Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Necrons Released! Spyders - Cost OMFG!

New Necrons have been unveiled.. what can I say.. the Wraiths look cooler than I thought they would as do the SPyders.. but oh my fuck! How expensive is the Spyder!

£20 for one Spyder means that Scarab Farm army will be costing £180 just in Spyders...even with discounted online retailers that going to be £140-50...jesus. Fuck that.

The £28.50 walker is a fair better price and does look cool.. I may very definately pick one up.. maybe..

This is pretty damn cool..

Back to those Spyders, man... it wants to be one huge mother fucking model!

These guys are wicked.. as are the new special characters.. Obyron looks badass...

Hmm.. food for thouht... WHERE ARE MY FUCKING FLIERS! I want the NIght Scythes and I am pissed that I have to wait for some sort of wave release with every other fuckers fliers..

They add a great dimension to Necron play and yet.. we are stuck waiting! mo fo's!

Thanks for these though GW..they are cool!


  1. Well if you want some spyders, I've got a couple of the old metal ones all stripped and awaiting construction (some of the legs need re-attaching/pinning as the joints are pretty weak), I'd be happy to pass them on. Drop me a line if you are interested and I can send you some pictures.

  2. Hey man, coolio...I'm out and about at the minute, but I'll drop you an email later this weekend.. defo interested.

    The new ones do look incredibly cool, I think they will be pretty damn big too.. considerable difference between the new and the old..

    1. Just had a flick through the new WD, and the new models are considerably bigger than the old ones, especially the new wraiths. Looking at the pics of the Wraiths, I'd say they are comfortably bigger than the Tomb Kings snake things, they dwarf the 40mm base. The new spyders are about twice the size of the old ones too.

  3. Now these are models I can get on board with.

    Price is just stupid though.

    1. You weren't a fan of the original release models were you? I love the matrix -esque feel of the Wraiths.. look cool. And the Spyders are awesome..

      I think it is a very sharp move.. or just part of general GW expense.. there is a demand about Spyders.. the Scarab Farm is powerful - if extremely limited and a bit Noob-Hammerish. It will probs generate good revenue...that and they are great looking..

      I'll be picking up Obyron just to stadn in as an Overlord..he's badass

  4. Yeah a lot of the early stuff was just trash, especially that long ass skimmer thing, its worse than most of the models they released in the 90's.

    Don't get me started on GW and their pricing. Its the most retarded system I've seen and it drives people away. The problem is that people that don't know better will keep buying over priced stuff, and with the mark ups it just about floats enough cash to make up for those that leave or don't buy new stuff.

  5. I really don't know what necron players are complaining about with the spyder prices. They are a MC, they are good too, and they are dirt cheap (points and money). They are incredibly cheaper that Nid's Fexes, and still cheaper than DE pain engines. They are probably the cheapest MC out there.

  6. Grave there you are wrong the cheapest MC in terms of price is C'tan. Spiders may be cheapest in total points cost but not in price.

  7. @Gravemind.. it is simply not true that point-cost the SPyder is 'cheap'..

    The Nid Fex is £35 for a base cost of 115? The Trygon is £36 and will set you back 200 points? 210 with Adrenal Glands.. The Trygon is frankly more popular than the Fex so lets look at that..
    200/36 nets you 5.5 points per pound..
    115/35 nets you 3.3 points per pound for the Fex
    50/20 nets you a very expensive 2.5 points per pound.
    The DE Pain Engine is £28 and is over 100 ponts..that over 4 points per pound..

    So points to cash value the Spyder is expensive..Now, I know that this is a simplistic view.. but it is..

    This is not about in game performance, I was merely saying that it is very freakin' expensive to run a Scarab Farm..

    Of course, the Chimera is only 55 points and costs the same, you definitely need a lot more Chimera's.. or do you? The Scarab Farm requires say 9 Spyders balls-out.. Thats £180 just in Spyders for 450 base points cost.

    Not being funny bro, but you can build an entire 1500-1850 point army for the same money! And it can be competitive ..
    - Loganwing
    - Deathwing
    - Jumper BA
    Are just three examples where you can build an entire force for the same cost as 9 spyders.
    Hell, 6 SPyders cost £120.. and I reckon you could build a pretty comprehensive BA jumoper force for that.. The Sanguinary Guard/Dantewing could be built for almost that.. 4 SG, Dante, Mephiston... thats over 1250 points for the same as 300 pointsin Spyder..

    Please note, I'm not complaining...I'm stating an opinion and what I think is a truth. Normally, and we are talking personal opinion again, I'd just spunk the money and buy them.. when you are funding a wedding.. it's not so clear cut. Does that 'tint my lense'? yeah, probably..but just because I can normally afford to do whatever the hell I like, doesn't mean that I don't baulk at a silly price..