Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Imperial Guard Army for sale!!

Hi guys, a quick one from me today...

My IG tanks are all up for sale on ebay..

The link will take you to the Chimera's (4) and you can take it from there!!!

There are:

4 Chimera's
3 Manticore's (I use them for quick n easy Hydra conversion with Aegis Defence Line kits)
2 Vendetta's
1 Hellhound
1 Colossus/Medusa Conversion
1 Leman Russ Demolisher

Plus if you email me nicely I may throw in a load of dudemen too.. especially if you buy them all...

All 3 colour minimum with neat paint jobs and each one for a bargain price.. get on over there and check them out..

These boys have been kinda fun to play around with over the last couple of years, but I've never given them the attention they deserve..

Each one has just a light coat of paint and could easily be repainted.. all have removal turrets and interchangeable hull mounts.. transport is easy on the Vendetta's with removal wings etc..

Hopefully someone else can give them a better run for their money (on the tabletop! lol).......

With an expensive wedding coming up.. any new geek expenditure has to be funded through the sale of other geek shit.. so there we go! No other reason for sale..

Check it out.. it'll half the cost of that new IG army you've always been dreaming of!



  1. At least its "to fund other geek stuff" and not "fund wedding" as that's a rabbit hole you don't want to go down.

    Have to say I was almost tempted when I saw it, but between the GK's and Sisters and the Xenos army I want to do (plus maybe restore my wood elves) I think I want to avoid hobby overload.

  2. Haha...that is true! Nah, it's because of the wedding that I'm tight on geek funds.. so to buy more geek stuff, I sell unused/old stuff.. pretty fair for the next month or in June... then back to full on geek purchasing fury!

  3. Err, I think you'll find that changes drastically once the ring is on the finger.

    Your funds, become "our" funds, which means her funds.

    GL with that ;P

    Though for me I am just trying to be as tight as possible because otherwise I'll just go "ooh Dark Eldar" and buy the army and never play it. Hence why, except for tanks and the odd kits, I've just used bits box for my GK's.

  4. HaHa...good point.. ah well it's all sold now.. within 24 hours too..quite pleased.. now what to spend it on?!

  5. Ven hopefully you see this check your email for this blog I got some big necron news over the weekend while attending the Memphis TN GW Factory store Bday bash. They had a 1k 40k tourny and i decided to finally ask a true GW judge about the FAQ ruling in regards to using fire points to draw line of sight for abilities etc.

    His ruling was that an open topped vehicle has no fire points. What does that mean for us return of MUMRA or Anrykyr. Mind in the machine can be used while with in a command barge!!!!!! Rock!