Saturday, 21 April 2012

How times change! Wolf Terminators...

Old School small?
I was playing up at the club this past week and getting down with my Space Wolves. I was playing Loganwing Vs... Loganwing at 1850.

Good game, good fun. I was testing out the Wolf list posted by Hulksmash over at They Shall Know Fear.. he posted an 1850 list that I ran to see how it worked out.. it is a pretty generic SW Logan list and I enjoyed playing an all foot list having been toying with Black Templars recently.

However, earlier today I was playing with the list and trying to figure out some alterations.. and I think it is not an 1850 list but a 1750? OR I missed something out lol! Either way, I played 100 points down! Still won on KPs though..

So I thought I'd throw this out there.. nothing crazy, but I think it'll be fun. I'm not sure whether to go with larger Long Fang packs, a 3rd Lone Wolf  or to keep the Rune Priest I have in there. He will smash up Necrons with Jaws, abuse Logan's Tank Hunter for S8 LL and of course, 4+ clamp GK's with his Runic Staff.

Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest - TDA, Jaws, LL
Lone Wolf - TDA/SS/CF
Lone Wolf - TDA/SS/CF
5 x Wolf Guard - 1xTDA/CML/SB, 4 x SB
5 x Wolf Guard - 1xTDA/CML/SB, 3 x SB
5 x Wolf Guard - 1xTDA/CML/SB, 3 x SB
5 x Wolf Guard - 1xTDA/CML/SB, 3 x SB
10 xWolf Guard - 2xTDA/CML/SB, 2 x TDA/WC/CPlas, 3 x TDA/WC/SB, 3 x bp/ccw
5 x Long Fangs - 4 MM
5 x Long Fangs - 4 ML
5 x Long Fangs - 4 ML

So that is 1849.. I like it, although like all foot lists mobility is its key weakness. Logan typically will accomany the MM Fangs.. which I have considered putting into Plasma Cannons..for anti marine they do a number on Termies and Scarabs..
As it stands there are 20 missiles and 4 MM as well as (potentially) S8 LL. That keeps my range in play.. vs crons I can afford to sit right back at the board edge and force the use of Night Fighting until I then can move up and put pressure on.. GK transports will suffer, but then so will my foot troops to all the psybacks and psyflemen dreads..psycannon may take a turn or two to engage, but could be scary.

Ah well, like I say..this is fun and I'll run this as an alternative to competitive wolves til the end of this edition..

It also allows me to repaint my (very) basic SW Rhinos into vanilla marines, which I am working on at the minute.. more on this in a week or so.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Decent? Missing a cheeky drop pod full of melta? TWC needed?


  1. Hey Ven good to see ya posting again. I sent ya an email last week to the email address on the blog. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. It's great news for your Crons.

    Also I've found another way of playing the crons with a melee death star that David Key ran at Kingdom Con in San Diego and took second with. I recently used it yesterday to take best overall in a local tournment here. On top of that it's a lot of fun. Let me know if you want to know more.

  2. Hey Paul, I've been really busy with my wedding plans and stag stuff so I've taken a bit of a back seat and letting some of the others take a lead..

    I've not seen your email? Might have gone to junk...I'll check now..

    Definately interested in the Necron melee death star.. however, I am not a massive fan of deathstars due to the negative impact they tend to have on the overall balance of an army.. fill me in though dude!

  3. OK well the news I gave you was this. I was at the Memphis GW Factory Store's Birthday Bash 40k tournament. I decided to ask the judge about the whole Anrykyr in a command barge and using his special ability to take control of a vehicle. I directly sighted the FAQ rule about not being able to use vehicle fire points to draw line of sights for special abilities unless it's a phychic shooting attack. His response was this, "An open topped vehicle has no fire points. That rule would not apply to a character with special abilities in a vehicle with open topped status." He went on to further state that that faq was put in mainly for situations with Eldar etc. So the good news is that good old MUMRA got some much needed utility back to him. I may be returning him to my normal HQ line up.

    The death star is this. 1 unit of 10 lychguard (I kitted mine with hyper phase swords and dispersion shields for the extra survive-ability) your HQ is as follows Immotep, Nemesor Zahndrekh and Varguard Obyron. You take two royal courts and in each one there needs to be a fully kitted harbinger of Eternity (with both Chronometron and Timesplinter Cloak). All your HQ and the two harbingers of eternity join your Lychguard. You can now actively deep strike them with the Veil on Obyron (which can also be used while engaged in combat). Give the unit furious charge or counter attack with Nemesor. Also you have 3 special characters in this unit with a 2 up armor and all but Obyron have an invulnerable save (4 of which have a 3 plus) you can also re-roll 2 of the failed saves a turn with the crypteks or a reanimation protocol should you choose and Nemesor has a Resurrection Orb making that Reanimation roll a 4+.

    Now David rand it with Scarab Farm in San Diego (9x spiders etc) and 2 warrior squads for scoring. Personally not my cup of tea and I don't own any spiders so I ran it with 2 warrior squads each with a destro cryptek (no pulse), 3 annihilation barges and a unit of 8 scarab bases. There was not an army or set units that could deal with this melee brick.

    On my first game I set it up to be charged first and gave them counter attack, I got charged by a death company and 10 man assault squad (2 power weapons in each squad) and took point black meltax 2 fire and bolt pistols. I lost no one, put 1 wound on each special character and then beat them in combat and wiped em out on my next turn.

    Its just so many power weapons coming at you. All at strength 5 (6 if you gave them furious charge) and a toughness 5 its just a nightmare to deal with. Im not sure what may be able to handle them except perhaps a full unit of thunder wolf Calvary kitted out with special characters etc.

    Any way i highly suggest you check out and see what it can do. It blew me away and got me my first Best Overall.