Monday, 12 March 2012

Sisters of Battle .. meet... Band of Brothers!

The dirty word.
Count as.
Here be count as..
"..One army to rule them all! And in the Count As darkness bind them.. "

Sisters are gorgeous models.
Sisters are all metal.
Sisters are frakkin' expensive. (£)

Screw that. Instead, let's just play with space marines as Sisters..
Fluff justification required? No. Frak off..  oh ok then:

Fluff - during the Age of Blood (read your fluff) and crazy ass Vandire Gorge (or something) is head of both the Administorum and Ecclesiarchy (or something) he used an elite force of fanatical warriors to hunt down and slaughter anyone that opposed the word of the Emperor (or Vandire for that matter)..
After Sebastian Thor ended the Age of Blood, he outlawed all "men from bearing arms" in the Eccliasarchy..creating the Sisters Soriatorumumumim and ended the Band of Brothers.. but not before an elite force of crack commandos escaped from a maximum security imperial prison.
Now, if you can find them and if your faith in the light of the Emprah! is waving, maybe you can martyr yourself to ..... the Band of Brothers!
EDIT: The above may not be factually or fictionally correct, but I don't give a fuuuuuuccck! yea boi!

Let me explain...I want to "run the gauntlet" with ALL tournament armies as practice.. Sisters, despite being almost universally denounced as 'utter turd' are still appearing at tournaments and it is very important that you do not allow yourself to be thrown off by random match ups..

There are only about 5 pages in the codex, such a complex and intricate work of art it is.. so there is little difficulty in discerning the 'top' builds.. We've looked at that before (see here) and I basically just wanted to show off a cheeky conversion for the Exorcist Missile Launcher based on the forgeworld model.. as well as a few kit bashed marines (15) I have built to represent the holy tri-fecta of Dominions, Sternguard Vets/HG and Tactical Marines..
 First up we have the Exorcist Conversion:

Very simple to do and will be in your bitz box... Provided you run a multitude of different we all love plastic crack..

Take the AA mount from the Aegis Defence Line (you know, where everyone gets their Autocannon dreadnaught Arms from!) and use the central pivot piece to form the mount.

Either side, stick on the Rocket Pods from the Valkyries that you all run as Vendetta's (anyone use a Valkyrie?) ... stick this pivot piece on to the housing that joins the top of the Defence Line housing...and can stick this bad boy on top of a rhino...voila! so easy..

Looks quite cool though.. I guess it would be even easier if you had Whirlwinds or whirlwind pieces...

Next up we have some kit bashed marines ... these are just being used to bulk out my Tactical Marines as I have surprising few of them, maybe only 40...

By making sure these chaps are all armed with 2 Meltaguns per 5 men I can run them as Dominions/Celestians as well as helping to create Sternguard Vets etc for Vanilla Marines..

"..One army to rule them all! And in the count as darkness bind them.. "

So Dark Angel bits, Black Templar bits, Blood Angel bits and a few marines in skirts later... Band of Brothers are created!

The BoB (Band of Brothers) list is getting its first run out tonight versus Dark Eldar and Grey Knights. I'll keep you updated..

Oh and sorry if pics are crap..


  1. I am doing the same thing ... but with sisters models. Kit bashing purifiers to be count as adeptus custodes (gonna be fun that), imperial guard sentinels as dreadnoughts, and just have the HB attachments for the immolators. Already making deathcults, and my uriah conversion would work as coteaz.

    I am sure I'll get the proxies sorted for Wolves/Angels as well.

    1. It's just so easy to accurately represent a multitude of armies with marines...saves so much when just running the gauntlet...

  2. Yeah.

    Me and Atreides are going to use that hard foam stuff to make proxies for xenos though.

  3. Vandire Gorge.

    High Lord Goge Vandire. My nerdlore is so strong the BBC should have featured me in its article. I like those Exorcist conversions. Btw, what is the plan for Henchmen?

    I'm just back from a tourney where Sisters made an appearance although the army was a hodge-podge of Sisters, Wolves, Blood Angels, Emperor's Children & Dark Angel models that proxied as squads and vehicles. It was a bit confusing to follow but the army did alright - ending up 11th.

    There's one more tourney left in the calendar and yer man is considering running Sisters again after one of the Dublin lads (and ETC team member) Paul Quigley ( claimed he'd do top 10 in a Podcast with Sisters but bailed like a property developer on his bet.

    Nick's over at 4+ This ( so drop by and give him some advice and try to convince him to run the Bolter Bitches one more time. Or Tranny Marines. Whatever.

  4. HaHa...sorry to offend the fluff old boy..

    Henchmen plan is Malifaux models - Ronin, Viktoria's, Taylor - all the girls basicallys.. Crusaders will probably just be the GW Crusader

    I'll head over to 4+This later today and drop a comment or two..I think this sort of 'one build' Sisters can do quite well in the right tournament environment...but a lot depends on match ups, which is of course not a great way to go into a tournament..