.

  6. Don't do a Stelek and bring a non-list so you can blame your failings on having said list.

    Cron's all the way.

    I am going to do a post later on what I'd have taken if I was going lol. Its like Bully's special prize on bullseye.

    1. A Caravan or a Speed Boat then? :p

    2. Always a speed boat to some guy from a city right in the middle of England nowhere near the sea!