Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Games Workshop sale.. really!

I found this funny.
Do it.
Someone.. and when I say someone...I mean everyone! 

Head over to GDNMW and have a read of the article linked above. It's silly, childish and not really all that ethical.. but I've done it before with goods bought at discount online... even bigger margin..

Mind you, the price rises (note: in some cases) are pretty damn steep so it's a good time to do it! lol

Only a little one, but I have a couple of more meaty, 'real' articles in the works for later this week..


  1. The audacity of it does bring a smile to my face, but it still is really return fraud.... ah well. I am also not sure it can be effective as isn't nearly everything going up by obscene amounts? (and if not, it is probably overpriced already)

    Nearly quite as good is Maelstrom Games' 17% off sale currently running. Providing the thing you want will be going up in price, you get a similar effective discount without the dubious ethics.... Yes GW does price gouge, but that is legal. If I wanted a cheap wargaming hobby, I would not be buying GW products anyway....

  2. Some items are increased more than others.. so if you bought something that you knew was going up a lot, then exchanged for something that only had a slight increase, something in the single figure % increase range.. then voila..

    Agreed on the dubious ethics, like I said.. I found it funny and a bold stroke of immoral genius.

    Maelstrom is indeed a good discount.. thinking of adding a couple of Necron flying toys to my army..

  3. :) we thought it was clever, as did our local GW.